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DayZ Hosting: A Guide to Private Shards and Hives


In the last couple of weeks, the DayZ Development team have been working closely with the popular DayZ Server Hosting Providers to bring the DayZ community ‘private shards’ – a server hosting feature that allows players to host their own private hive which runs separately from the public hive. But what does this mean? For anyone unfamiliar with DayZ terminology  it can all be a bit confusing, so we’re going to do our best to simplify things a bit.

What is the Public Hive?

The ‘hive’, or the ‘public hive’ in DayZ Standalone is the backbone of how servers in DayZ work. Each public server is connected up to the public hive, and that means that players are free to come and go between any of these servers, and their characters and gear will come and go with them. A player can only have one single character running on the DayZ Public Hive at any one time. The only way to have more than one character on the Public Hive is to have another copy of the game on another Steam account.

What is a Private Hive?

A ‘private hive’, or ‘private shard’ in DayZ Standalone is essentially a separate instance of the ‘public hive’, but much smaller and with you in control. A private shard can be as small as a single server, called a ‘Master Shard’, and as big as you can afford to make it, with a single ‘Master Shard’ and many ‘Slave Shards’ connected to the master. For example, a private hive with a Master shard and 2 Slave shards would make a network of three servers. These three servers would be running separately from the public hive – this means players from the public hive cannot use their characters within the private hive, and vice-versa.

Why do we need Private Hives?

Private Hives offer up a few advantages compared to the public hive. The first of which is simply more control. Check out the table below to get a batter idea of the differences between public hive and private hive servers in DayZ.

Public Hive Private Hive
Restart the server
Turn off the server
Kick players
Ban players
Create a Server Password
Use a Server White list
View BEC logs
Connect multiple servers

The other advantage of having a private hive server is that it allows you to create a better community. When players regularly play on the same private hive, it’s more likely that they will get to know other regular players on that hive – and things like friendships, role-playing, clans and communities are easier to achieve. When a private shard is directly connected to a community, like a clan or a website – it becomes possible to run things like special events and competitions – as you can control the server at any given time.

What is the cost difference between a Public and Private Shard?

Private Shards cost more then regular public servers do – this is because hosting providers are being charged more from bohemia interactive to run them – and they require more physical resources than public servers do. The cost difference isn’t huge – but if you factor in the cost of running multiple servers in a private shard then the cost can become quite excessive. Check out the table below for an idea of how the cost of public and private hives differ. Vilayer Ltd
Private Shard (Master) €2.21 €2.15
Private shard (Slave) €1.61 €1.55
Public Hive €1.50 €1.45
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Want to read more about DayZ Server hosting? We have a complete Server Hosting guide which includes a point-by-point comparison table, comparing DayZ Server hosts for their service and features.

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  1. EGG

    Why’d they go with “Shard” lol? Isn’t that what Ultima Online used to call it’s servers? Based on that “The Crystal that held the world of Ultima Broke into a thousand pieces, creating a thousand worlds” lore lol. Then all the illegal private servers were called “Private shards”. Why not just say server?

    • aphex

      Shard is a general term used in computer networking to refer to a server instance

      • Watcher

        That is why Ultima used the term.

  2. aphex


  3. We still have a working 15% discount code for fragnet.
    And our Roleplay Server is also online again 😉

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