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Arma 3: Breaking Point


The Dayz Breaking Point mod for Arma 2 was widely known for introducing a ton of new content to DayZ, including weapons, vehicles, skins and new zombies. While it did gain some bad press in it’s time for a few different reasons – namely for the amount of bugs regularly introduced in new patches – it was still massively popular. This is why the developers at Breaking Point decided to jump ship and start a brand new Breaking Point mod for Arma 3.

Arma 3: Breaking Point has been in development for a while now and it’s shaping up to be something pretty special. As with all these new Arma 3 mods – this is not DayZ. No DayZ assets have been used in the making of Breaking Point at all. ┬áThe zombies have been created from scratch and actually look and feel a lot better than the zombies in DayZ mod and even better than the current zombies in DayZ Standalone. Zombies in Breaking Point are strong, aggravated and you can only take them down with head shots or high-caliber weapons. This puts the Breaking Point zombies close to being something that all DayZ fans have been chasing for a very long time – they’re actually a threat.

Aswell as overhauled zombies, Arma 3: Breaking Point has the advantage of being able to use all the Arma 3 assets that Bohemia have made available. This includes a ton of realistic weapons, ammunition, medical gear and vehicles. Breaking Point has fleshed out the medical system so that different types of injuries require different types of medical solutions – like high-caliber weapons causing major internal bleeding and requiring an almost immediate case of ‘field surgery’ in order to prevent death. Vehicles have been ‘dirtied’ up a little to make them feel more worn and just like DayZ, you’ll often find them missing parts.

Something else Arma 3: Breaking Point has already mastered is persistent storage. There are 4 options when it comes to safely storing your gear on the server – each requiring different tools, different materials and having different storage capacities. These are; the Civilian Tent, the Military Crate, the Cast Iron Safe and the Secret Stash.

There’s a custom anti-ghosting system, an anti-combat-logging system and even a ‘buddy’ system. The buddy system allows you to be randomly paired up with someone on the server when you spawn if you don’t feel like playing on your own.

A very interesting feature and one that is unique to Arma 3’s Breaking Point is that new faction system.


Factions were introduced to Arma 3 Breaking Point earlier this month and they very much represent the sort of direction that the Breaking Point developers have decided to take this mod. The system was introduced to replace the simple 3-tiered hero and bandit system that Breaking Point launched with. Factions are a massive expansion of the general hero/bandit system that we’ve seen before. Before spawning, players get to choose which type of faction they would like to play. Factions include Rangers, Outlaws, Nomads, Hunters, Survivalists and ‘factionless’. Each faction has different traits and 3 different tiers, each with their own unique costume. Each faction has different methods of traversing through tiers. For example a ‘Outlaws’ gains most of their points through killing and destruction of every class – while ‘Rangers’ gain most of their points through aiding ‘allied’ and killing ‘bandit’.

In general the ‘good‘ or ‘allied‘ classes are as follow: Rangers, Nomads, Survivalists.

The ‘bad‘ or ‘bandit‘ classes are: ‘Hunters and Outlaws.

The Ranger

The ‘Ranger’ in Arma 3: Breaking Point is comparable to the ‘hero’ class of regular DayZ. Rangers have superior body armour to other classes in Breaking Point, and gain points through helping other ‘good’ classes while killing ‘bad’ classes. As you level up as a ranger you’ll find your body armour increases and you will start spawning with a ‘medical pack’ which will help you in aiding others. Points are lost for aiding the ‘bad’ classes, and for killing ‘good’ classes.

The Nomad

The ‘Nomad’ in Arma 3: Breaking Point is a class for the ‘long-haul’ players – players who’s main goal is to survive beyond all. Nomads start with a larger, custom backpack and will find themselves healing quicker than other classes in Breaking Point. As you level up as a Nomad you’ll find your healing buff increases and as long as you’re careful and stay out of frequent firefights – your character will be healthy. Nomads gain points through helping ‘good classes’, killing ‘bad’ classes as well as hunting and gutting animals .

The Survivalist (not yet implemented)

The ‘Survivalist’ in Arma 3: Breaking Point is geared towards camouflage and stealth. Survivalists start with ‘Ghillie’ camouflage, are harder for zombies to detect and start with a custom ‘tranquilizer’ gun. As you level up as a survivalist you’ll find your camouflage increases. Survivalists gain points through long-term survival, aiding other allied players and killing the ‘bad’ classes.

The Hunter

The ‘Hunter’ in Arma 3: Breaking Point is the first of the bandit classes. The Hunters only role in Breaking Point is to kill – they gain a movement speed buff which helps in hunting down other fleeing players which increases as you level up, and you spawn with a melee weapon – a hatchet. Points are gained simply through killing all other players in sight. Points are lost by aiding any other players.

The Outlaw

The ‘Outlaw’ in Arma 3: Breaking Point is the second of the bandit classes. While the focus is again on killing anyone and everyone, Outlaws gain a custom backpack instead of a speed-boost and will find themselves with a unique ‘IED’ blueprint which will allow for the construction of improvised explosives at Level 3. Points are gained through killing all other classes apart from other Outlaws. Points are lost for aiding all other classes apart from Outlaws.

Arma 3: Breaking Point is shaping up to potentially be the go-to ‘DayZ Style’ mod for Arma 3, with many streamers and content creators already jumping on board. We’re excited to see where the developers take it going forward. Arma 3: Breaking Point is launched through the official Breaking Point launcher which you can download here.


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    7 Responses

  1. DeadpoolDeadcool

    Too bad this mod still sucks. The zombies are janky and unpredictable. The weapons function like shit. The damage dealt by guns is unpredictable, good take 6 rounds from a 5.56 M4 to kill a zombie. The animations for using medical supplies and food are all the same. That same animation is used with repairing vehicles for some reason. You can be spawned in the middle of the mountains with no supplies within 4 kilometers. There are only 3 places where people go for gear, so you’ll face death for sure if you go to any of those. The inventory sucks, you’re gonna drop stuff all the time when you go into the inventory. Some dropped items can disappear. Vehicles are hard to come by, and they’re more fragile than any other DayZ mod. The mod is missing the fun parts of DayZ, but has 100% of the frustration.

    • LoneWolf

      Jesus Christ. Lighten up!

  2. ZDuck72

    Personally I think this mod is great, way better than DayZ sa right now. So, if you already have Arma3 then I highly recommend you checking this out.. Deadpooldeadcool here must just not be that good at it.. lol Haters gonna hate. The factions that have been added support more teamwork and less kos; Although, you still have those people, and every update brings improvements. Have a variety of maps w/ 2 new ones coming soon. I’ve been playing for a few months and I can see a steady improvement. So, yeah….. Give it a go!

  3. GeneralBoner

    Game is awesome! Definitely a lot of improvements over the DayZ SA. I quit playing the DayZ SA, because it lacked of purpose. I dont like KOSing players, and i think survival game is about surviving and making friends, not killing everything and ending up alone in the end. If you like to play deathmatch style, then play COD Black Ops, or even DayZ SA….
    Just my 2 cents.

  4. SirPounce

    Zombies are a real threat? No, they are not, unlike they used to be in arma 2 dayz, those zombies were a big threat and really really annoying, i dont miss them one bit. The zombies in this game are pretty slow and harmless, they can be dangerous if they trap you inside a building, and they can push you through walls. other than that, if you have a hatchet, they can be easily killed.
    This mod is freakin great however, nice guns, really well done faction system and so on. Of course it still has a few issues, most of them arma 3 related, biggest problem imo is the desync on full servers. Most of the stuff is working great though, the devs really outdid themselves on this mod.

  5. Drogdar

    Sooo, any updates on this?

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