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DayZ Standalone Helicopter Crash Site Guide


Helicopter Crash Sites in DayZ Standalone are currently the rarest, and most sought-after random event that you can find throughout Chernarus. Each time a DayZ Server restarts, three helicopter crash sites are dynamically added to the map with random, high value military loot spawns including the fabled M4A1, attachments and ammunition. These helicopter crash sites are best identified by the plume of thick black smoke which towers from each one – visible from far in the distance. Keep your eyes open, focus, and scan the horizons and you may be lucky enough to find one.

Helicopter Crash Sites can only spawn in their pre-configured spawn points, which makes it easy to put together a map of potential spawns. You can use the Helicoper Crash Sites maps below to see that most of the spawns are found dotted around the west side of the map. This means anyone trying to farm Heli Crash Sites should figure themselves out a route which incorporates as many of the western towns and cities as possible. A possible route which hops between cities in the west and has a high chance of coming across a heli crash site is as follows:

  • Starting at Zelenogorsk, head North to Sosnovka
  • From Sosnovka, curve North and then East to Pogrevka
  • From Pogrevka, Curve North East to Stary Sobor
  • From Stary Sobor, Head North West to the Air Field
  • From the Air field, Head West to Lopatino and beyond.
  • At this point, you could change to a different server and continue your journey in reverse

Using the route above, or a similar route will maximize your chances of finding a heli crash site in as quick a time as possible. Hopefully you get lucky and find a crash site on your first trip. Make no mistake, these heli crash sites are very rare and are designed to be difficult to find.

Check out either of the heli crash site maps below, courtesy of


Heli Crash Sites – Topographical Map


Heli Crash Sites – Satellite Map

Have your own heli crash site route which has a high rate of success for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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    17 Responses

  1. kimmaz

    NOOOOO, why did I even click on this link/post.. !?!

    I didn’t wanna know the freeken map of every possible location ever, this ruined the fun in exploring the map. I guess I just have to wait a week and have forgotten this until I start playing again ^^

    • I never thought of it like that – I forget some people like to approach a game with 0 spoilers. My apoligies.

      • digler

        Its seems to me a lot of the hard work being done by the game designers, is being quickly undone by players publishing loot maps, crafting recipes, etc etc… there are no secrets when it comes to dayZ anymore… I’m surprised the mod servers aren’t starting to delete buildings, trees, and replacing them with even more McBarracks, tanks, titanium bases, etc. I saw a server the other day with “bank accounts”… WTF. Next thing they’ll have are teleportation booths, and God mode tablets at the hospitals…. I suppose this will save idiots from hacking… The SA and mod’s are being killed off by the community… The mod should be renamed DayeZy, and the stand alone BugZ… Ok my rant is over…. its just sad for me to see such an awesome idea take a turn in such a dreadful direction…

      • Daquan

        can you make an updated story? I find that I only find helicrash sites on Persistent OFF servers ever since .48 update.

  2. Soapfactory

    Don’t worry this does not have all locations.

    • Soapfactory

      I seem to have been mistaken while writing this. Sorry!

  3. Joey

    I start just west of Zelenogorsk and check the three crash sites. Next I follow the crash sites north from Zelenogorsk and around to the north side of Green Mountain. I end the path by scoping the areas around Pogerevka and Pulkovo. It’s always a short distance between the last spawn site to the next. It takes 10 minutes, and I usually find a helicopter every other server.

    • Cap'n Dalt

      I’ll have to try that 🙂

  4. Bigglesworth

    it’s sadly that I have not found any crash cites and I assume that some snipers are lock on me.

    • Cap'n Dalt

      IKR, I’ve looked on all my regular servers and haven’t found a single one…

  5. ronin

    Are you saying that you do not use the map AT ALL??? Are you just running around following roads and such?? WOW. I have a dual screen setup and one screen has the game while the other has the map. I’d be running around in complete circles (quite literally) without that map.

  6. RonanH

    Hey I’ve seen M4s spawn in barracks in videos

    • Woodna

      Jeah it was possible before the update

    • Cynaraos

      That’s most likely videos of people looting the barracks before the M4s were made to only spawn at helicopter crash sites.

  7. Ixx

    “NOOOOO, why did I even click on this link/post.. !?!

    I didn’t wanna know the freeken map of every possible location ever, this ruined the fun in exploring the map. I guess I just have to wait a week and have forgotten this until I start playing again ^^”

    Why would you open a post about heli crash sites if you don’t want facts about them? If you want to be “hard core” and play the game like a wandering hermit, then go do so … don’t go posting about how a link you chose to click on is “ruining” you experience.
    It’s not like there’s a red line in the ground guiding you to the sites, you still have to search for them.

    If you wanna be all role play about it, think of it like this; You met a friendly survivor who hinted that there are a lot of helicopter crash sites to the west … maybe he even gave you his map, since he himself was all looted up and tired of all the snipers making the area too dangerous.

  8. Gregthgamer

    To be honest it is harder to find a low population server without persistence than it is to find the helicopter crash itself.
    First you need to find a server with a low (<5) population, because otherwise all the crash sites will be looted (the only reason people go to non persistence is the crash sties, what did you think was going to happen?).
    Then you got to make sure it is day, so you find the server that is day, low population and non persistent. Good right? Wrong, because 99.9% of these servers are a private hive. So you go about finding a low population one and finally you find the server you want.
    Sorry, but when you click on it you get the infamous "wait for host" glitch. Better luck next time. 🙁

    It took me 40 minutes to find a good server (gj), and once i got on i went to a town with high chance of V3S, hopped aboard and found two crash sites in 20 minutes. Collected an M4 with an ACOG and three 40 round bags, mp handgaurd and butstock.


  9. I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored.

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