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DayZ Standalone Noob Survival Guide [UPDATED]


It’s been a long time now since DayZ Standalone was released in it’s very early, very alpha state. It has come a long way, there are many new features, mechanics, weapons and items that have shaken up the initial guide we put out all those months ago. It’s time to update this guide to reflect modern survival techniques in Chernarus.


Hunger is the #1 threat to your character in DayZ Standalone. If you don’t keep your character topped up with calories you will find yourself dieing of starvation in a couple of hours so it’s important you master the different methods of keeping yourself full. The easiest and most reliable method is to scrounge the towns and cities of Chernarus for fruit, vegetables and canned foods. You should be able to find enough food in a major town to get yourself to ‘stuffed’ status in your character inventory screen – but when you come to leaving the major towns, travelling through forests and fields to find your next scavenge target you can quickly find yourself getting hungry with little around to eat.

This is where one of the new DayZ mechanics comes into play – hunting. Hunting was added a few months back with the addition of many types of animals including boars, deer, chickens and fish. The problem with hunting in the early game however is that you will often lack a decent way to prepare and cook your meat. That’s why it’s important that you spend your first few hours in Chernarus learning how to hunt in DayZ, how to fish in DayZ and how to cook. Doing so will allow you to master long-term survival in DayZ. We’ve written multiple guides on these subjects so you should head over there to read them if you haven’t done so already.

Hunting and Cooking Guide

Fishing Guide


Thirst is the #2 threat to your character in DayZ Standalone. It’s very important to keep your character hydrated – and the best way to do that is to use the water that the landscapes of Chernarus provide  you. There are water wells placed all throughout Chernarus. Some are in the middle of larger cities, some are on the outskirts of small towns – it’s up to you to locate them, and use them to drink multiple times from until your character is has the green ‘hydrated’ status in your character inventory screen. iZurvive – the DayZ online map has each of these wells marked on the map with a ‘tap’ icon.

Aswell as making use of the water wells within the cities, make sure you keep a good supply of bottled or canned fluids with you at all times. Bottles and Canteens can be re-filled at the water pumps as an excellent source of replenish-able, portable water. You can also fill Bottles and Canteens with rain water if it’s raining. Follow these points and you’ll find that in no-time, you will have mastered your hydration.


Medicine in DayZ is fairly simple to get started with . The basics of medicine will only see you using a few items; bandages or rags, IV kits, blood bags and saline bags.

Bandages are the most important item – especially to a new player. You will find that the zombies in DayZ are a little ‘work-in-progress’ and before long you’ll probably find yourself bleeding even if you do your best at avoiding them. Use a bandage on yourself to stop the bleeding. If you don’t have a bandage, ‘rags’ can also be used which you can obtain through ripping up certain clothing items. Everyone starts with a t-shirt in DayZ which can be ripped up into 2 rags – very handy. If you find yourself with no bandages, no rags and no t-shirt to rip up – you will find yourself with low blood fairly soon. Your vision will start to blur, you will pass out and finally – glorious death.

IV Kits, Blood Bags and Saline Bags can sometimes take a while for players to get used to but the mechanics are very simple. Saline bags can be used on a player via an IV kit, to replenish 10% of a characters blood (500 units). Doing so will normally wake a player from unconsciousness. This method of blood replenishment is more reliable but less efficient than blood bags. This is because a blood bag replenishes 20% of a characters blood, but it’s crucial that the blood is the same blood type as the player. Giving a character blood of the wrong blood type will result in death – in order to make sure that doesn’t happen you will have to find a syringe and a blood test kit.

Laying Low

The 4th key aspect of survival for a new player in DayZ Standalone is a very important one. Laying low, avoiding zombies and players for as long as possible will increase your chances of gearing up properly – thus increasing your chances of long-term survival. Trying to fight zombies with a screw-driver is a very bad decision so make sure you do your best to avoid them when you have no efficient method of dealing with them. Zombies can now easily be trapped in houses so this is a good technique to utilize and master in your early game play.

It can be tempting in DayZ to try and make friends in Chernarus. Take it from us that this almost always ends in tragedy. If your intent is to gear up and make it to long-term survival in DayZ – you should avoid players as much as possible unless you know you can trust them with your life. Betrayal is all too common in DayZ – that friendly bambi who you befriended on the coast a couple of hours ago may or may not take his shovel to your head the next time you drop your guard – so you always have to be vigilant if you do decide to make friends. Keep your distance, keep your eyes on them and always be prepared to pull the trigger.

Gearing Up

Gearing up is obviously one of the most important aspects of DayZ – and learning how to do it efficiently is important. As a new-spawn there are a few items that you should prioritize over others. As inventory space is limited when you first spawn, you need to make sure you chose the right ones.

As a new spawn (early game)

  • Finding more clothing is important as a new spawn in DayZ because ultimately it allows you to carry more gear. Above all, some sort of backpack will be of the most use to you
  • A primary weapon, most likely in the form of a melee weapon will give you a method of protecting yourself from zombies. A firefighters axe is the best option, but a splitting axe, a baseball bat or something similar will do
  • A first aid kit or a roll of bandages is immensely useful in your first few hours of DayZ
  • A canteen or water bottle will ensure you can refill water sources at water wells
  • Some fruit, vegetables, or canned-foods
  • A compass and map can be very helpful for new players in Chernarus

As a Survivor (mid game)

  • Help ensure late-game survival by finding the tools you will need for hunting and fishing
  • A firearm and some ammunition will become vital at this point to pick off zombies from a distance and protect yourself from other bandits in Chernarus

As a Pro (end game)

  • Finding a military grade weapon like an M4A1 and some attachments, as well as stockpiling ammunition is normally the first step at achieving end game DayZ
  • Military-style  apparel to camouflage your character as much as possible. This outfit normally consists of TTsKO vest, TTsKO pants, Assault Vest / Smersh Vest /w Backpack attached, Ballistics Helmet and a Hunting backpack
  • Finding a tent or a spare backpack, and setting up a ‘stash’ in the woods with food, drinks, ammunition and first-aid supplies

DayZ is a harsh, unforgiving game which can and will at some point fuck you over in an instant. Remember it’s still in early alpha state, remember that bugs are still prevalent in all aspects of game-play and above all – remember it’s just a game!



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    38 Responses

  1. TheLouis177

    This is pretty awesome, thanks! 😀

    • MoonTwo

      To cure being over-stuffed (which can result in you throwing up) you must wait until you are starving for a minute or so and then it’ll go away. Just eat a packet of cereal and you’ll be good. 3900 food (stomach) makes you throw up. Do NOT spam drinking at the wells like I did! Do it gradually!

      • RonanH

        The trick is to stock up on cans then eat anything ready to eat (you don’t have to open it) on the go. That kept me alive for a long time

    • Lo-Wang

      This has been a very helpful guide, the first two i came across seemed to be taking the piss to some extent.

  2. Ballistic

    Best help out there atm for the first release build of this game. Thanks after reading this Ive been able to survive.

    • I’m glad it helped 🙂

  3. Brad

    Great advice

  4. 4oby

    I walked around for about 3h and found 1 bottle of water and 1 coke) I’m in constant thirst((
    (that was my first 3 hours of DayZ)
    And only when i saw the map I realized that they are no water supplies in “Bolota” (FacePlam)
    Thanks for the guide, and hope we get to see a full map anytime soon)

    • Murf

      There is water in Bolota, it is on the road right before the miltary camp, it is a spout on the southern side of the road.

  5. Essie

    Thanks man!!! saved my life!!!. very helpful information. :*

  6. Scott

    I’ve seen a tutorial for putting together something like a camping burner (like you use in scouts) and i’ve found a cooking pot on a dead guy before (tho it was ruined). I imagine that all of these together would do what we needed to do. I just haven’t managed to assemble everything yet (and i’m at half blood and sick so i doubt i will any time soon!)

  7. It must have been the initial bandage with alcohol that made you sick, did you disinfect it before hand?

    As far as I know, a single vitamin or antibiotic will not cure sickness, it had to be multiple pills spread out over a few hours. Try that and let us know how you get on.

  8. dragoman

    so me and my friend have been walking around dayZ and we are now in the far north of the map with almost everything. he has a M4 and i have a mozin with scope 🙂 we also have most of the medical suppllies.
    Now he got hit by a zombie and he bandaged the wound but he is still like making the same noise (coughing) since when he got hit. the screen is a little bit grey but is there anything we can do? 🙂

    • Permute

      He’s lost blood (hence the discoloration of his view) he needs to keep his hunger and thirst full to regenerate blood. This is how it’s supposed to work but I’ve heard that it’s not working properly.

    • dragoman

      okay thanks for the tip 🙂 we should go a bit more south now it’s kinda boring in the far north there is almost no one and we are fully geared, were going to look to help other players 😀

  9. Alan


    Thank you for the tips!

    I have a problem… Due internet troubles a zombie hit me several times yesterday… and when i tried to apply on myself a bandage i were not able to use them for some seconds.. nearly a minute (internet lag) so… now i have a very very blur vission and i see all in black and white tones.. it is very difficult to see and i dont know what to do… i have no sickness, no hunger and no thisrty… so i think… Do i need some blood? but… it is nearly impossible to search for some blood due my very very blur vission…

    Any tips?

    On other hand… nice guide.. thank you for the help 🙂

    • dragoman

      you could use some saline bags, that will help you get your screen back to colours 🙂

    • RonanH

      Invisible zombie

  10. xXmushymanXx

    Hey guys, recently some axe murderer attacked me, he got 1 hit on me but I then shot him. Im wondering, how can I get health back on solo. Is the only way to keep eating food?

  11. xXmushymanXx

    yeah cool thanks man, my friend just got the game and spawned near me, now im all good

  12. Collin

    If it is possible could someone perhaps tell me how one fix’s the perpetual grey screen create by, for instance by becoming starved to the point of death, then surviving. I find that the grey screen created by extreme hunger of thirsty stays as such even after i have then fully satisfied by my character needs. I believe it is different to the effect created by blood loss or am i mistaken. Might i have to take medicine or the like. Thanks!

  13. purescam

    hey guys if your vision is blurry, hit esc key go to video settings once you have clicked on that it should go back to normal, i am not sure however if it is 100% to do with blood levels as my vision was blurry from spawning on my current char. it could just be a glitch. i do know that if your blood levels are low it is supposed to go grey and blurry but like i said it effected me from spawn and every time i log in.

    • Gabriel

      Desaturation means low blood ; blurry means low health.

  14. Ottoman

    Awesome stuff! Really helps me out knowing I can ditch a few things for the sake of space…ya know since cooking isn’t active yet.

  15. zeeb

    You took a gulp of alcohol tincture? Dude, alcohol tincture is made for cleaning wounds, drinking it makes you sick! XD

  16. NightFallForever

    I was wondering around this town for about an hour in search for water… I found a water bottle that said 87% dose that mean someone drank from it and left it for room or what?

    • Brett Leary

      No, some water bottles and canteens just aren’t 100% full. Some are even empty.

    • RonanH

      No water bottles spawn with a random amount of water

  17. David

    Quick question, are tents actually on stable servers yet or just experimental?

    • Hey David,
      Yep Tents are on Stable right now, thye’re fairly rare (I’m yet to find one), and certain servers do not have ‘persistance’ enabled so they won’t work through a server restart. Look for a stable server with persistence enabled.

  18. Ronanh

    why the hell does this guide suggest a smersh backpack?!?!? that backpack has 8 slots and is the worst possible backpack in the game!

    • I believe I meant the Smersh Vest /w Backpack attached. 🙂 Will fix

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  20. boss

    is dayz free?

  21. RonanH

    Day isn’t free and someone needs to update this guide

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