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Dayz Intel Premium Partnership

Welcome to our new DayZ Intel Premium Partnership registration page – where we are now offering high quality, relevant and prominent advertising space to Twitch TV Streamers. Subscribe now to have your Twitch TV Stream added in a prominent, high-traffic position of the site whenever you’re onlinewhatever game you’re playing. Have a look at the image below to see our widget across the site.



How Much Does It Cost?

The payment options are as follows:
$2.95 weekly
$9.95 monthly (25% OFF)
$99.95 yearly (37% OFF)

How Much Traffic Does The Site Get?

Since DayZ was released in December of last year, DayZ Intel has proven to be one of the top ranking DayZ Sites on the web. We have had over 8 million page views since we launched the site last year.

How Much Exposure Will I Get?

The amount of exposure your stream will get will depend on how often you are streaming. Someone who streams for 6 hours every day will get better results from the advertising than someone who streams much less. Every page on DayZ Intel contains our widget in a prominent position in the main content area of the site (not the side-bar). This is proven to be a high performing area of the page compared to other places.

If you’re concerned on how well the advertising is working for you, you can request detailed statistics on exactly how many times your ad has been clicked and we will e-mail them through to you.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your own PayPal account, simply by cancelling the recurring payment in the payment interface. We will be notified when a subscription has been cancelled and we will remove your stream from the site on the date that your last payment has paid up to.

Got a specific question above our DayZ Intel Premium Partnership program that we’ve not answered above? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Why Have You Discontinued The Old System?

Our previous partnership system which required streamers to add the DayZ Intel logo to their twitch stream was proving to be too difficult to enforce, upkeep and maintain. We weren’t able to provide the necessary attention to everyone because simply there were too many streamers willing to add our logo. While we thank you for that, changing to a paid system means only the more serious streamers among you will likely come on board as premium partners and we can pay more attention to individual streamers needs.

Subscribe Now

Use the Pay Pal subscription Form below to choose your payment method and send us your username.

Payment Options
Twitch URL

After the payment has been received and we’ve confirmed your username, your ads will be added to our twitch widget across the site and every time you’re live your ads will start to display.

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  1. Hello, I love the page of yours and I want to grow, I did everything, Visit My Channel.


  2. Highwire

    liked on facebook, followed on twitter, fixed logo link back to dayzintel, logo in stream. check me out 🙂

  3. All of the above Done Check me out

  4. EvilEmu

    All tasks completed!
    Streaming at

  5. AZ_Mick

    All tasks but step 3 have been completed. That one will come later 😉

  6. All tasks completed. I have DayZIntel’d my stream page and live stream logo!

  7. HellboySecond

    Done all of the above here is my twitch:

  8. I have done all 3 steps! Thanks DayZ Intel

  9. GamerGuyCody

    hey guys. i set up all the steps a couple months ago. still not on the partner page.
    still waitin for the visit!

  10. Completed all 3 steps. Thanks for looking out for the new guys

  11. Did all 3 steps Come check it out

  12. Did all 3 come check it out

  13. iSquad3

    I did all the steps, thanks for all the help.

  14. ALL GOOD TO GO, Ready to DAYZ, all steps complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Here

  16. here you go


  18. Please DO NOT submit applications via these comments, it’s too hard to keep track of. Send your details through the application form like everybody else 🙂

  19. done step 1 and 2 going to do three when sorted out my problems with streaming

  20. Frizzn

    Hello I just completed all 3 steps 🙂 Now what is to be done?

  21. All done, Please check out my channel,


  22. All Good To go, Streaming DAYZ ALL THE TIME

    Thank you Everyone!


  23. Good to go check it out

  24. please check me out filled in the forms all so i have like your facebook page, follow you on twitter, got your logo on my live stream, link in live stream info, got you as my twitch banner, and twitch offline banner, all so youtube facebook and twiiter banner. check them all out here are the links.





  25. Hello is this some sort of rip of for you to get free advertisement i did this b4 and never even got a email of you I were very patient i waited a couple of weeks with all the steps done and links on my side of it done. and i did it all again last night but put a lot moor time and effort in to it and it come up saying we will check you out in the next couple of hours it has bin over 12 hours now and still no bloody email message on facebook twitter twitch nothing and i am starting to think you are just scamming me and all other streamers and the people you do show are just people that work on this site i would like to hear back from you as this is starting to be a bit off a PISS TAKE!!

  26. Will be streaming tomorrow. All steps but #3 done since Shadowplay doesn’t have support for overlays yet :/

  27. all task have been completed

  28. MachH3ights

  29. MachH3ights

    Like the facebook and added the logo ! looking forward for the approval !

  30. MrTatical

    Done all the above


  31. Antykain73

    Check, check, and check!

    And.. check please. 🙂

  32. 4Q

    Hi guys!
    I’ve done all above. Please check me out!

    • 4Q

      This week i’m testing hitbox. You can find me at

      • 4Q

        Coming back with a feedback, I” remain at hitbox. Hope that this will not be a problem.

  33. I’ve done all of the above. Check me out.

  34. I’ve done all of the above. Please come check me out.

  35. hello hello hello just did everything that i was told to do hopefully it works that would be great if it did, if not no biggie still got my support great website lots of info very helpful.

  36. B DuFF

    Hello guys!

    I did everything that was listed above!

    Please come to check out at

    Thank you =D

  37. DayZ Intel has been great. Thanks for everything guys.

  38. Thanks!

  39. signed up lets go :D!!!

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