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New Status Report – July 19 (0.61 Milestones)


A new status report has been posted by the DayZ dev team and it focuses on the current improvements to 0.60 stable and the milestone goals the dev team has on their table for their progress towards 0.61. Whilst the status report does not include a huge amount of information it’s good to see what the developers have been up to recently.

Firstly, Brian Hicks wanted to let players know that a number of hotfixes have recently been applied to the stable branch for 0.60. Below, we have listed the different changes that have been introduced in recent hotfixes.

– Character Gear Loss (On reconnect): Hotfixed to Stable
– Tent Lifetime Refresh: Hotfixed to Stable
– Tent Position/Orientation: Hotfixed to Stable
– Vehicle Position Orientation: In Test
– Animation/Sync Issues: In Test

Progress on vehicle position orientation should help vehicles to control more smoothly and syncing with the server will ensure that a player can see the vehicle in the position that is more accurate to where it is on the server. There are still some residing animation and sync issues that need progress but it sounds like these fixes should be pushed out to stable fairly soon.

When it comes to update 0.61, Brian Hicks listed a number of goals that they have on their plate currently. The milestone goals have been listed below.

  • Server Login Queue
  • Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
  • Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
  • Dynamic Spawning of Infected
  • Predators (Wolves)

New weapon sounds are going to be introduced alongside the audio engine updates which should help experienced players to determine what weapon is being fired. So far, a total of nine different weapons have been completed and more are being worked on. The current new weapon sounds have been sorted for the SKS, Sporter, Trumpet, Repeater, AKM, AUG, FAL, SVD and MP5K.

The wolves are coming along nicely and they are working well in offline mode according to Brian Hicks. The hard part is of course getting everything to sync up on an online server so there’s still a lot of work ahead.

The new player controller is still being worked on but progress is coming along slowly. Improvements have been made to the wounded character animations and according to Viktor Kostik, the lead animator, overall camera and combat controls are getting somewhere. There’s still a lot of work to be done, however. Below an excerpt from Viktor’s section on the status report has been posted.

“In recent days and weeks there were many discussions about the new player controller where we talked about camera, aiming, IK, combat, controls, and other related features. Although it is coming together quite nicely we are still missing some major things like climbing ladders or overcoming obstacles. On the other hand there is now much more of wounded character. While new features are being added we are polishing the existing ones in the player graph and the animations itself are being adjusted less or more. Many items have been moved from the graph to a new layer of config which gives us a great way to quickly iterate changes in the character behavior and most importantly the animation graph doesn’t have to solve unnecessary logic like in the old animation system.”

Unfortunately that’s all there was for this week’s status report. If you’d like to read the report yourself .

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