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DayZ Advanced Tips for Advanced Operators


In the last 11 days of the DayZ Standalone, most of us players have learned the basics of survival. Things like ripping your tshirt to make rags, using space to raise and lower your weapon, and knowing that “I need a drink” means thirsty are all common knowledge by now. But there are a few lesser known things that could help you survive and thrive in Chernarus. This is knowledge we’ve gained from over 200 hours of gameplay and a lot, a LOT, of trial and error.


-You can carry two weapons at a time. However, one of them must be held in your hands and you will drop it every time you put something else in your hands.

-You can keep both weapons even if you log out. Put both weapons on your hotbar and when you log back in use the hotbar to take out the weapon in your hands. You can also climb ladders with two weapons by leaving it on your back before taking it out.

-When your Field of View is lower, your scopes and sights zoom in further. The reverse also applies for you quake-style players.

-Eating an entire can of food at once every time you get hungry will keep you fed for much longer.

-When you first spawn, find the nearest water pump and drink until your stomach is full. This will keep you from getting thirsty for at least an hour of playtime.

-You can get up on top of the tallest high-rises in the commie blocks. Climb the ladder, go up a few flights of stairs, vault over the stairway rubble, up a few more flights, then on the ladder and up to the roof.

-A punch to the head will knock down (but not kill) players and zombies in one hit with the exception of players wearing Motorcycle Helmets. You can use this to steal people’s gear as a fresh spawn.

-At extreme ranges, the Mosin-Nagant shoots slightly down and to the left. By extreme ranges I mean 500 meters or more.

-You can empty M4 magazines and keep the ammo separate. By doing this, you can use an ammo box to hold up to 150 rounds in only 4 inventory slots.

-Pristine Ballistic Helmets, Tactical Vests, and UK Assault vests will stop 1 pistol round but will be ruined or damaged afterwards and wont protect you anymore.

-Axes hit slightly to the right of the crosshair. A good rule of thumb is to aim slightly above someone’s left shoulder for a headshot.

-On Night servers, increasing your Gamma to max will make it much easier to see where you are going. Increase your “cloud cover” setting as well.

Hope this helped, you can share you tips below.

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    84 Responses

  1. It has been my experience that at night, increasing your cloud settings does NOT improve vision, however, the opposite has shown good results, with very low and disabled improving vision for me the most out of the cloud settings.

    I have also had great results with axe melee. Now, I wouldn’t attempt it on another player, but the current way the zombies react, I can almost 100% one shot them. This is running at an unaware zombie full speed, or even running full speed at a zombie while they are charging me. I am sure this is link quality dependent. Note: I have noticed that the fire axe will one shot zombies 100% of times connected, while the wood axe will take multiple hits. I would not suggest using bats/crowbars/shovels unless you feel like doing the zombie dance. I would rather run if I was that ill equipped.

    I have also noticed that the aggression level of other players has been really high. I’ve played on servers in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Washington, and LA. I have only run into one friendly and one compliant player in game so far. All the rest have been hostile.


    • Corto

      Jesper, you are right. I should have made myself more clear. I meant first person shooting skills, only that.

    • Potcat

      PvP and the general survival feel of DayZ meld together in a wonderful way. The key is not removing one or the other, it’s about balancing them. No pvp is just silly.

      • Piet

        They should just put in more zombies so that it is harder for the player and then they will maby work to gether. It must be a zombie town with lost op zed not just a little bit of them

  2. Brad

    Yeah it really sucks that you have to go in game not trusting anyone.what i usually do is try and stay out of sight of another player. I will ask him if hes friendly or her. I usually ask 3 times and after that if i get no response i usually just shoot on site unless i have cuffs then i knock em out tie em up and grab all there loot except a melee and little food. U have to be careful sometimes though cuz just because it appears someone has no gun more than likely thay do

  3. dragoman

    well like half of the players me and my friend met were hostile, some people just friendly said hello and walked past us but then some would shoot on sight and we had to take them out…
    oh one more tip if you want a mosin rifle go to novy sobor on a low populated server they will spawn like crazy there 🙂

  4. zi0

    All of this is pretty common knowledge so far.. Only thing I learned, was about the Mosin. And how can you already have over 200 hours of gameplay? Game has been out 16 days… 16 days in hours is 384… That leaves 184 hours, to sleep, eat, celebrate xmas(Giving you are a christian) be with friends, work/study etc etc etc….

    • Roy Galaxy

      200 hours combined between all the DayZIntel staff is what I meant to say, apologies for the confusion.

    • Jordan Ludford

      You don’t have to be a christian to celebrate Christmas. I’m an Atheist, but Christmas is my favorite time of year.

      • PsychicMint

        Yeah, he was indirectly being a prick there, I say.

  5. Gabriel

    Unexpectedly, beside the usual farm/industrial spots, a good place to find the firefighter axe is on the pianos you’ll often find on first floor of one of the big one story house – for exemple, the one near the eastern Chernogosk water pond.

    • Soul Eater

      They almost always spawn a .22 Sporter or Blaze Double Rifle now. I’ve also found bolts there IIRC, and a Magnum. Usually melee of some kind as you mentioned with the axe. The long barns have mosins as they rightly should IMO, and other rifles,and the building with the spiral staircase in the middle with a shit ton of rooms with blue shelves in them also spawn usually two weapons, and every kind including M4, SKS, Mosin, and pistols, on the roof and in one of the rooms. I have a pic with two SKS’s in one room, and an M4 on the roof, same building, same server. It’s my favortie non-military loot spot, and surprisingly, not many check them.

  6. So far, I’m a big fan of going straight up north. First thing I do is hit up the small town directly north north-west of Chirno, get some supplies, some water from the pump, and continue northbound following that road.
    I sneak around Nadezhidno for supplies, and that’s usually where I come across an axe of some sort if I haven’t already. Find some cans, some better clothes, the usual sorts of goodies you come across. If I’m very lucky I may even hit a water bottle.

    Now, from here, I have two options. I can either go north north-west more, towards the largest airfield in the game for some gear/weapons, or I can take a “safer” route and head northeast.

    For going northeast, I take a brief water/loot break at Zub, and then head straight to the “Factory”, or Kumyrna as it’s name technically is. From here, I take the path east towards Pass Oreshka, and then north directly from there to Shakhova. I then cut even more northeast to make a large looting operation at Polana, and finally make a B-line through the trees to Berezino. After this, I’ll probably go even more north to the Krasnostav Airstrip for some military gear.
    The goal of this path is “safer” because of less player traffic. Lots of people are going to be around Electro, Cherno, and the Balota Airstrip, obviously. But the thing is, smarter or more experienced players are going to be heading up to the large airfield as well. Going east reduces the chance of other player encounters, since most people are just too greedy to try to go without some fancy military gear… that all gets ruined when they get shot.

    The goal of the other path is obvious. Go to the largest airfield, get the most stuff. Easy. However, if you do take this path, I highly suggest stopping by Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor first! I’ve been there plenty of times, and almost every time I have found myself a nice Mosin and even a little bit of ammo for it from either of the two towns. It’s also good for protection if you are heading up to the big airfield, as the superior distance of a mosin can give the edge on such a large airfield.

    These are my 2 most common paths to take after I spawn. Personally, I love being a sniper. Get a mosin, a nice long range scope, and do what I can to help my buddies pass safely through a possibly hostile city or town. Giving them the piece of mind that they have a sniper watching their rear is a very good thing.

    But yes. Go north for salvation, stick around the beaches if you wish to die. Plain and simple, because sadly people like to shoot first and not even both thinking about asking questions.

    Hope this helps some people!


    Also, it’s probably well known by now, but items dropped on the floor may sometimes take up to one minute to actually appear in the game world – so keep some rags and mags accessible in your backpack ; you don’t want to have to drop your medkit in emergency situation. Beside this delay, item dropping seems actually pretty stable as long as you’re on even terrain and ground level – but i would refrain from dropping in stairs, steep slopes, or buildings stories, as the items could sometimes really disappear, probably clipping directly to ground level where you can’t access it.

    Probably related to the same issue, as of now Z won’t only go through walls ; they actually seem able to hit you from ground level even if you’re, say, on the third floor of the hospital.

    • I believe the issue with the zombies hitting you floors above deals with an entity-model clash. While their 3-d model is stuck below, their “entity” which is supposed to be attached continues to go up on its own, and acts like a ghost that hits you. This should be fixed early 2014.

    • Mr. T

      Yes it is so true, I have been killed by zombie down stairs 🙂

  8. Gabriel

    Thanks Streakthefox for a much more proper formulation.

    This might be closer to bug report than actual gameplay tips, but :


    While 95% of ladders seem safe, i’ve noticed that those leading to the roof of the 4 stories appartment buildings (for example, those north east to Berezino hospital) are glitchy and will get you a broken leg. Also, not sure if it’s an engine limitation with ladders being one-way only, or a design call preventing from overpowered sniping position, but the ladders of the HUGE silos you see in factories (for exemple on the north-east Chernogorsk outskirts) will only get you to the first “balcony” – there’s two more before the top of the silo, but once on the balcony you only get the contextual option to get down, not continue the climb.


    A good place to find a can opener is the urban residential building type with two blue doors leading each to one hallway with blocked staircase and a kitchen – like the last one before the docks in south Chernogosk, just west from a hangar. I’ve found four of them here and one in some random village cabin so far ; and if you’re unlucky, you’ll almost surely get at least a kitchen knife.

    While canteen is clearly either residential or military loot, i’ve happened to find most of them in the second floor of urban residential buildings. Maybe pure randomness, but that was consistant enough for me to report here – at least half of the 20-30 canteens i found so far where in those spots. But honestly, as long as you’re not planning on long-term wilderness survival, the ability to fill yourself with water from ponds make canteen and bottles almost superfluous commodities – from fully hydrated to death by dehydratation must take at least three hours RT.

    As of now, the maximum inventory slots you can get are – if i’m correct and not including weapon gear spots – 55. The hardest to find seems to be a 6 slots shirt, but they do exist. This can be topped with medkits, preservation and ammo cases, and, while it might be considered cheating, the bagception exploit is featured (a bag inside a bag, inside a bag, and so forth). A nice touch is that the best bag for camouflage (the hunter one) isn’t the biggest (by 5 slots), so you have a choice to make here. Hope to see more of that sort of balance versus linear lowest to highest gear.


    I’ve read this somewhere already but it might be interesting enough to share here : even when showing infection symptoms (moaning, randomly collapsing, etc.) you won’t display the sick status until you actually take action against the infection – by taking antibiotics/vitamins and cleaning wounds with alcohol tincture. That means that , as of now, having the sick status displayed is actually a good thing, and will usually quickly lead to “my wounds hurt less / looks cleaner” and “my wounds are totally healed” status.

    Also, only a supposition here, but since i guess regular medkits bandages come sterilized, and you have the option to desinfect rags with the spray or alcohol tincture, there might be a small chance of infection from bandaging with non-desinfected rags. At least that would make sense. Beside, not sure if it’s been implemented yet, but the wiki says you can get sick by collecting items from a sick player/corpse. Sounds awesome, and should encourage you to desinfect items looted from corpses – if only for roleplaying purpose, as the spray have not much of a purpose beside that – note that while the wiki assume you can clean wounds with both tincture and spray, i only ever got the option with tincture.

  9. Reece

    me and a friend are working together to grab loot and scour the land and we seem to find that a good approach to the alpha is to simply trust nothing. For example we recently died fully geared from a glitch in the appartment buildings in which you fall off the balconies and looking back we should have been more careful.

    Dayz is a brutal game and requires extreme caution in everything you do ( which sadly includes player interactions.)

    we also find that shooting on site is our only option since currently communications are a bit buggy and people being able to switch server quickly mean that they think its me or them. I think this is a very hard to fix problem but for now as much as i hate to say it…

    trust no one and shoot on site

    at best i would stay out of sight and try to communicate but you then risk them logging.

  10. Phil B

    Yes, everyone seems hostile. Its ridiculous. I was held at gunpoint when I was just spawned and 2nd time playing i might add… I had nothing by a group of 4 with guns in which 2 had complete military outfits. What kind of threat am I to them? Then about 5 minutes later it happens again with still nothing and then they figure they will try to use their defib on me and stab me with a knive while they run around laughing saying stupid crap. Seems to be a poor community right now. I really think there should be some type of military that players can recruit into so some experienced players can do some patrolling in which would give them a perk for helping in hot spots. Maybe it will encourage some more people to be helpful instead of everyone being on a rampage.

    • I’ve encountered a lot of this behaviour too, I think at the moment people are simply trying to have fun – there is little to do in the game now apart from gear up and harass and kill players, once we start getting new mechanics and functionality I think this type of behaviour will die down a bit.

    • Reece

      same here haha ive had a few problems with strange spawns and spawning in with nothing and so i regurlarly suicide and try to find a decent spawn

      after i while i spawned in electro and began running to cherno with nothing but my torch. then 4 guys come out of no where all exited because they have found someone to try out there handcuffs on.

      they shoot me once in the chest and im slowly bleeding, i wait around and one begins to bandage me whilst another handcuffs. my next thought is fuck this so i break free and run.

      poor bastards used 20-30 rounds before taking me down.

      basically stupid arseholes with no idea what to do being stupid arseholes with nothing to do.

      sorry for shitty punctuation and shitty grammar haha

    • Q.

      I would love to see that come into practice. I have a hard time walking by people and trying to be friendly though. I have no friends who also play this game so I’m often paranoid whenever I see someone. With lag I often have issues lowering and raising my weapons in an efficient manner. So, like a hypocrite, I’m yelling friendly while I hold an axe in front of me. I would love to start making a difference in the game by working with players to provide “safe havens”. The only way you can keep new players around is if you show them how to play and enjoy the game. Maliciously harming players for your entertainment isn’t going to keep people coming back.

    • Gabriel

      Q.’s post makes me think of one question I’ve been asking myself : are there any benefits in raising melee weapons ? I think you can’t punch without your fists out, and to get iron sight you have to “shoulder” your gun first, I get that. But I’ve seen no difference in my axe swings wether i click the attack button from the raised/lowered position. So the only difference seems to be the slower movement speed with axe raised, making it a no-brainer never to raise it, and looking like there’s a design problem here.

      Am I missing something ? Thanks in advance.

      • zieksmythe

        I actually think u swing the axe better when its not raised. Seems like a shorter swing when raised

      • Q.

        I believe more testing needs to be done on the current melee fighting system (anyone can call dibs on this). But from what I can tell, because of the added mobility, keeping your weapon lowered is a better option. I have noticed a small difference in the attack-box between lowered and raised, but this could just be a placebo because of how the character holds the axe in a raised position. Having an unnatural feel can make it more difficult to use. I would have to test whether or the various melee weapons actually have different attack-boxes though in the context of raised/lowered.

      • Q.

        For anyone struggling with the M4 and its spread. Someone has done some testing and figured out which equipment will help improve the accuracy of it. Makes it a much more viable weapon if you have the right position.:

  11. agenda ion

    Great advice everyone., but to clear this up a bit the player vs environment is not the direction dayz is heading the PvP aspect is what gives this game the edge it needs in zombie rich era… Who you really let someone walk up to u in real life with an assault rifle on your back when food is scarse and weapons are few and far between? I think not. So hero’s keep heroing and bandits keep hunting those scavangers. I mean do you Really believe dayz would be so amazing with other this risk of permadeath or being robbed for your beans

    • Phil B

      I dont like it when people bring up the “in real life” scenario. I can pick that apart in several different directions. I understand what your saying, but if pvp is where they are heading in your scenario then there has to be some type of policing in fresh spawn areas. Whether the policing is by NPC or Player type military presence that gets perks for trying to keep the crazy crap from going on in hot spots. I may be new but we know the hotspots are airfields. There are new players that have to learn the system too you know and in the present state its impossible if you dont have buddies or clans playing there with you. I speak from experience because im one of the new players. In real life I dont have to learn actions and controls and mechanics. In the game I do. Seems the vetrans are trying to design a game for vetrans… dont forget about the new player as well. Only way this game will keep getting bigger is if new people get the chance to learn it without dying all the time by veterans harassing noobs or at least make it harder for them to harass in hotspots. Lets use this scenario for a minute… lets say there is an area where alot of people are being killed. Im sure the server can track that like in EveOnline. The player military can be deployed out there to sort things out. Obviously you would have to be hero to be recruited and keep a standing but it can come with perks. Bandits can do the same as cartel or whatever makes sense and again with perks for them. Either way its gonna be really hard to get new players when they keep dying without a chance.

    • Gil

      i read somewhere that raised melee weapon is a block move

  12. Gabriel

    “There are new players that have to learn the system too you know and in the present state its impossible if you dont have buddies or clans playing there with you. I speak from experience because im one of the new players”

    Come on, Phil B. I discovered the game a week ago and have immense fun while playing solo – i don’t even have a mic. It takes some commitment to get familiar with, but it now ranks among the greatest and most unique experiences of my gaming life. Players encounters end more than often badly, indeed, and that’s part of the fun. I also had several experiences of rescuing, being rescued by or teaming with perfect strangers and it felt amazing. If the game is too harsch/unforgiving or the controls to difficult to learn for you, well, I mean it with absolutely no antagonism, there’s many others out there for you.

    While it’s not my thread, I’d respectfully like to recall that its topic seems to be about gameplay tips, not each and everyone’s opinion about it’s present state.

  13. LiquidCocaine

    Water tablets are pretty much worthless right now, as well as the charcoal because it is common sense not to eat the rotten food.

    The most common mistake i see people making is that they never scout before entering a city or town, they just run in and die. It is the look before you leap mentality I never go into a place unless im pretty certain it is not occupied,

    a couple good tips on how to tell if a place could have people in it, is by 1.) look at doors from a distance, if you see a majority have been opened already, then you know for sure someone has been by, and that someone could still be there
    2.) zombies, if you see zombies out and about there is a good chance players have not gone through yet.
    3.) zombies running in directions not even close to you. This gives away players more often than people think, and is a good indication people are nearby.
    4.) turn your damn flashlight off……easiest way to say haaaaaayyyyy come get me, its a beacon for bandits.

  14. Phil B

    Dont get me wrong, I love the game. I never said I didnt. Im just stating my opinion how frustrating it can be. Im very greatful for the tips. I never had to do so much research on a game just to play it before lol. Unfortunately I havent had no rescues or been rescued yet. I was checking on the site and the bandits in the game out number heros 3 to 1. Thats pretty big considering the amount of gamers play it in its Alpha state. Some of my research ive done I have found alot of negative reviews because it can be so difficult to play because of what I have mentioned. I would hate to see this game die from that because i do like the game. It has so much potential. Im thinking more of the games life span. They only succeed if it can keep bringing new players. That is more my concern than the difficulty. Again thanks everyone for all the tips lol its definitely needed 🙂 I stumbled across this site just the other night and I would like to say thanks for all the comments from everyone that help alot. Happy new year and good looting 🙂

    • Gabriel

      Now you make me realise I can be some sort of a wiki whore for videogames. But having to do some research to play efficiently speaks good of a game’s depth of mechanisms, don’t you think ? A Minecraft or Project Zomboid un-intuitiveness sometimes made getting better at it as rewarding as completing a part of the game itself. I guess I just cope better with frustration than predictiveness. Though I share your concern with the average Dayz lifespan ; even more when most of my deaths aren’t even fair deaths, but arbitrary passing from fully geard character to fresh beach spawn on logging in. That sure bites a little. There was just so much warning about the current state of the game that I’m just glad it’s overall so playable ; but obviously that won’t last undefinitely.

      On the PvP aspect, maybe I just keep on getting lucky with servers and individuals, but here’s how my yesterday run played out :

      [ADMIN EDIT]
      Story moved to ‘Stories’ section:

  15. Jarred M

    I’m a veteran player from the mod and I actually do not have the kill on sight mentality If I see they have guns I get out of sight and depending on the situation I will usually let them pass ( unless they’ve massacred 10 people ) if they have nothing I will try to help in any way and even take them with me if they want. It’s a great game and I’m looking forward to when it is finished.

  16. Gabriel

    Now, more on topic :

    – The Standalone map just got updated with TONS of markers and loot tables, go check it out !

    – It’s worth taking some time to get accustomed to the V(ault) key, as if you press it too late, it will sometimes produce the walking pace vault animation, even when you were sprinting – and you can guess how that could turn bad. Also, it’s common sense, but remember that (if I’m correct) most animations can’t be interrupted, so don’t eat/drink/bandage anywhere.
    – Only rabbits are in game for now, and not only can’t they be killed (don’t waste ammo), but they actually have Z sounds as placeholders – so don’t necessarily freak out when hearing Z’s deep in the woods.

    Finally, I’d love some intel on how exactly you achieve the “healthy” status ; it has happened to me recently for the first time but I don’t really know how and am not able to reproduce it at will – I know you need a full (but not anormaly full) stomach, but what are the drink and food proportions you should look for exactly ? I’ve read the numbers concerning the required level of hydratation / feeding, but since numbers aren’t displayed in game, has anyone figured out a reliable formula – like, from x hunger/thirst status, ingest x numbers of cans of beans, and then drink x amount of times from water pond… Any tip would be really appreciated !

    • Randomdork

      Gabriel, it is a bit more complicated than just a ratio of water,food,fullness. In fact, you can achieve healthy status and have an empty stomach. There is yet ANOTHER hidden mechanic – energy. This is kind of like your built up muscle/fat mass and most players generally keep this at almost the minimum levels. Food/soda (not water) are converted to energy. To achieve healthy status, you must build up an energy reserve and have a decent amount of water in your system.

      The best most detailed video I’ve seen about this is

      In short you have 3 reserves, stomach, water, energy.

      When you fill up on water and then go eat a can of beans and get “stuffed”, it is because the beans also has a decent amount of water.

      If you fill up on water and then go eat a bag or rice, it actually reduces your water content by a significant amount, allowing you to drink more.

      One of the quickest ways I have gained healthy is:

      Fill up on water
      Eat a bag of rice (crispy cereal might work too)
      Eat 2-3 cans of beans
      Drink 2-3 sodas to replace any other water that is still lost from the rice.

      This brings your energy levels and water levels up past the threshold.

      • I’m going to stick your video, aswell as what you’ve detailed here in the user guides section, if that’s OK with you 😉

    • Didi2k7

      Hey yeah I’ve been “healthy” twice so far and I’ve found that if you eat and drink till you’re hunger and hydration is bright green then after a while of sprinting the “healthy” icon appear. Maybe the sprinting doesn’t effect it but that’s what I did both times. Also I think if you keep them bright green for long enough you get “energized” I don’t really know the benifits of healthy or energized though… If anyone can let me know that would be great 🙂

  17. Gabriel

    Wow, thanks Randomdork for the link and your own excellent, very clear explanation. That might be the most useful post on this thread. Best part of it is that it actually makes sense. What a deep, interesting health system they built there.

  18. Ero Senpai

    PRO TIP: to eat really fast move the food item to your hands in the inventory screen. then go out the inventory screen and spam ” F” until it says ~there is nothing left~ same applies to drinking water.

    this tip has saved me a few times in combat situations that dragged on over long periods of time and i did not consider my hunger and thirst before the fight

    • Corto

      Hahaha, eating during a fight. Such a rush. Done it and I even heard the other guy doing it, but you don’t want to risk you neck out anyway.

  19. BigDukeSix

    Really like this game. I loved arma even with some of its frustrating glitches. A couple things I would like to see is that, with the very cool eastern Europe, “commie” feel of the game, why not stick to com bloc weapons and gear? AK47’s, AK74’s, RPD and RPK’s, makarovs, tokarevs and would a few ppsh41’s spice things up? That in itself would ramp up the cool factor in my opinion. How about someone who murders other players attracting a randomly spawned zombie horde from time to time? That might cool off the murder factor not knowing if you’ll be zapped by a few dozen zeds. . I know its kind of lame sounding, but it is tough to not interact with other players. My second spawn playing I was killed by a sniper literally yards from the beach with nothing but my basic supplies. As a noob it was very frustrating. How about some overrun roadblocks or military barricades with some military loot? Police stations, police cars…etc?

  20. Alex

    I punched to death two guys who where heavily armed and tring to shoot me, I ran fast and took out the guy with the m4 circling so that he was always in between me and his friend so his friend couldn’t shoot me, then when m4 bandit died I ran around dodging and weaving through trees then sprinting back to strike the guy with the bolt action and the poor sod couldn’t hit me because I was too close he fell bloodied and defeated 10/10 I love this game and beating people to death with my fists

  21. I only started playing the standalone a few short days ago and I have to say it’s been a while since any game has had me so immersed.
    My tips.. Drink plenty of sodas it keeps you energised and thus makes you run and even walk faster which is nice for long treks. This especially helpful when you get a military backpack or mountain bag as when it is full with supplies I’ve noticed the difference between myself with energised does a light jog compared to my friend without energised does a average strole.
    I’m actually in the military as is my friend and we have found using military tactics.
    ( one search one covers off outside, always on our belly when not moving, bump and scroll in hot spots, cut voice chat in towns and keep in sight of each other at all times etc etc)… tactics like these have surprisingly proven very effective and have left us travel the entire coast from berezperino ( probably not right spelling).. In the north east.. All along the coastline to kamenca and then directly north to the airfield with little to no incidents.
    Our only incident was at the airfield on the south coast where a shot was fired and again using these tactics we managed to approach and subdue our attacker even with no ammunition so play smart and bandits won’t be an issue.
    The way people are dressed and where they are situated will give you a good idea as to what kind of threat they present. A guy wearing most of his spawn clothes and little to no plundered clothing.. While simultaneously running around a coastal town is unlikely to have a gun or if he/she does then unlikely to have ammo for it. Don’t just give up. Remember every time you run Into a player you can be certain He is having the same brain fart that you are experiencing too.
    I love how this game makes interactions such a nerving experience.

  22. Pieter

    Hi all. Me and my friend have been playing a long time(40h), he is the only one i can count on. But every time we encounter a other person he/she shoot as us and then we must start over. Soo we have become almost bandits. We shoot every body because if we dont do it we usaly get dead. If the player have nothing we just cuff him and leave him to die. We dont help other players and if we encounter some one in a building we shoot to kill. For some of you that os wrong but i hate starting over.

    • Soul Eater

      So do the friendlies you KOS. Don’t try and justify it by openly stating you’re a coward. At least a true bandit is honest, usually doing it for the luls, or roleplaying, or generally not giving a fuck. Justifying KOS’ing because you don’t want to have to do the very thing you’re doing to all the friendlies you KOS is weak shit. It’s very simple to implement a rule a la FrankieonPc’s, RHINOCRUNCH’s, or any of the other hero streamers/YouTubers, as well as the rest of the people who play hero. If they turn with a weapon drawn and/or raised, shoot them. If they pull a weapon out after you could have clearly killed them but didn’t, shoot them, no worries. Shooting someone who is unaware breeds negativity, just like it was bred in you. Keep spreading that negative juj, and you’ll foster more of the same. If you truly only kos because you’re afraid of losing gear, nut up. Otherwise, drop the excuses, and just admit you like being a bandit. Nothing wrong with that. Sure, you still suck, and I’ll kill you if I see you, but it’s part of the game, and you paid your cash. Anyway, Cheers!

      • PsychicMint

        I like your view of it, and I feel like pointing out how Pieter said “”almost” bandits”… That line made me cringe from the logic. XD

  23. Daniel

    Hi Guys. I’ve not been playing to long now but in the time I have the coast areas are suicide hit a town get supplies and move inland I find that chernogorst is a bandit play ground stay clear and keep to the tree line running down a road or on open ground is not a good thing I too was in the forces and agree with pegasus117 that if you take your time cover your back and move slowly then the game can be very rewarding although meeting people can be bad I tend to stay out the way although the random meets are the funniest the other player is just as panicked as you are I always try to give them a chance if I can but at the end of the day its survival i’m afraid and a last point that should be obvious read all the items before drinking them on my first play through I drank disinfectant not the smartest move as i’m sure you will agree but as I was a noob I hope you understand.

  24. Luzilyo

    I think the opinions about pvp vs non-pvp will always differ. i mean, no one will ever convince a pvp-freak to go pve and it wont work vice versa either. however, i’d like to have a little more role-play and athmosphere in the game and i hope it will come one day. bringing up the real-life-scenario again (even though it doesnt make much sense, because games simply aren’t the real life), i’d say that it wouldn’t neccessarily have to be everyone against everyone. actually it seems much more likely that there would be multiple groups starting to form. like, some groups who’d just like to restore civilisation as good as possible, some groups who kill random people and each other for fun, some bandits who are just too lazy to scavenge themselves and thus take the stuff that others have scavenged and so on. why it is more likely? simply because, without infinite respawn everyone would want to be very very careful about what they do, and being in a group helps to get at least somewhat rid of the danger of starving and so on, as long as the group doesnt get too big. but then again, why would we even argue about the whole thing being realistic or unrealistic. i mean, have you ever seen anyone respawn, even without any posessions except basic clothing? me neither.
    about giving new players a chance, i’d like to say, i’m pretty new. i played the mod for some weeks before, than i didnt play in a very long time (like 6 to 12 months or something) and now i bought the game just 2 days ago. all you have to do, if you think other players are too hostile is to join a pve-server or a server with very few people (like below 10). best would obviously be a combination of both. however, it would be really nice if there was an option to turn off pvp in pve-servers completely, because, seriously, pvp-players shouldn’t even get on a pve-server in the first place so what could be bad about it?

    that being said, a few tips:
    – it is possible to drink untill the ‘stuffed’ status appears. this will never harm you in any way, if you stop as soon as you get ‘stuffed’. it only starts being harmful if you ignore it and keep eating or drinking.
    – never ever try to jump from any kind of stair or ladder or anything, now matter how low it seems. it might break your legs or even kill you.
    – toggle off the running, when climbing ladders without being able to see where they end. most times it’s safe, but a very few have only a tiny little thing to stand on behind them and after that comes nothing but a fall that will most likely kill you.
    – stay away from everyone, even in pve-servers. sometimes pvp-players still get there, because they like the thrill of adrenaline rushing through their blood when they headshot someone who didnt expect it at all and wasnt even really able/ready to defend himself or get into cover.
    – even if you have the most badass and awesome rifle ever, keep in mind that it wont do anything without ammo. you should always keep a melee-weapon (preferably fireaxe, because it kills almost everything and everyone with 1 hit no matter where)
    – there are some items that are currently completely useless, or do nothing but harm you due to the early stage of the game. check the wiki and youtube for tutorials about the different items to see if they have any use yet or if you can throw them away if you need space for something more important.
    – you can open cans with almost anything, from screwdriver to axe. keep in mind though that only with a can opener you will keep 100%. if you open the can with something else, it will always loose some of it’s content.
    – try to stay away from airfield, airstrip and the military bases if you are on a populated server, it’s likely that you will meet at least one guy there who already got the guns and ammo and now wants your stuff too without having to search for it.
    – dont worry about getting killed with starting gear. if you dont have anything to loose, it’s really just like switching to another spawn-point. a far worse thing (that actually happened to me) is getting shot in the leg right after spawn, being stupid enough to cure the bleeding for whatever reason you might think to have and then crawling through no-mans-land for hours trying to find a stair that’s high enough to kill you (you can get up stairs while crawling, if you go up sideways) or a zombie that ends your misery.
    – dont evolve a kill-on-sight mentality, no matter how bad others might treat you or you will be one of the people who make everyone wanting to kill on sight rather than doing actual interaction. it’s a vicious circle.

    yea, i think that’s about it. sorry for the wall of text lol

  25. Only been playing the game a week and am hooked, love it, very imersive game indeed.

    Avoid the house with stairs on the side, at present these don’t seem to have any loot at all in them, best I’ve found thus far for loot are any red brick houses or 2 floored green houses, also barns seem to spawn more loot.

    With regards player interaction, I’ve found avoiding large groups of people with guns a must, unless they are in an easier ambush situation, then interaction involves giving them the chance to lower there weapons and surrender, then its a case of trying to win their trust by not shooting them and hoping they don’t do the same.

    Unarmed people I’ve tended to try and help, noobs ive fed and watered when I can and given directions that have been helpful for me, first time I broke my legs I was at Polina and was slowly trying to search buildings for rags and wood for a splint, came across an armed guy, told him not to shoot as I was unarmed and in a situation and he stayed with me for about 45mins and helped me search the building looking for anything that could help me, even left me some food and water, so I tend to try and help those who need it now.

    Only one’s I consider robbing are those who might or do attack me.

    Anyway love this game

  26. Drew

    I know this sort of takes a hit on the whole realism aspect but maybe having markers above the characters reflecting how aggressive they are. This will not only downplay shooting on sight but will also help in a non bandit shooting a non bandit just due to the not knowing if they are out to shoot on sight or not.

  27. James

    The trouble with “enforcing” a PVE zone is how to deal with players who don’t comply.
    Unless they type something you have no idea who they are and even as a server Admin you can’t see this, so unless you have people actively patrolling they area and see the kill AND can kill the bandit, what can you do?

    With regards to kill on sight, I’ve managed to survive for circa 50 hours of playtime solo by shooting anyone who has a visible gun. The rest of the time I just point the gun at them and circle past hoping they’ll get the hint and leave me alone as well, unfortunately even though I try to make it obvious that I will leave them alone some still rush at me with their fists up. I take no pleasure in killing a fresh spawn but sometime’s they leave you no choice, I guess they feel they don’t have anything to lose by chancing it.
    Sometimes if they behave I’ll drop a can of tuna or 2 on the floor for them on the way off.

    Either way, I see someone carrying a rifle or m4 and they’re going down, not only to stop from possibly killing me, but also because they likely have ammo that I will need for continued survival.

    • kyndjiall

      in the instance of pve zones there are a few systems devs can implement. Disabling weapons in the zone, or punishment, (shooting your weapon kills you) for instance. npc “police” which fire upon murderers in safe zones, alternatively. Also, an unlimited health/armor boost in safe zones would allow for accidental trigger pulling and shooting someone in said sz, with no consequence, other than they lose a precious bullet.

  28. Pieter

    Yet again, i let a player go. Did not want to shoot him but he left me no choice. I have put away my weapon, yelled friendly put my arms up and he still shoot me. I did not die (Luck) i shot back at him. Soo im from nou a bandit shoot first ask questions later. Sorry

  29. danny

    Just a quick tip while looting airfields the buildings with a jail I’ve seen items such as canteens and tactical helmets spawn on a ledge outside left of the double doors you enter near the corner also had compass and a tin of beans spawn there too plus a shelf on the left just inside the door is easily missed like I said quick tip hope you find some good stuff

  30. Didi2k7

    The best way to manage food is to eat everything you have or come across. Don’t waste bag spaces with food. Your food tops up your energy so you pretty much can’t eat too much. Eat all your food and top up with drinks till you are stuffed then stop. Always keep your hunger and hydration bright green. You will then feel energised and healthy. It will say healthy when you have all your blood. It will say healing if you have lost some blood and you will start to regenerate blood back. Always keep your hunger and hydration bright green and you will heal on your own. eat what you find when you find it and drink till bloated and you will always be healthy.

  31. Moondust

    I’ve been playing DayZ SA for a week now and love it. But I’ve also learned some hard lessons. I got killed a couple of times because I was too much trying to be friendly, lowering my gun, we walking towards people waving my hand. Most geared people just shot me. But, I don’t want to kill on sight, so now, when I spot a player, I immediately give him directions as to not move anymore, not look around, lower his/her weapon and put his/her hands up, or we’ll shoot (we!!!). So far no one complied, so I killed a few, but if the situation permits it I always give people a chance walk away. Unfortunately, recently I killed one guy who spawned almost next to me in an airfield building. He scared the shit out of me. I panicked and shot him, because he heard his rifle loading. He should not have spawned in an airfield building, that’s asking for trouble. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson as well.

  32. kyndjiall

    Yeah, a tip for new people. if he has a gun. avoid or shoot. sometimes it’s unavoidable. when logging out find a great hiding place. Last time I logged in, in a building in town, and someone was right up my butt in a matter of seconds. this went something like this…
    “hey you” he said – (I jump down a set of stairs) – “Don’t run!” he says – (I run as fast as I fricking can) – “Don’t run or i’m gonna shoot you!” he says – (RUN RUN RUN) – (duck around corner and ready double barrel shot gun and wait) – (he comes around corner – click, click – boom, boom!) – (he falls on his creeper face) – at this point my heart is racing and I have a real life adrenaline surge (hey I had some decent stuff after I had just lost my last character earlier that day!) dropped my DB and took his (nice) backpack and triple modded m4 (no magazine or bullets, stupid ass!) took as much as I could from his corpse (some nice stuff!!! If you’re reading this, thanks for being a douche and getting yourself killed! I really needed that backpack!) and LOGGED HAHAHA! I was shaking too bad to play and in fear of repercussions, or friends of his who might have been around. so that’s my first kill story, this after being shot in the back by people asking me to “be friends.” bit of advice. don’t threaten people with violence if you’ve got no ammo. and if you think you might need to kill them, just do it. My new rule is if anyone with a gun sees me they’re dead meat. and if you get too close to me unarmed/melee weapon, my trigger finger gets real twitchy. honestly if I take someone unaware, I let them be if i’m not spotted. I’ve been merciful to people a few times. bit me in the butt once, next time was better. when you’re a fresh spawn try to work with someone. for instance I found a “friendly” with a can of sphaghetti after a fresh spawn. I had a screwdriver in hand (which is a nice 3 shot anti-zombie melee wep in a pinch) were both hungry so he drops the can i open and take 1 bite. thank him and point him to a good loot spawn. leave the rest of the can and go my merry way. I’d like to think if we met up again armed it would still be friendly, but I won’t take my chances.


    I just learned the hard way that one shouldn’t store crucial items in his pants. I felt from a tiny ladder on a factory roof, broke my leg, and ruined my pristine TTsKO pants filled with canteen, handcuffs and compass – all ruined. Of course any piece of clothing and it’s content can be damaged by bullets and melee, but it seems like the third most common way of dying in Dayz endangers your pants only.

  34. Luscious

    I only just started playing DayZ about 3 days ago ( I didn’t play the mod) and I have no idea where to go to get the good loot (weapons, canteens etc.) and I am currently just running to pubs hoping to find stuff. What sort of building should I look in for some good loot? Where can I find a blood bag as well, I am sick of the grey screen.

    • Moondust

      Having no idea where to go is the whole idea of the game. You have to explore the world and do everything to survive. Pubs are good places to loot, but I think the following map will help you find some good loot. But beware, the bigger the loot, the bigger the danger of running into other players and getting killed. First try to find roadsigns near the border of villages to determine where you are on the map. Then make a plan where to go.

      You can zoom in with the mousewheel. Colors are explained to the right. Good luck!


      Luscious, a blood / saline bag won’t do you any good if you don’t have a friend to administrate it – you can’t use it on yourself. You should feed well enough to get the “healthy” status and start regenerating blood by yourself. Read Randomdork, a few posts higher, for intel on how to achieve the healthy status. As for the loot, I can’t agree more with Moondust ; you will get familiar soon enough with the loot spawns patterns, so enjoy those first moments when you truly feel lost in the unknown. Later it won’t feel the same. Even the best games and games features eventually gets old, no reason to hurry that process.

  35. Eric

    I love this game and I would put more down on this game if they would do something sensible like Kickstart a project to move the game to a better engine at some point. A next-gen flavor of this game on a new engine ~FB3/UR4/???. I have bought two copies SA and this game has the “potential to beat out a bunch of AAA games that people would put in their top-tens. Its really that fun and exciting because you invest so much time in having to gather gear and weapons, that there’s some RP when you are running and ducking (for the naysayers above), in that you are already on your toes to trying to start over without meeting the same fate again. Basically, you are literally running through streets and ducking behind buildings, hoping to not get your a88 blown off. It needs some work and is only in Alhpa, but it has a lot of potential in the principals of the game play.

  36. snowjo

    To be fair i have tried to be friendly as possible to people 10 times out of 10 they have done me over so now i just shoot try to keep them alive by shooting in the leg annd will help if i can to heql them but usually i just kill no way arou d it but survive as long as possible

    • PsychicMint

      Nobody I’ve been friendly to has killed me… You’re just unlucky, and now you’re putting your EXACT unhappiness into other people by doing the exact same thing you don’t like. Murica.

  37. Mazdaice56

    How come everyone is saying that shooting on site is cowardly? this is a game youre all talking about and quite frankly, I think youre all pathetic. How does shooting someone on a first person shooter be classed as cowardice? There are guns in this game for a reason, there is pvp for a reason and most importantly, if everyone’s opinion is that there is no fun in banditry then what fun is there in walking aimlessly around the map with an entire purpose to talk to people on a computer game? If you want a way to comunicate then I would suggest that the outdoors is a great place to start.

    • Noa

      Totally aggree.

      I rather be a living “coward” then a dead “nice guy” who didn’t wat to shoot on sight and wasted hours of gearing up. I have had to many encounters that seems friendly, but as soon as u turn you back to someone you get killed anyway.

      So it is like the real deal. When Judgement Day comes, how would you react if you need to survive death?

      New are the trucks to ride in and nets to comouflage your outfit and gun.
      So you can move quick on a map to raid around or become the unnoticed sniper killer, oneshotting all who dares walking accross the Airfield 🙂

  38. logan

    to all of you who think you know the proper way to play dayz.
    their is only one way to play it and that is do what you think is right.
    if you think shooting first is the best way then shoot , if you think handcufing and stealing thier pants is the right way then pants them , if you want to help all the new noobs and have honor in the game , save them all .
    in dayz its how you would survive , its all about surviving. kill or be killed . save who you can . live. die. live or die .
    you go into a town you kill on site all thats loot in town is now yours
    you go into a town and you share suppliers and trade with other you now have a friend.
    you sneak thou a town not begin spoted and take what you need then sneak out, you survied another day .
    some want to troll people , other want to save , other want the power to contorl others faith.
    thats what make me keep playing this game.
    one day am a savior , the next am a killer . depends on how big of a stick the other guys have.
    play the game the way it was made to be played , with complete and total freedom of yours and others faith.

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