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DayZ Standalone Navigation Guide


DayZ Standalone has been released, and the first objective many of you will set yourselves will be meeting up with your team-mates. This is harder in DayZ Standalone as there are no longer pop-up indicators which tell you where you are when you first log in. There are also no map waypoints and no GPS, so you will have to turn to more authentic, realistic methods of finding your way if you don’t have a compass. Learn all these points below and you will start to have a better understanding of how to find your way around in DayZ.

The Night Sky

This is probably the most obvious and the most reliable way to find north at night time. While the night sky will rotate and move as you travel Chernarus, the North Star will always point north and finding it will give you a solid reference point when you don’t have a compass. You can identify the north star by first identifying the ‘big dipper’. Have a look at the video at the bottom of this page to see what the ‘big dipper’ looks like and how it’s position relates to the North Star.

The Coast

When you first spawn in, it’s most likely that you and your friends will be somewhere on the coast of Chernarus. This tip is really simple and will make sure you and your friends will be heading in the right direction. If you can see the water, turn around so the water is at your back and run in-land. If you cross the train tracks first, you are WEST of Chernogorsk. If you hit the road first, you are EAST of Chernogorsk. It’s that simple, have a look at the map if you don’t believe us! You can use this information to decide in which direction to run – wither with the water on your left or with the water on your right. This is really the best tip for meeting up with friends on the coast – espescially useful for friends  who have never played DayZ before.

Road Signs

If you’re familiar with DayZ at all, you will probably know that all the road signs are in Russian. The signs can be difficult to translate, and trying to match up the Russian name with an English name on the map can be frustrating and tedious. There is a simpler way – Google Translate for your iOS or Android mobile let’s you take a picture of the road sign on your monitor and it will will translate it straight into English for you. All you have to do is set the options to Russian -> English. Try it out – the app is free and works surprisingly well. It will really help you locate your friends.

Graphical Settings

There are three main graphical settings you can play with in order to get a better at night time. The most important one is ‘Cloud Detail‘. Setting this to high will seriously improve your vision at night. The next two are gamma and brightness. Fiddle with the sliders until you get a view that is more to your liking. This can make a huge difference to nivigating at night.

Other Tips

Just like in real life, the sun will always rise in the East and set in the West. Keep an eye on the suns movements and you will have stable reference point to work off. The wind always blows East, so you can also use the movements of the clouds to find East and West.

That’s about it – hopefully this helps you and your friends find your way around Chernarus Plus! share your tips below and we might add them to the guide!

Navigate the Night Sky

Video By:Panimala

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    23 Responses

  1. BOB

    Thats weird i cant take picutes to translate with my Google translate app

    • johmy_sniper

      cause u r pussy

      • degeus71

        What’s your age Johmy? Grow up, you are not funny, just annoying.

      • Saba Cannon

        just fuck of JS…..anonymity more or less on the internet doesn’t mean be an ignorant 6 year old asshole….thanks

  2. Jim

    Has the railroad/road one either side of Cherno always been the case? I can’t believe how much I’m now relying on that.

  3. casey

    so does standalone mean that you don’t have to have arma 2 its just dayz the game not a mod

    • yup, you don’t need Arma 2.

    • Jaden

      Yeah, you don’t need Arma 2 to get DayZ Standalone.

  4. Brad

    No Waypoints, that’s kinda pointless then. That was the best feature in Arma games

  5. Gamer

    This game is hard to find your way around in

    • Blackwatch

      It can be difficult, but it only takes some getting used to. In no time you’ll master the area already.

  6. Kolton

    @BRAD You have to remember this game is still in Alpha they could still add waypoints and a navi system i mean they havent even added vehicles yet

  7. Harrow

    I would just like to add that the Clouds do not always travel east anymore. I confirmed this last night, when I found that the clouds were moving funny in regards to where I was. Popped my compass out and checked, surely enough, they were travelling in a northwestern direction at the time. Since then, I’ve seen the clouds travel east, west, NE, NW and SW, yet to see south, north and SE.

  8. Alex

    If some random player is following you, then lead him to a city and throw flares everywhere. When you are done throwing flares, tell the player to stand in the center of all the flares.

    This tip is for real. If you and your friend(s) are in the same city, but in different areas, then get to a high point (preferably a tower of sorts). When you get to that high point, throw a flare down on the flooring that you are standing on. Your friend(s) will be able to see the light from the flare. Note that this trick only works at night.

  9. Dom

    So I’m confused why is the map in Dayz in English if all the road signs are in Russian? That seems quite ridiculous. I would figure the map would be in Russian if you found the map in Russia. I feel like its just counterproductive and I really wish that would change. Not sure if I’m just making a big deal outta this, I’m just new and trying to understand the map so I can get to some better places to find loot. All the tips help tyvm.

  10. degeus

    Maybe S.T.A.L.K.E.R is more your thing.

    It’s not ridiculous at all that the maps in DayZ are English. Who tends to have a map? Not the locals : they already know the area and therefor have no need for them. So people that are not from the area (tourists, soldiers, …) -> English maps are not rediculous at all.

    • PFC Carter

      @DEGEUS, I figured the same, I’ve never been to Abu Dhabi and seen a map in native language, there are over 35 Dialects of Arabic but the maps are never in the locale dialect. Therefore yes, it is NOT very ridiculous.

  11. Fraser Reynolds

    If the ocean is to you left it usually mean your heading south or west( depending on what spawn you have but doing this will take you to electro, cherno and balota airstrip, if the ocean is on your right then your heading either east or north (depending on spawn). Hope this helped!

  12. pookie

    Some things are frustrating, but realize that things will change as it is in alpha stage still. Basic woodsman skills seem to apply in most cases and if you are just starting up, I recommend starting on a server with as many people as possible. Be wary of people, but at least the zombies may be thinned out.

  13. Zach

    Hey guys I am new to the game (and a bit late to this thread) but if anyone has any news as to how long the mountains extend out from the sea in Chernarus please reply. I have been walking up and down mountains for about an hour or two and I still haven’t reached anything. I started on the beach on the road side. Thanks.

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