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DayZ Standalone Hunting & Cooking Guide


One of the most important aspects of DayZ has finally arrived. Hunting, Cooking and Fishing has been in the game for a while now – meaning players no longer have to jump from town to town in order to find enough canned goods to survive. As more and more improvements to these mechanics have been pushed out, it has become easier and easier to live off the land. You now hardly need any raw materials at all to get started – just your bare hands.

Basic Fireplace Cooking:

Gas Fire Cooking:

  • A Gas Canister
  • A Gas Stove
  • A Frying Pan or Cooking Pot

Snare Trap Hunting:

Ok, so you have your items and you are starting to get hungry! Let’s get right to it.

Get your Meat

You need to locate some animals. This should be easy enough, right now they are pretty abundant and you shouldn’t have to stray too far from a town to bump into some sort of animal. Once you’ve found your prey, go ahead and kill it. You can kill it with a gun, a melee weapon or even your bare hands. Go on, punch that boar.

When your prey is dead, you need to approach the corpse with your knife and you will get the option to ‘skin and quarter’ the animal. Doing so will give you a pelt, and some raw meat. You can eat the raw meat as it is but it as in real life, it can and will make you sick.

Snare Trap Hunting

Rabbit Snare Traps have recently been added to DayZ and can be crafted simply using Metal Wire and a Wooden Stick. Once crafted, you can place the Rabbit Snare Trap on the ground and leave it to do it’s work. Early reports suggest that the trap has a chance of catching a Rabbit within as early as 20 minutes, so check back regularly and you may find a dead Rabbit waiting for you in your Snare Trap. Once caught, you can skin and butcher the rabbit meat like you would with any other meat.


Step 2 – Fireplace

Now that you have some raw meat you will want to start your fire. It’s now very simple to start a fire. You had better collect some wood if you haven’t done so already. Simply approach almost any tree with a knife equipped and select ‘cut branch’. Next, you want to do the same thing except this time ‘cut bark’. Split the long wooden stick into smaller sticks with your knife, and use the smaller sticks with cut bark to create a fireplace kit. Done!

Once you have a fireplace kit, you can safely drop it on the ground and you will see the beginnings of your fireplace on the ground in front of you. In order to get it going, you will need to add fire! Again as of recent patches this is very easy. Use some more sticks on another piece of bark, except this time select ‘craft hand drill kit‘. Using this hand drill kit on your new fireplace will light it, and voila! You have fire.

Of course if you have matches you can use that to light your fire instead. Fireplace kits can also be crafted from much more than just sticks and bark, including rags and paper.

You can even upgrade your fireplace kit to a makeshift oven by adding some stones.

Step 3 – Get Cooking

You now have a lit fire! You can now cook meat on the fire but you can also upgrade the fireplace into a makeshift oven. What you need to do is add a ‘stone’ to one of the loot spots on the fireplace. This will ‘upgrade’ the fireplace into a makeshift oven. The benefits of the oven over the fireplace are currently unclear but it’s most likely to do with the burning of meat. Now you are ready to add your meat. The makeshift oven will have a few open slots, add as much meat as you like to these slots and you will see it slowly start to turn red. The meat cooks in real-time and it’s very easy to over-cook or burn your meat – so keep a close eye on it and remove it from the slot as soon as you see it is cooked. You can still eat burnt meat but the quality of the meat is questionable!

Another option for meat cooking is to use a knife on a long wooden stick to craft a ‘sharpened stick’. With this sharpened stick, you can add raw meat to make a sort-of kebab, and hold this kebab over the fire to get yourself some cooked meat.


Another Method – Cooking with Gas!

There is another method to get a fire going which is slightly easier but requires different items. For this method you’ll need to find a ‘gas canister’ and a ‘gas stove’. Simply combine the two items to get a ‘gas cooker’. You can then place this gas cooker on the ground and select the ‘light cooker’ option while standing over it. You will see the stove is now turned on and it’s ready for you to place either a frying pan or a cooking pot onto. Once you’ve done this, you can right click on the container on the ground and place your meat inside. Cooking in this way is exactly the same as cooking on a makeshift oven, you need to keep a close eye on the meat to make sure it doesn’t burn.


This method definitely has it’s advantages as once you have cooked your meat you can turn off the gas stove, pick it up again and take it with you on your travels through Chernarus!

So that’s it, a complete guide on how to hunt and cook in DayZ Standalone! All the above content is now officially included in the latest Stable Branch of DayZ Standalone so everyone is open to try it. If you think we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comments below.

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    23 Responses

  1. Zachdaepic

    Wait i thought that crafting rags and sticks gives you a splint. What will happen to the that?

    • Victor

      It will give u the dropdown menu and then u can just choose one of both

    • RonanH

      There are two options on right click

  2. william

    so how do you put out the fire and can you disassemble the fireplace and take it with you? Also how long is it on the server before the server restarts?

    • Mike

      Press dismantle wood

  3. Schoeni123

    I can´t find any animals. There is just nothing. Do you have any Tips for me to better find them?

    • lewisroy1010

      I don’t think they actually added the animals as I have also been searching everywhere for them, when I read the patch details on this website it did say there were animals but knowing dayz it will probably be like 4 weeks before they add them 🙁

    • BobDiggler

      There are animals, they are just very difficult to find. I think you really need to go deep into the forests to find them. I’ve found goats and wild boar. Shot ’em, cut ’em up, cooked ’em and ate them. Shame the game doesn’t have salt and pepper (yet).

  4. mAttack

    My friends and I took down a deer just the other day. Animals are in.

    • RonanH

      I have encountered several bulletproof deer so far.

  5. alex

    look in stary sober there are a lot of animals

  6. Constantin

    Cows ass well

  7. seylchuk

    there are animals but very rare to find (talking about big ones )such as deer and cow i managed finding a few around the NE airport and Gorka town (between berezino and NEA

  8. madman_24

    I was cooking raw deer steaks on a portable gas stove and cooking pot. Everything went well, the pot got red (meaning it’s hot) as well as steak inside it. But the steaks changed from raw directly to burned, so it wasn’t good to eat. I was looking at it the whole time, but it wasn’t cooked, but immediately burned. Can you please help?

  9. Cherko180

    Do bayonets work for skinning them? I killed two deers yesterday and tried to skin them with a bayonet, but it didn’t give me the option to.

    • Yellowraincoat

      No. Only kitchen knife and machete will do the skinning.

    • john

      you need to put water or lard into the pot or u will burn the meat. im still trying to fig out why I cant sharpen a long stick to cook with

  10. ronin

    I would LOVE to be able to set snare traps … for people. Hi I’m ronin please don’t shoot me.

    • Cherko180

      That would be so awesome

  11. Derp

    Dont forget that a stick and paper can make a fireplace kit too… Books are everywhere!

  12. James

    Cooking tripods are now in. What’s the deal with those?

    • so far, we’re not sure. It doesn’t look like they have a use yet but we assume they’re going to be used to allow a fireplace to cook with a frying pan / cooking pot. Probably in the next patch, patch 0.53

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