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How To Auto Run in DayZ Standalone


Since the early days of the DayZ Mod, players have been looking for ways to ease their travels throughout Chernarus. It’s no secret that both the DayZ Mod and the DayZ Standalone have been called a Walking or Running Simulator – even by the developers themselves. Running great distances has always been an integral part of the game – but not everyone enjoys holding down the ‘W’ key for long periods of time. That’s why DayZ Auto Run programs have always been around.

If you don’t have the luxury of a fancy keyboard with macro software that will Auto Run for you, there are a couple of Auto Run options you can try out for DayZ Standalone which should work well for you.

One option allows you to Auto Run in DayZ with the use of some external software called AutoHotKey. After a tiny change to the configuration files you’re all set up and ready to Auto Run your way through DayZ. Check out the video below from BrentPlays for more information.

If you’re looking for something more DayZ specific, there are other custom options out there to allow you to Auto Run in DayZ. Check out this example from Mike Feonx, who’s written a custom script to allow you to Auto Run in DayZ specifically. You can grab Mike’s DayZSAWalker file here.


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  1. Ron

    Also, if you have a bobby pin laying around, just put it in between the w and adjacent key of your choice, (sticky end out if you use bobby pins the same way I do) lean your lighter against it, and enjoy the scenery as it flies (creeps) by. 😀

  2. SamuriBakePie

    Another reall simple way is drink a soda, and take the soda tab off. Put it in between the W and S key with the bigger hole facing down. It’ll keep the key stuck until you press the key and take it out.

  3. Håvard E

    Assign run to a mouse button and while you run shift + tab into steam and release the run button, thats my version of auto running. 😉

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