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Arma 3: Epoch Mod


Zombie apocalypse fans, Arma 3 owners and survivors all around the world, rejoice! Recently, the Arma 3: Epoch Mod went to Open Alpha, giving people everywhere the chance to play the mod. As Arma 3’s rendition of the DayZ Epoch Mod for Arma 2; this particular mod is, even while in Alpha phase, well polished and beyond ready. Survivors everywhere can not only play, but will also thoroughly enjoy the latest in this never-ending saga that is in fact the genre itself. With an extensive list of already working features that includes a working economy, vehicles, crafting, base building, and much more in the mod’s current build, it truly shines brightest with the classic heart pounding moments that will leave you on edge and wondering if you can survive.

Epoch Economy

A working in-game economy is only one piece of the puzzle that sets this mod apart from the many of other versions of DayZ. Together with persistent bases and storage, groups of survivors and individuals alike are doing everything they can to amass (and protect) mountains of wealth. Every item in the game has a currency value (Currently referred to as Krypto) attached to it. There are several related mechanics built into the game, including an interface for players to trade currency and loot between each other, plus NPC traders stationed throughout the maps in easy-to-find locations that are marked on the map. This means there are plenty of options available to survivors when it comes time to pick where and with whom to sell or trade their goods. Additionally, there are an infinite number of ways to use the game’s economics to your advantage. From lying in wait near high traffic trading posts for that would-be-salesmen to make his way into your cross hairs, to becoming the poor, unsuspecting, high-risk salesmen himself. The choice is yours as you make your way through the zombie apocalypse building your wealth however you see fit. Choose wisely, or you might regret it.

Base Building

As many survivors are well aware, persistent bases are an important part of the game for a lot of people, particularly for groups. In Arma 3’s version of the Epoch mod, post-zombie-apocalyptic base building is truly at it’s best. Whether you’re raiding an opposing group’s base, or building one for yourself and/or your group, there is nothing quite as gratifying as increasing your net worth through the use of a base. The bases that survivors build are kept persistent on the server as long as players log on every so often to prevent a wipe of the base. With the mod’s mechanics also allowing for the locking and unlocking of doors, base building in this mod also has a surprisingly polished feel to it.

Take a look at the video below for an example of just how detailed the base building in Arma 3 Epoch can be.

If you’re a fan of any of the DayZ games, but don’t already own Arma 3, then stop by the Steam Store and grab a copy of the game. From there, head over to and download the mod’s launcher to get started. This survivor guarantees your satisfaction, and strongly suggests playing with at least one other person you can trust.

Features worth noting that work in the current build:

Have you tried out the Arma 3: Epoch mod yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. Greigg

    Had no idea this was in open alpha, will definately be trying this out.

    • Cody T

      So, they totally beat you in making a PLAYABLE game. We don’t have to walk for 2 hours just to get somewhere. Standalone…..give us a way to travel and we’ll be HAPPY.

    • Czar

      Someone should definitely reach out to the people maintaining their website so it can be updated to reflect the open alpha status.

  2. paddy

    No zeds in epoch thats lame. Just a vodoo bullshit. Thats no zombie game any longe. …. sad

    • mikeinator9

      Yeah, it is lame, players are hard enough to find on altis as its so big and now there are no zombies to keep you on your toes and to spend ammo. if there were zombies like in arma 2 then this would be a great game

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  4. Great server with active admins. Lots of custom stuff added, hidden military areas, Training compounds, different missions etc. It is also militarised +RHS vehicles and weapons.
    More info on this 2 links:

  5. David

    How do I download this mod.
    I brought DayZ But had no idea i brought wrong game lol
    I do have Arma 3 and get mods from Armaholic. Been drying to try this mod out due to
    seeing fun youtube vids

    • PADDY

      Just go on arma 3 workshop

      • me

        is it there on the workshop because i think i am gonna buy arma 3 sometime aaaand are the arma 3 servers till up?

  6. sam

    i was wondering how would i be able to download it

  7. qwerty


  8. Some-Magical-Warlock

    Hey does this just need the standard game or does it need the apex and dlc as well? and do people still have that shoot on site mindset because thats why I gave up arma 2 dayZ because it was like and hour of running and insta-death

    • Cole

      That mindset will always exist, period. Seriously consider a different game if you want to avoid that type of mindset because its highly unlikely to find a server that doesnt have some sos players…

      • Some-Magical-Warlock

        I’m guessing it’s because it’s easier to just take from someone else rather than earning it; as with real life.

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