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DayZ Standalone Farming Guide [UPDATED]


Experimental Patch 0.50 and subsequent patches introduced a new mechanic in DayZ that’s been hinted at for a while – and that’s farming and horticulture. As the game progresses through early development, we are seeing more and more survival mechanics added to the DayZ, and farming along with hunting, is a major survival aspect which will be getting a lot of attention from now on. Patch 0.52 recently improved on Horticulture by adding an ‘improvised’ farming patch feature, which allows you to build yourself a farming patch pretty much anywhere. This is handy as you no longer have to search out for one of the few greenhouses plotted around Chernarus. It also allows you to setup a small farm at your camp, whether that’s a single tent hidden in the woods, or a massive military tent kitted out with a fireplace and more.

We’re going to cover every aspect of farming as it inevitably grows with each patch. As of right now, the only farm-able resources in DayZ Standalone are the Tomato Plant, Peppers, and Pumpkins.

  1. Getting Seeds
  2. Farming Vegetables in DayZ (Tomato Plants, Peppers or Pumpkins)

Getting Seeds

Seeds in DayZ currently come in 3 forms. Tomato Seeds, Pepper Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. All three of these seeds can be found in seed packets, which are an industrial-type spawn meaning you’ll find them in places like long barns, two-floor barns, factories and sheds. Each packet of seeds will contain up to 20 seeds which is a pretty good start.

You can also collect seeds by using any bladed weapon on either a Tomato, Pepper or Pumpkin in your inventory. This is a great way to turn part of your harvest back into seeds, technically providing you with unlimited seeds once you get started. This means that you and your camp mates will be able to setup a permanent, self-sustaining camp with proper vegetable farming.

Farming Vegetables in DayZ (Tomato Plants, Peppers or Pumpkins)

Tomato plants in DayZ Standalone were the first grow-able resource, introduced in experimental patch 0.50. Now we also have the choice to grow either Tomatoes or Pumpkins. To get started, you’ll need the following items:

  • A ‘Hoe’ or a ‘Shovel’, or a ‘Pickaxe’
  • A bag of ‘Garden Lime’
  • A packet of ‘Tomato Seeds’
  • You’ll need to find a Green House or craft your own Improvised farming patch

Step 1 – Find a Greenhouse or Create a Farming Patch

You’ll find a Greenhouse in DayZ in most of the larger cities throughout Chernarus as well as some of the smaller ones. They often come in pairs. They look worn, dirty and their windows are all smashed. Each greenhouse can hold up to 8 plants, so until we’re introduced to more seeds in the future, one should do.


The greenhouses to look out for

If you would rather create your own farming patch, you can do so quite easily by simply equipping either your shovel, hoe or pickaxe, point yourself to a grassy texture on the ground and select ‘Make a Garden Plot’. You can then move onto Step 2 and dig holes in your plot.


This is how your Garden Plot will look

Step 2 – Dig Holes

Next you’ll need to equip either your shovel or garden hoe. Look at the soil in the greenhouse or improvised garden plot, and you’ll be given an option to ‘Dig Holes‘. You can dig the greenhouse up to 8 times to get the 8 slots ready for planting. You can dig an improvised gaden plt 9 times to get 9 slots for farming.

Step 3 – Fertilize Soil

Next you’ll need to equip your ‘Garden Lime’. Look at the freshly dug holes in the soil and you’ll be given an option to ‘Fertilize Soil‘. A full bag of Garden Lime will fertilize up to 20 slots.

Step 4 – Plant Your Seeds

The time has come to finally plant your Seeds. Equip your ‘Tomato Seeds’, ‘Pepper Seeds’ or ‘Pumpkin Seeds’ and look at your fertilized holes in the ground. You’ll be given the option to ‘Plant a Seed‘. Plant as many seeds as you want for now.

Step 5 – Wait for your Plants to Grow

Now that your Seeds are planted, they will slowly start to grow. You do not need to water them and they do not need light or warmth to grow. They will slowly grow over the next 5 to 10 minutes into fully grown Tomato Plants, Pepper Plants or Pumpkin Plants. There are 7 stages in total, so keep a close eye on them, either by guarding them intently or looting buildings nearby and coming back to check. Once your plant looks like it’s fully grown, approach it and select ‘Collect Fruits‘. You should receive around 13 Tomatoes for your efforts, or 5 Peppers, or 2 Pumpkins. If you don’t have room in your inventory, the remaining vegetables will be piled at your feet. Not a bad yield for such little work.


The Various Stages of the Tomato Plant Growth

And that’s it! Remember farming in DayZ is in it’s infancy and it will constanlty be evololving. This is just a small stepping stone for the game, a step towards a more realistic survival experience and as the weeks go on, and the patches are released farming will turn into a more viable, fleshed out mechanic that will contribute greatly to ‘end-game’ DayZ.

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    10 Responses

  1. Greigg

    Where is the easiest Greenhouse, I don’t see any. Is there a map for greenhouses?

    • toejam

      No need for green houses any more, just use a shovel on ground and make a plot.

  2. Lifesplayground

    Also you need to water the plant if the soil is to dry. Simply equip your waterbottle and select the option near the plant.

    • Skuolfi

      FUCK. And I’ve just wasted 20 seeds…

  3. JR

    “You can also collect seeds by using any bladed weapon on either a Tomato, Pepper or Pumpkin in your inventory. This is a great way to turn part of your harvest back into seeds, technically providing you with unlimited seeds once you get started. This means that you and your camp mates will be able to setup a permanent, self-sustaining camp with proper vegetable farming. – See more at:

    That part isn’t working for me.
    Planted, grew pumpkins and tomatoes., but we can’t get seeds out.

  4. LAFF

    “End game” Dayz. Laff. These kids can’t even figure out how to balance zombie hordes, zombie health buffs, zombie clippings, and now a lack of loot. This game is forever stuck in Alpha, and when we complain about it 3 yrs later, the same excuse that we bought into an alpha game will still apply. Bait and switch FTW. Trashy developers. And fuck Dean “the Cock” Hall.

  5. Survivalisthater

    LAFF i 100% agree. after playing the mod and the standalone, the standalone is a peice of trash of a game. 90% of the work done by the community and Dean Hall cant make this a playable survival. You can’t functionally feed yourself from vegitables. I tried and had to consume 1 pounds of vegies every 10 minutes to stay alive. Starving i lost most my seeds because i didn’t have water so i tried to eat some earthworms. I started getting funny tastes, took 2 of my 9 tabs of antibiotics and got sick anyways, tried eating apples and antibiotics to survive. 14 apples later still starving, getting sicker with the antibiotics. My little garden patch finally finishes growing, 13 tomatoes later im still hungry. passed out a few minutes later and died from eating earthworms, apples, tomatoes, and antibiotics….. it will never be finished and never be as good as the mod because dean hall doesn’t do anything. he is probably shoving our money down some strippers panties laughing about how people still pay so much for his troll code version of dayz. dont buy or try this game. dont look at it ifs its not a arma 2 mod dayz.

    • Mutilate

      Laff and Survivalisthater,

      Both of you are fucking retarded. The game is following the same path as any game that has ever been made. Alpha for developing, beta for tweaking bugs, then final release. All together normally takes 2-3 years. Second off, Dean Hall hasn’t worked on this game for a long time. If you guys understood the game you would be able to survive and thrive. You’re obviously garbage. Keep dying and then bitch to the developers because “they” don’t know what they are doing. HAHA. Sounds like YOU don’t know what you’re doing.

  6. Brotto

    wow the game has really improved since when this post was posted its actually pretty fun.

  7. Schmik

    So this 5.8 has no zombies. Not a single fucking zombie in over 10 hours. Not for me anyway..

    Oh well, time to plant

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