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The DayZ News Post #6 – September 7 Intense Firefights


Whilst there hasn’t been any more news from the DayZ dev team, we still have some interesting bits and pieces to share about DayZ from the community. This week’s DayZ news post will focus on intense firefights uploaded to YouTube that showcase that heart-pumping feeling that can only come from playing DayZ Standalone. If you’ve ever needed some inspiration to get back into the game, these intense firefight videos may be what you’re looking for.


#1 – The Zelenogorsk Mansion

Over two hours of gameplay have been condensed into a single 21 minute video that showcases bountiful amounts of firefights within the city of Zelenogorsk. Plenty of groups that hit the city have been drawn by the sound of gunfire. Right in the middle of it all are two individuals that have bunkered up inside one of the Zelenogorsk mansions, and despite the efforts of many, nothing seems to be able to take the Zelenogorsk mansion down.

#2 Superftlol’s Base Bandit Series

You may remember in the early days of DayZ where content creators were often seen uploading entire series of DayZ gameplay. We saw bandit gameplay series and an equally interesting hero gameplay series. The Base Bandit series from Superftlol sees a player take on the role of a very trigger-happy bandit. There’s no sense of roleplay in his videos but the added music and the number of gunfights has made the series a particularly interesting one to watch. You can watch it from the beginning or get straight into the action with the latest video, which is episode 8.

#3 AKM Double Kill

The next video is short, but sweet. We all know that amazing feeling when we manage to line up multiple kills in a single reload. You can say what you like about the third person, but BoKeeN’s aim in this video is pretty impressive.

#4 Hacker Rage

Hackers have been a problem in DayZ since the very beginning. Unfortunately it’s an ongoing battle and if you’ve ever played DayZ Standalone for a long period of time, chances are you’ve come across one or two yourself. This video captures the rage and heartbreak we all go through when a hacker ruins the fun. Playing DayZ is a love-hate relationship.

#5 PVP Compilation and Epic Narration

This is Re-patch’s second PVP compilation and it has all the sweet, intense gunfights you could hope for. On top of the PVP action, Re-patch starts with some epic narration skills and gives us a bit of a backstory into what happened during his gameplay that day.


We know this news post was a bit different to the usual kind, but we hope it has given you some inspiration to get back into DayZ Standalone if you’re not already playing it. Hopefully by next week we’ll have some more DayZ dev news to share.

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