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New Status Report – June 07 2016


On June 7th a new Status Report was posted to the DayZ forums. Mostly listing updates from the latest 0.60 experimental progress, the report gave us an insight into how far the DayZ dev team have come and how far they have left before the update can be pushed to stable branch.

So far, progress is going pretty well.┬áIn fact, this status report included a bunch of changes from Brian Hicks and he seems fairly confident with how things are going. With that being said, there is still some work that needs doing. Here is a small summary of Hicks’ section in the status report. You can read it for yourself here too.

– Known causes of server crashes: Approximately 75% resolved – remaining issues are under investigation
– Server Memory Usage issues: In progress
– Restock values affecting global economy: Fix in testing

– New Reload Mechanics: Implemented / Iteration on jamming mechanics in test
– 60 Player-per-instance: Implemented and pending final call on server performance

We received a new update from Mirek, the lead gameplay programmer this week. A lot of work has gone into ironing out connection problems. This relates to inventory desync, low server performance due to memory leaks and other overall connection issues.

Finally, Viktor gave us more information about the latest animation work. I think the most exciting thing to hear about are the new zombie animations. We may finally get to see zombies that actually act like zombies! Below, an excerpt from Viktor’s status update can be seen.

Several different animations are in progress at the moment. Quite soon we should have new anims for infected when in idle. This will improve a bit how infected look and move in the world by giving them some variety. They will have four different idle poses with its own set of idles and moves. Also more animations when infected attack doors are being created. They will use different body parts when smashing doors – hands, feets, shoulders and of course head.”

We’re also getting new weapon reloading/jamming animations and a whole range of animations to help smooth out the player models. This should add a whole world of new fluidity to the otherwise clunky animation system. If you’re interested in the animation system, you may be intrigued to see this 40 minute presentation about animations and surviving early access from Viktor himself. Unfortunately there is a bit of a sound issue.

That’s about it from the status report this week! We’d definitely recommend checking out the report yourselves if you’d like to see the information in more depth.

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  1. Krist0

    You should use someone more interactive and passionate when showing us a video like this, he just seems tired and un-interested , made it really boring to watch.

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