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DayZ Standalone Performance Guide [UPDATED]


DayZ Standalone has officially been released and after launching you will probably notice that the graphics have taken a major leap forward between the Mod and the Standalone version. The new textures and item models are insanely detailed so it’s no big surprise that there has been a slight frame rate drop for many. There are various tried and tested things you can do to improve the performance of DayZ Standalone, try out some of the below and you might experience a considerable improvement. As DayZ Standalone is still very much in an alpha state, don’t expect a perfect gameplay experience even if your system is extremely powerful. We can only hope that in the coming months the development team at DayZ manage to improve their engine to a point where we can get consistently smooth and high-performance gameplay.

DayZ Standalone Performance Guide / Best FPS Guide

  1. Best Dayz Graphical Options Explained
  2. Steam Launch Options
  3. Configuration Files
  4. Solid State Hardware

Best Dayz Graphical Options Explained

DayZ Standalone has a fair amount of different graphical settings which you can tweak. Some of them make a huge difference to your average FPS, some of them make little or no difference to your FPS. Knowing which is which can help you get optimal FPS for your system while keeping some integrity in terms of display.

First, within the DayZ game or menu screen navigate to ‘options’ and then ‘video’. Now use the below descriptions to help you decide what to set them to.


  • Overall Quality – Ignore this one, it’s the ‘presets’ for low, medium and high.
  • Rendering Resolution – This one depends on your monitor resolution. If you are trying to gain FPS but you are playing on a large monitor (EG 1920 x 1080) you may want to try set this anywhere from 100% to 83%. Going lower than this severely affects the quality of the display in the game, as a last resort after trying all the other options, you could try setting this as low as 50%. May or may not resemble potato graphics.
  • Brightness – This is down to preference, I like ~50%. Does not affect FPS.
  • Gamma – Again this is down to preference. I stick with ~50% but adjusting this to ~75% at night time can help you see clearer in the dark. Does not affect FPS.


  • Video Memory – set to ‘Auto‘, simple.
  • Texture Detail – Textures in DayZ make a big difference. Setting this to ‘Very Low‘ can gain you a few frames but it makes the models look kind of plastic. I like ‘Normal‘.
  • Texture Filtering – This texture setting only affects display at certain angles. It’s not that noticeable and doesn’t gain many frames. Set to ‘disabled‘.


  • Objects – Object Quality is intensive in DayZ. Setting this ‘Very Low‘ can gain you a few frames but again, it makes models look rubbish. I like ‘Normal‘.
  • Terrain – More frames to be gained here, set this to ‘Very Low‘ to remove almost all of the foliage on the ground and gain you some frames. This can make the many fields of Chernarus feel a bit sparse so I would recommended ‘Low‘.
  • Clouds – Clouds in DayZ are extremely detailed and move with the weather. Set this to ‘disabled’ to gain a few frames.
  • Shadows – Shadows are a nice touch, setting this to ‘Disabled‘ will remove shadows all together and gain you a few frames. No shadows at all can feel a little unrealistic so I would say keep them on at ‘Very Low‘.


  • Anti aliasing – This graphical feature basically makes jagged lines smoother. If you’re struggling for frames, you can do without. Set this to ‘Very Low.’ I recommend ‘normal‘ because I prefer things to look smooth.
  • Alpha to Coverage – This affects the display of greenery like trees and grass. Turning it on adds a sort-of blur effect which makes foliage look nicer. You can do without, set this to ‘Disabled‘.
  • Edge Smoothing – This is post processing anti aliasing. Basically anti aliasing the edges again. There are a few different options here. ‘Disabled‘  gives the best FPS boost. I recommend ‘FXAA Normal‘. MXAA gives better results but is more intensive. FXAA is very similar to MXAA quality but is less intensive.
  • Ambient Occlusion – Set this to ‘Disabled‘ – in certain situations this will give you a good FPS boost.
  • Postprocess Quality – This one adds another sort-of blur effect which is supposed to make things look realistic. I don;t like it, set to ‘Disabled‘ to gain a few frames.
  • Bloom – Set the slider to ‘0‘.
  • Rotation Blur – Set the slider to ‘0‘.

Hopefully the above explanations will help you gain a better insight into what these options actually mean. If all you care about is pure performance gains then obviously almost everything will be set to ‘Disabled’ or ‘Very Low’. But beware, it makes the game look rubbish.

Steam Launch Options for DayZ Standalone

Steam’s launch options allow you to supersede the internal settings of whichever game they are applied too. To access launch options, you need to right-click on DayZ (or any game) within steam and select ‘settings‘. Now select ‘launch options‘ and you will be presented with a single line text-box. There are a few different launch options that are useful here.

  •  -nosplash – removes the Bohemia Interactive splash page, letting you get into the game faster.
  • -skipintro – skips the intro, getting you into the game faster.
  • -noPause – keeps the game running while minimized or not focused.
  • -world=*emptydisables the map from loading on launch, meaning you get into the game launcher quicker, but loading the game will take longer. 
  • -cpuCount=8 – set this to how many cores your CPU has. Most systems are either 2 (dual-core), 4 (quad-core), or 8 (octa-core).
  • -maxMem =8192 – set this to the total amount of RAM your system has, 2048 for 2GB,  4096 for 4GB, 8192 for 8GB.
  • -window – launches the game in windowed mode, if that’s something you’re looking for.
  •  -noborder – launches the game in border-less windowed mode.
  • -exThreads=7 – set this to 0,1,3 or 7 – this is the amount of threads your CPU uses. Defaults to 3 for dual-core, or 7 for quad-core.

Feel free to copy and paste the below launch options into the box, but importantly make sure you change ‘cpuCount=4‘ and ‘maxMem=8192‘ to reflect your own system!


cpuCount – 2 (dual-core), 4 (quad-core), or 8 (octa-core). 

maxMem – 2048 for 2GB,  4096 for 4GB, 8192 for 8GB.

So your launch options within the box should look something like this: -cpuCount=4 -maxMem=8192 -skipintro -nosplash  -nosplash -noPause 

DayZ Configuration Files for FPS Boost

There are a few files which can be tweaked on your system that will give you a performance boost in DayZ Standalone. However, there is a reason that these options cannot be tweaked from the in-game menu and that is that tweaking these settings can make your gameplay experience unstable and potentially ruin your experience. You have been warned!

First of all you want to locate ‘My Documents\Dayz\Dayz.cfg‘. You can edit this file in ‘notepad‘ or any other text editor. Open it up and edit the following:

  • GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1  set this to 1.
  • GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1 – set this to 1.

Now you want to open another file, you can locate it at: My Documents\Dayz\<name> (where <name> is your DayZ Profile name). You can edit this file in ‘notepad’ or any other text editor. Open it up and edit the following:

  • sceneComplexity=100000 – this number affects your object details. Setting it anywhere from 50000 to 15000 can gain you a few frames.
    • Default Values: Very Low = 200000
  • shadowZDistance=50  – this number affects the distance at which shadows are drawn, setting this to a lower value will increase FPS.
    • Default Values: Very Low = 100;
  • preferredObjectViewDistance=500 – this number affects the distance in metres that the engine will draw objects. A lower number will greatly improve performance. Setting this below 800 makes you vulnerable to taking fire from invisible enemies that haven’t been rendered on your screen yet.
    • Default Values: Very Low = 800
  • viewDistance=500 – this number affects the distance at which you will be able to see objects. A lower number will increase performance, but setting it below 800 will mean that you may not be able to see incoming threats like players or zombies in the distance.
    • Default Values: Very Low = 1000

Solid State Drive

Having DayZ installed on a Solid State Drive will give you a tremendous performance boost, not in terms of FPS but in loading times of both the game and its assets. Dean “Rocket” Hall has specifically spoke about this on Reddit that the biggest performance boost you can achieve in DayZ would be through installing DayZ on a SSD. Solid State Drives are much more expensive than regular HDDs and normally have a much smaller capacity. If you’re lucky enough to have an SSD on your system and you would like to move DayZ onto it, it’s very simple to do.

Move DayZ On to my Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Open Steam, navigate to ‘steam’ -> ‘settings’.
  • Click the ‘Downloads’ tab in the middle-left.
  • Under ‘Content Libraries’ click ‘Steam Library Folders’.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select your SSD. On my own system my SSD is ‘C:/’ while steam is installed on my ‘D:/’ Drive.
  • Under your SSD Drive, make a new folder and name it ‘Steam’ or something similar.

Now that Steam has a drive on both your normal HDD and your speedy SSD,when you download / install DayZ through Steam you’ll be given the option to install it to your SSD.

Don’t want o uninstall DayZ? Use a program called SteamMover which will move games to your SSD and back again very easily.

DayZ On a RAM disk?

A RAM disk is basically a Virtual Drive running straight off your RAM – making it extremely fast (faster than an SSD). This means your game, the map and the assets will all load very quickly. RAM disks however can be a little complex, are volatile and you’ll need at least 16GB of RAM to run DayZ comfortably on a RAM disk. The performance gains above an SSD are minimal, but if you’re the type of person than want’s the best of the best then a RAM Disk is probably for you. I’m not going to list the instructions here because there are many different methods of creating a RAM Disk, have a look on YouTube and you’ll find instructions.

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    132 Responses

  1. Highwire

    “sceneComplexity=100000 – this number affects your object details. Setting it anywhere from 50000 to 20000 can improve performance significantly.”

    50000 to 20000 or do you mean 200 000 ? can you please confirm?

    • oh yeah sorry, 50000 to 200000. If you’re really struggling for frames try 50000. sill struggling? try 25000. go as low as you want.

      • Shafin

        So i can have it on 100?

      • Nuthawk

        I have dual core with 4 threads , what cpu count and ex threads should I set ?

      • Giancarlo Suckanut

        this game isn’t optimized correctly you see think about it you can play skyrim on maxed settings But when you try and play dayZ standalone a game that looks shitty even when its maxed then what do you think….. Im pretty amazed that the creaters didn’t focus on optimizing it and their reason for it is because ITS STILL IN ALPHA its been one year some of the workers said it was suppose to take several years to finish the game like really its only been one year and barely anything’s changed no bug fixes like 7 guns now harder to find Zombies are still bugged as fuck legs breaking for no reason Come on this game rolled in 60,000,000 dollars and nothings happening with it we all know its only purpose was to make money to fund ARMA 3 now that they have that money its done for…… well sorry if i made this too long but damn it i payed for a game in alpha NOT PRE PRE PRE ALPHA

      • Feruza

        Can someone help me out here?
        MSI Geforce GTX 970 4gb PhysX
        Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
        16gb ram
        SSD 250gb
        750 watt
        Inter Core i5
        I dont know why i lagg with this setup, i cant get more 15-20 fps..

      • Stuart Halliday

        The Author does realise this game is still 32bit and therefore takes no more than 4GB of RAM?

      • Dannick

        WTF my scene complexly was on 750000 yes seven hundred and fifty thousand

    • set to 150 000 is optimal

    • NOUS

      I set the config file to ‘GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1;’ to increase frame rate, unfortunately upon connecting to a server my screen is now completely black aside from a cross hair. I changed the settings back to normal (GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000;) but this didn’t fix it!

      Can someone help? I was really enjoying playing this game and now I can’t

      • MaxFramesAhead would not affect your game in this way, it must be something else causing it. You’re sure it’s not just night time? 🙂

      • mr.miagi

        Yo bro, do u have a geforce GPU? Try to adjust your video drivers manually for arma3.exe in your nvidia control centre. There is a options to configure the GPU_MaxFramesAhead= in your nvidia driver.

    • Trey

      Don’t worry my awesome gaming friend. I actually did this, it took 10 minutes and it worked so well! I was so happy, I now play the game a lot more than usual.

    • Mark

      what exactly does •GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1 – and •GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1 do to the game graphically?

    • michael

      Yeah man i get the same problem . . . and no matter how hard i look, i cant find a solution.

  2. Jim

    Glad to hear it helped mate, looking forward to checking out your stream!

    • Boozfob

      I have a 2500k clocked to 4,5GHz and a GTX 690,

      Since the game only uses 1 GPU, is it possible to use the other one for AA for example?

      • Alex

        Is it possible to do the same thing for a native dual core GPU? I have an old Radeon HD5970.

    • Boozfob

      I added it to the Arma 3 profile but it didnt work after that either (I have been using Nvidia inspector before so i am pretty sure i did everything right)

      Can you please upload your profile?
      I would really appreciate it

      (Also tell me if i need to change anything for 2way SLi)


    • Grillob3

      2-3-4 way sli is the same profile. just go to Nividia inspector – “profile” – arma 3 – then click on “plus (+) green” (add application to current profile) and look for dayz.exe and add it then “Apply changes”. That’s what i did and now works, i can see on MSI Afterburner…but fps still really bad! Its a network server problem plus ChernarusZ is really bad optimized! I just up load it as a mod on arma 3 to see if was possible and its playable on the editor but fps in the new areas are really bad really bad optimized…its actually worst than arma 2 chernarus in 2009! We will need to wait for a few patches for the game to start getting decent to play.

  3. Another thing that you could try if you’re still having Fps issues is downloading a program called “ProcessTamer”. This will allow you to set your Dayz.exe process to realtime & keep it that way whenever it launches. This will make it the main priority of what you’re doing. It will also control other programs such as steam overlay so that it doesn’t consume as much of your ram/memory. I’m not an expert, but I use it with all sorts of games and notice an increase in Fps.

    • Fnybones

      Hey I did the Pause and splash thing to help me load in faster now when I start the game up on the menu screen there is no Background its just blue. was that meant to happen if not if I would like it if you could help me fix it and if you guys could tell me how to reverse the off Spalsh and pause as I want them back to normal. Thanks 🙂

    • highwire

      just remove the what you added? remove the nosplash…. it should be back to normal after you remove what you added

    • Giovanni

      You can also type “-high” in launch options. Trying to use realtime has affected the mouse in the past for me. It also means you don’t have to download anything if you use steam. 🙂

    • anonymous

      thanks 🙂

  4. Mike

    Under The Day Z other profiles…. There is no scene complexity that Or any of those in the notepad, what should I do?

    • highwire

      it should be there mike, i found it

    • Andrew

      How do I find it? I used find and searched the exact words but could not find it. What should I do?

      • Menny

        this is fucking awesome

  5. Molv

    In the config file I have the following text.


    In the guide it said “GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1 – set this to 1. GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1 – set this to 1” was to be in there but it is not in mine?

    The probelm i am having with my game is that When I start the game it sits on the screen witht he DayZ logo and it says Wait a moment in the top left corner.

  6. Bidi

    Parafuzeta that comment is mute I have a decent pc ( [email protected] 16gb ram 2gtx670sli saber thermal armour mobo and win7 64bit )but still have rubbish fps despite doing all the fixes and changes to cfg file . It’s a stupid comment telling someone to buy a decent pc when you don’t know what system they are running and when the game has not even been optimized yet just shows your immature

    • Mortaza

      I’m gonna see if this works tommorrow I couldn’t play day because I pc I can’t wait to see

  7. Je188

    I get great fps running around in the wilderness, but when I enter towns I get a significant fps drop, anyone experience this? I know it is my CPU as it is an amd A8 2.5GHz, it is definitely not my GPUs because I have two 2048 VRAM GPUs linked with crossfire.

    Excuse my poor grammar.

    • Ryan

      It’s inevitable that when you walk through an area with more objects and often more players, that you will experience an fps drop its not your PC’s fault so there’s no need to worry it is the same for everybody

    • aj

      i have a 2013 dell 17r amd a8 5545m @1.70ghz bosstable to 2.10 some sites say 2.70 tho amd radeon 8551g 738mb vd ram 8gb ram win 10 home 64bit should i bosst this system cuz it is a lapto and im concerned about overheating

  8. I’m trying this now and seems helpful. I’m getting atleast 30fps with OBS running in cities but thing which worry me as that I have rare drops even to 20. In open field fps doesnt go bellow 70 but as it was the issue with mod it’s happening again. I have FX8350, 7950 3GB and 8GB DDR3 running at 1333mhz. Hopefully it’s enough and I just need to be patient for more optimization ?

  9. Mikkel

    I found out that if you are running Win 8/8.1 it is best if you run the game in compatibility-mode (Win 7). It gave me 10 frames or so.
    Setting the game to high priority in the task manager also gives a frames boost. 🙂

  10. Dpsalio

    Is this legit or it might cause a VAC ban or something? I’m new to this kind of stuff..

    • Sephyr

      Don’t worry, it will not get you banned.

      The changes you make are to improve performance so lower end machines (and the current state of the alpha) can run smoother. These are options that might as well have been in the menu’s or maybe will be in the future, but for now the only way to adjust them in through the methods described.

      Now if you would be modifying or removing gamefiles to a state as to where buildings/trees/bushes would disappear, or running GUI overlays that show you where everything and everybody is for instance, that would be non-legit. Or just blatantly hacking.

  11. Minimized

    Still got 30 FPS low settings with 1080p.

    got an gtx 770.

    • The issue is more with CPU as it was in mod. If they do little bit more on CPU optimization it;s going to be fine. I’m currently running FX8350 oc-ed at 4.5 and I gained like 15-20 fps in huge cities, its not going bellow 35-40 now while in open areas its between 55 – 180. Totally playable but still with hope for more optimization. I mean watching through the wall in house and experiancing huge drop even if you dont see city outside of house through the wall it’s kinda annoying.

      • Mattlego55

        Yeah im having that frame rate drop when i enter cities like elektro and Cherno. I am literly getting around 15 FPS naturally. open fields 15 FPS. Then sometimes idk why my ping goes to 100+ and i am lagging hardcore. Hopefully if they can optimize this better i can atleast play DayZ better than i can right now. I have a Nvidia Geforce 8400 so even when they do get this game better i will still lag but im hoping i can save up some money and get atleast some kind of GTX card. Im really really wanting that GTX 660. Its a decent card for medium settings possibly high. My ram and other specs are good. I got 6 gig ram which is pretty decent. All i really need is a “ok” graphic card. Sorry for my long little speech but i just thought i should share that. If you got any comments for me i have that notify thing ready haha.

  12. Hedgehoglicker


  13. Minimized

    That sucks, got a FX-6100 3.3Ghz

  14. jordyn

    I cannot get mine working, i tried all of those steps my game is so slow!
    I think it may be my laptop though

    i5, 2.67ghz, 6gb ram (2.42 usable), 32bit operating system

    Can somebody help me?

    (The game works, but its really slow, like 10 frames per second)

    • agy83

      arma 3 singleplayer performance is great but when you go online with same graphics settings its 20-30 fps slower

    • DaveL

      Yeah because mainly you are on 32bit OS with 6gigs of RAM, what a waste, get yourself an 64bit systém, then fiddle with the rest

  15. mayoman223

    I really want to buy this game, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to get acceptable FPS. According to System Requirements labs, I cannot run it, but they have been wrong before. I have a shitty graphics card, but I get good FPS in games such as Minecraft, TF2, Portal 2, Tribes Ascend, Half Life 2, etc (usually on low settings). Do you think I could run DayZ at an acceptable framerate?

    • Onangelswings

      Mayoman, no i wouldnt think you can if your running those games on low then even dayz on the lowest will kill your fps, i am running a 280x 8gb of ram at 1600 and a 8320 eight core cpu but i still cant put it above low.

      • johnactionman

        I’m having no issues with fps 64bit windows 7, 8gb ram, gtx550i on high to very high settings with no changes to dayz sa other that windowed mode…..

  16. Minimized

    TF2 is really easy to run.

  17. Sgt_Quacky

    It’s a Early Alpha guys just be patient and everything will be fixed in time. Heck I play on laptop and it’s perfectly smooth 98% of the time 🙂

  18. this is classic DayZ, don’t worry about these sorts of errors.

    • Patrick

      It would really be awesome if someone helped me out with this I did all these things in the files etc. and now when I start the game it either says cannot find instance of steam, or it starts and then there is a weird blue screen and then crashes? please help cannot play right now!!! THANKS

      • Patrick

        It would also help if someone doesnt mind listing the original settings for all the settings ABOVE!

  19. Zak

    A 7970, 8gb of ram and a heavily overcloked i7 runs DayZ SA on ultra 1920×1200 at 60fps for me!

  20. tom

    I have 3gb of RAM what shall I type in launch options

    • Tan


    • kgds

      i have 16gb of ram what should i set it to

  21. anatoly

    game minimized, and i cannot restore it, sound is like server is ok, need help, gtx770,sorry for my english

  22. PB

    I went into settings and dont find much of what is being talked about here. Here is my Dayz.cfg
    How does the GPU work by changing ‘_MAX=1000’ and ‘_DETECTED=3’ to “=1” work?
    what do those settings do that helps it play better? Im just trying to understand the changes better.
    Also, I dont see these settings in the .cfg


    • PB

      just a note, i can not correct my previous posting so i will reply to it. Im aware scene,shadow,and ObjectView is not in the .cfg file so no need to respond about why I didnt see it now. Thanks for any advice in advance.

  23. zepikenu

    Cannot open object dz/buildings/misc/zabradli_pruhovane_stred_slope.p3d how i fix this???

  24. dsr07mm

    Even with decent PC gameplay is not smooth enough since it’s completely random. I have 2 configs with fx8350 and one is 60+ on second one 30-40 with same settings and even better gpu. But as always, we need and people like you in every community otherwise we wouldnt laugh to someone on his stupidity while you think that it’s funny.

  25. Anthony

    Whenever I start dayz after using these methods it says please wait a moment in the corner but never loads. Please help!!

  26. Khriezo

    GeForce GTX 770
    i7 3.40GHz
    16 GB RAM
    120Hz Monitor

    Still lags in cities 🙁 What am I doing wrong?

    • Banditoe

      you guys with a high end pc builds can do nothing besides buy a solid state drive from what I have gathered reading a lot of different forums coz its such a huge active sandbox game. I have i7 4770k 3.5ghz 16gb gskill ram and a gtx 760 2gb on a sabertooth thermal armor mobo with win8.1 os nothing overclocked and lag in cities as well.
      having a 120hz refresh rate on your monitor wont change anything unless u have 120+ solid frames, all we can do really is wait for the game to optimized or go out and spend a few dollars on a ssd 🙁

      people with low end pcs who are whinging and complaining about shit frames and laggy gameplay, u will have to wait till the game is optimized or, go and spend some cash on ya pc, simple.. stop whining coz there is no fix to a sloppy pc build until

    • Nice specs, but you can do simple settings under configuration.

      Ambient Occlusion: Disabled (you will get about +20 fps with this setting alone, simplifies shading)
      Clouds: Very Low (Looks just as good and makes you wayyy less laggy)
      Textures to medium and objects to medium or high.

      ====my new build:
      * Intel i5-4670K 3.4GHz Haswell Quad-Core
      * ASUS Z87-A Motherboard, USB 3.0
      * GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 760 4GB 256-bit Video Card
      * Crucial Ballistix 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB) 1866Mhz CL9
      * Seagate 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD / 8GB NAND)
      * Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
      * Cooler Master HAF XB LAN Box Case
      * Antec 620W Modular Power Supply
      * LG DVD Burner
      * (4) 80mm Fans, (1) 120mm Fan

  27. hugole98

    when i start the game i cant play multiplayer and it says cannot load “building” something.. what can i do

  28. Niki

    I’m having an issue that windows tells me it is running out of memory and asks me to save and close down the program.
    These are my pc specs;

    – Mainboard: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
    – Processor: Intel Core i5 3570k
    – Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
    – Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3
    – Graphic Card: Gigabytes Nvidia GeForce GTX 670

    I have DayZ and steam installed on a normal HDD with 300GB space left of 1TB.

    I have used the settings in steam launch for DayZ.
    My pc should easily be able to handle the game, right?
    Is there a way to fix this issue? Perhaps a way to limit the usage of memory the game uses in general?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • R.D xD

      Wait For Update This Time Just Do Nothing

    • umber 5

      Try to reduce the programs which run in the background. The PC is an old technology and all programs need a base ram in the lower 1 Mbytes. Too many background resident programs eat up this lower ram. If you do not have many background programs, then try to eliminate one by one. Anyone hogs the ram.


      Umber 5

      • Stuart Halliday

        What complete and utter bullocks.

  29. R.D xD

    I have High End PC With 290X GPU But Game Graphics Still Irritates Me I Applied Every Setting But FPS Still Drops When Walk In To Hight Details Area

  30. Vortex_oP

    my game lags horribly and i dont know what else to do. do u guys think it is the computer with this problem?

    • R.D xD

      I Dont Think So Its the game problem

  31. LuDus

    i7 3930k, X79 Sabertooth, GTX780 Palit superjet stream, 16GB RAM.

    Dayz still runs sluggish, poor cpu optimization I believe. 25 FPS in elecktro most setts on low or normal, with no AA. I have no idea what else to do, tried these things to get this far
    *Changed draw distances and Frameahead
    *High Priority on task manager
    *Tried and using Steam launch options
    *Tried Nvida Panel application settings

    Anyone have any idea what other options still exist to which I can try

  32. fittefjes

    hi guys the = sign remove it from launche options and just use the space key insted = ruins the comand. if you want to use a = sign in a comand you need () first or ; somthing like that 🙂 so for you guys who dont feel its working you are rite the comands wont work in launche options before yo uremove = <3 peace

    • highwaysl8

      cpuCount=8 -nosplash -noPause -maxMem=8192 is this wrong should it be
      cpuCount 8 -nosplash -noPause -maxMem 8192
      is that right

  33. Dubstep Jukebox

    I lag terribly but my main menu and everything else is smooth I know you guys here this alot but around things as in cities, towns, etc. I lag bad. I cant run for 15 seconds without it saying Not Responding then runs perfectly again. I have never played Arma 2 DayZ version of the mod I always wanted to then I seen Standalone. If it is any way you guys can suggest a way to boost Fraps or run a little better reply to this.

  34. KRÁN

    Yep… my M4 is flickering
    And after the horrible murder I went through to take it i dont think I’ll drop it.
    I am a sw dev myself, I can wait until its done.

  35. Dont set max memory. IT HAS BUGS

  36. pixelfrags

    Hello there.. Can i copy this and paste it thru steam? so people can see this..

    • of course 🙂

  37. LuDus

    Hi Guys/Girls/Bandits,

    I have an issue with my DayZ.cfg file. My settings keep reverting back to default and the only way to save is to make the file Read only. My steam client and DayZ are on the SSD drive buy my Documents is on a HDD. I have set up my mates config on his new pc and no issues here (not using Read-Only). Anyone care to brighten my day

  38. LuDus

    thanks guys no worries just changes made on the fly in the game will never save. As you all know FOV changes how far you see into the distance and sometimes it like it to change and stay changed. Other small settings too i change based on day or night cycles. I know its no worries just wondering if there was fix for this. Thanks guys good hunting

  39. III

    Fuck you. People like you ruin communities and games a like. You’re a waste of flesh.

  40. Yama

    Dayz runs smooth for me, +60fps at small towns and wilderness, in big cities still over 40fps.

    My rig.
    AMD FX 8350 4,1Ghz 8-Core
    16Gb Ram
    Radeon R9 290 4GB (OC)
    Sata III Seagate HD’s

    and i have everything very high settings.

  41. MrCyberdude

    If you have an LG-34UM95 3440×1440 21:9 UltraWide screen monitor and want to use its native resolution in DayZSA of 3440×1440 and incorrect aspect ratio that is advertised as 21:9 that when measured is actually 21.5:9 or 43:18 the DayZ SA setting you may want to change are within the file located at;


    (replace %USERPROFILE% with your username.)


    (These figures have been slightly rounded down.)
    use NotePad++ from if you do not have an editor

    Also in the DayZ.cfg you may want to edit these.


    Useful Links

    • Chad_Ullery

      I have been trying to get DayZ to work with my new LG 34UC97 that I just purchased (the curved version of what you have) and it keeps kicking it to 600×480 every time. I have adjusted the settings in the text file, and it still kicks over after every time I launch the game. Any ideas?

  42. HELP!

    What is the full dayz file text? Help plz

  43. Hoskins89

    Thinking of getting an SSD to maybe help with the running of the game.

    Does anyone know if a Virtual SSD would work? or does it have to be a physical one?

    • Hoskins89: SSD meaning solid state drive. Virtualizing it would make no sense — unless you’re talking about putting it in RAM. That in itself is no less cost effective lol. It isn’t going to boost your FPS. Maybe if its loading textures.

  44. Thorgrimm

    I was running it fine before the last few updates, now I go from 20fps, to 1 frame per 2 seconds with all the interior detail of the buildings disappearing and the object detail goes to hell for 5-15 seconds, then its fine for 5-10, wash and repeat…

  45. So I now have DayZ on a SSD

    Along with my 16gb 2.3k MHz Ram

    i7 5930k at 4.4k GHz (Hydro 100i Liquid Cooled)

    EVGA GTX 980 (Superlocked) Sli

    and I’m still having some issues in Cities with FPS Drop, I mean it’s playable but streaming with OBS I imagine will be hectic forcing me to use shadowplay 🙁

  46. iNkd

    Asus N70SV –
    4GB Ram / HDD
    Nvidia GeForce GT 130M – Slightly OC from 600/500/1500 – 700/550/1650 @ 85 Deg.
    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P8700 – 2.53GHz

    Game runs fine @ 1600×900, but in cities it can get kinda laggy, but playable.
    Everything on low/disabled or set to Menji settings.

    But with better FPS I would probably live longer…

  47. Renegade2283

    Ok, big problem. I am dropping to like 20 fps in cities with half of my setting on med/low and textures on high. The reason this is obviously more than just dayz being poorly optimized is because my pc should run it fine.

    Nvidia Gtx 980

    i7-4790k @ 4.3g


    16gb ram.

    I have done all the launch options and fiddled with nvidia control panel to allow maximum preformance. anybody have any ideas? These are my launch parameters. -cpuCount=4 -maxMem=12288 -nosplash -noPause -exThreads=7 -malloc=system -noborder

    • Ice

      Hi Renegade,

      I heard that setting maxMem over 8 gigs has no use. Max usefull setting would be 8192.


  48. BoutTreeFiddy

    I don’t know what you folks are doing wrong…

    i5 2320 @ 3.0ghz
    8gb of some cheap ram
    400gb of 500gb used up on the HDD
    gtx 550ti
    and some prebuilt acer mobo with nothing special at all…
    Basically a prebuilt computer with an added gpu

    In the “wilderness and/or just outside of cities/towns I get 50+ frames
    Inside the cities, including Elektro and Cherno I’m getting between 30-40 with occasional dips…

    I’ve noticed some of you have said you are running high and very high settings within the game, I don’t run anything over “normal” inside the in-game settings…

    Take a day and play around with all of the settings… It took my about 3 weeks of tinkering here and there in-between servers…

  49. smileygecko

    after changing all these settings the game runs absolutely perfectly for a good while then randomly at points reverts back to being buggy and drops frame rate, sometimes takes 5 minutes sometimes takes 45, anyone got any ideas?

  50. Just a small correction on a startup parameter. ArmA 2’s engine is built to resemble a 32 bit program, therefore the startup parameter “-maxMem =8192 ” is incorrect as the game is hard-coded to not allow any more RAM usage above 2gb. Same goes for VRAM as well.

    I don’t know what the game does when you set it at 8192, but i’m either guessing it automatically maxes itself out at 2048 or goes to the default ram usage setting.

  51. Penguin

    Everything worked fine until I added the “Set Launch Options”. After that I keep getting this error:

    “The application failed to start because the parameter tile setting is incorrect. For more details, refer to the event log or use the command line tool sxstrace.exe”

    Note that I translated the above text from greek to english so it may be a little bit in-accurate! I tried re-installing DayZ, deleting the Set Launch Options, resetting everything I have changed in the .cfg folders. Still nothing. If someone can help I would appreciate it a lot! I really miss dayz!

    NOTE: I think it has to do with BattleEye. When I launch dayz from steamapps/common without battleye it works fine but I can’t join BE servers. The BattleEye launcher is the one that Steam uses and the one that does not work!

  52. PsyPhy

    Do those launch options work with every Steam game? Specifically the maxMem, maxVRAM, cpuCount, and exThreads

    • Ice

      In researching option for DayZ it was always mentioned that the startup options where related to DayZ as is has flaws being an alfa. The options would beter things a bit.

      • PsyPhy

        Uhm. That didn’t really answer the question lol. I was asking if those “Set Launch Options” commands work for every Steam game. Does anybody know?

    • Obviosly not.. But it works for games like Arma 2/Arma 3/DayZ Mode.

      • PsyPhy

        Ah. So anything running the Real Virtuality engine then. Okay thanks.

      • RambiBAM

        I have a 6-core processor (i7 5930k –> Hyperthreading, so I have 12 cores) and 16GB of RAM – what do I have to put into the start options?

      • PsyPhy

        @RambiBam You would open Set Launch Options and type:

        -maxMem=16384 -cpuCount=6 -exThreads=12 -maxVRAM= ? you never said anything about gpu

        I could be wrong, so to make sure my predicted core count and thread count is correct download Cpu-Z. It will tell you.

      • RambiBAM

        Your core and thread count is correct, I just didn’t know how to put it into DayZ’s Start settings, but thanks dude 🙂

        I have two GTX 970s SLI’ed, so I should have 4096 Mb of Vram, or do I put something else because of the SLI? I mean normally, the VRAM doesn’t add up to 8gigs because of SLI…

      • PsyPhy

        Okay, so I read this little forum and article here about Nvidia, and SLI. It seems like -maxvram=4096 would be correct:

      • @RambiBAM Having two GTX 970’s in SLI does not stack up the video memory to use in games. So you actually have 4096 megabytes of video memory available to utilize. Please note that 3.5 Gigabytes is the video memory and the other 512 megabytes past 3.5 gigabytes of VRAM is the cache memory on the graphics card. So if you ever go past 3.5 gigabytes of video memory being using, you may encounter stuttering or FPS performance being decreased because of it going past the 3.5 gigs.

      • PsyPhy

        Oh yeah I think Ben Major is right. I noticed that only 3584MB vram was available in dxdiag. Okay so then VRAM=3584 in Set Launch Options of DayZ properties on Steam.

      • PsyPhy

        Oh wait a minute. CORRECTION. Dxdiag(64-bit) says Approx Total Memory Available: 3816 MB in the ‘Display’ tab. – See more at:

  53. PsyPhy

    Oh wait a minute. CORRECTION. Dxdiag(64-bit) says Approx Total Memory Available: 3816 MB in the ‘Display’ tab.

  54. DayzBandit

    Hey, i have problems running though towns and cities. it drops to about 25-30 frames i usually get about 60+frames because everything is lowest or off and my texture detail is on low. its a Asus x55lb-ns51. plz help i thought this was a pretty good laptop. is it the laptop of somthing else plz email me at [email protected].
    (BTW i already updated all my drivers.
    Laptop Specs,
    Processer:i5-5200u 2.2Ghz
    Graphics:Nvidia 940m
    Hard Drive:750Gb 7200rpm

    • Pseudonym

      They haven’t optimized the game yet, so unless you have a beast machine, it can’t handle cities and all that. Too much loading and rendering or whatever. Give them another year, and I’m sure it’ll be playable for most

  55. Angelo

    I put the options and values that you say in this guide, but now, I decide to remove them, I tried to unistall and reinstall the game and I have that problem, I can’t see my PG on menù and the backgruond is all blue, plese help me.

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