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DayZ Standalone V3S Vehicle Guide


With the initial introduction of Vehicles in DayZ Standalone’s stable branch today (0.51), we thought it would time to put out a DayZ Vehicles guide to help players find their first vehicle in DayZ. Even after you’ve found a vehicle, keeping it may be more difficult than you think. The V3S Truck in DayZ is pretty big, it’s loud and you’ll certainly be known to anyone in the vicinity when you’re taking it for a spin down the road. Couple that ,with the amount of vehicle-breaking glitches we’ve seen so far, you could be in for a rough ride.

Where to find a Vehicle

Patch 0.51 on experimental first introduced 20 of the V3S trucks into DayZ. This has since been reduced to 15 trucks per server. The new Cargo V3S which holds up to 10 players only has 5 spawns. You can view the map of the potential spawn points below (map updated for patch .54):

Thanks to the guys at iZurvive, as always for providing the awesome map.

You’ll see above that most of the vehicle spawns in DayZ are in-land, off the coast. As of right now, the above map is 100% accurate. The spawns are subject to change though, and if they do we’ll update the map accordingly.

All Vehicle Map (2 and 10 player slots)

Patch 0.54 – All Vehicle Map

New Cargo V3S Map (10 player slots)

Patch 0.54 - New Cargo V3S Map

Patch 0.54 – New Cargo V3S Map

V3S Vehicle Components

Currently, there are files within the patch which have informed us which parts of the V3S are going to be replaceable. In the current experimental patch, none of these vehicle components were spawning and the truck itself would not break down – the current stable patch is the same. The only way your V3S will break down is if you run out of gas, which can be easily fixed. However, the current vehicle components in-game are:

How to Fuel your V3S Vehicle

A full fuel tank in your new V3S vehicle should last you long enough to do a couple of laps around Chernarus (it takes around 40 minutes per lap). You will however find yourself running out of fuel eventually so it’s important you keep topped up when you can afford to do so.

The first stage of re-fueling is finding the elusive Gas Canister. It shouldn’t prove too difficult to find, it’s an industrial type spawn so check places like sheds, garages, warehouses and factories. You won’t be able to fuel your vehicle without it. The Gas Canister cannot be placed in a backpack, it either goes into your hands, or it goes into your ‘equipment’ area.

DayZ Standalone - Jerry Can

Next you need to place the Gas Canister in your hands and approach a fuel pump. Many fuel pumps can be found throughout Chernarus, the easiest pumps to spot are the fuel stations at the sides of the roads. Approach a pump and you will get the option to ‘Fill Canister’. Once filled, you can approach your vehicle’s fuel tank and select ‘Fill Tank’. A full Gas Canister will fill around a quarter of your V3S’s fuel tank. Do it four times to get a full tank.

Vehicle Glitches

There are a few known bugs or glitches with the V3S vehicles in DayZ which you should try to avoid. Some of them can cause injury and death for the driver, the passenger, or both.

  •  Keep the V3S on roads, only attempt to traverse over fields in an emergency. The vehicle seems more likely to fall through the map over fields.
  • Driving your vehicle over bridges can have undesired effects. If you can avoid the bridge, do so. This may be linked to the speed at which you cross the bridge.
  • Driving your vehicle through zombies and players can have undesired effects, primarily causing game crashes and even server crashes in some instances. These issues were potentially fixed in a recent hotfix

V3S Interesting Notes

  • The V3S is amphibious, it won’t stall or break down under water so you can literally drive on the bottom of the ocean. Be careful though, while your V3S may be amphibious, your character is not and you will drown.
  • The Body of the V3S is bullet proof, however the windows are not.
  • If you’re in a 3rd person server, it’s worth noting that you can open the hood of the V3S to partially obscure the front window, making you harder to shoot.
  • You can now find the V3S in four colour variants. You can find them in blue, orange, green and gray.

If you think we’ve missed anything in the guide above, please let us know in the comments below!

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    21 Responses

  1. Evin

    The gas can isn’t refilling do i need to empty it first

    • SCHWEG

      yes you do

    • yeah you can only refill it from 0% to 100%

  2. Another information : to climb a slope, you need enough speed.
    If you park in a curved area, you could not be able to take your truck back.

    • yes, good tip. Also, holding left shift will make you ‘turbo’, adding a little extra power. Needed for those pesky hills.

      It’s certainly a little strange that a truck with as many wheels as the V3S has trouble climbing tiny hills, but whatever 😉

      • David

        I have found that for some reason the V3S is plenty able to climb hills if you get above 50 kph before hitting the hill. It seems that the truck has a hard time to get up to 50, but when it does it just hits turbo and goes HAM straight to 80, with no speed loss up hills. I think it has something to do with traction of the wheels, as I’ve noticed the truck has a tendency to slide into an acceleration from a dead stop, whereas the tires begin to spin much faster as you accelerate (as viewed in third person). When the truck hits a certain speed, it seems to gain better traction and accelerate/decelerate better.

        Also, we’ve found that a boatload of trucks seem to spawn in Vybor, we found 2 of the 5 in town and one south in Sosnovka, so Vybor seems to be a common spawn for them.

  3. Deadjuice

    Only three? I feel it should be five, three seems a little low.

  4. Teo

    How do you get out of the truck?

    • Same way you got in, use your scroll wheel and select ‘get out’. 🙂

  5. [email protected]

    I just found a fuel can, and it takes 5X7 slots!! Dude!!! How can I carry a fuel can on my hand while driving!!

    • David

      Here’s the trick to carrying fuel cans everywhere without taking space:

      Take the Fuelcan into hand
      Drop the fuel can with the red x
      Drop your gun. At this point, the can should have warped into your inventory, at the top like a piece of non-inventory-storage clothing
      Pick up your gun again
      Drive around. When you are ready to use the can again, drag it onto the ground and take it into your hand.

      • KRON

        But does this mean youre gun could be lost on serverchange or dropped while taking somthing into your hands?

  6. ronanh

    Found a truck and it wasn’t very useful, it just seemed to make noise and attract zombies

    • EroR

      Well, the truck isnt here to get you from a house to another, its probably mean for a bit longer distances, don tyou think ?:P 😛

  7. maddoger

    I am wondering if the passanger can shot because i get killed by 2 guys in a v3s while they were driving

  8. Shark231

    when I refueled my v3s with a canteen it wont start….

    • Shark231

      Truck was not yet at 0%,quarter tank

  9. Anubis

    What are the inventory spaces of both variants does anyone know


    Why add cars in a experimental game and make it so RARE and HARD to find! I think what they should of done here is make it easier to find so players can give feed back on how it works, I mean after all isn’t that why this game is available in early access.

  11. Banana hammock

    The reason it’s in early access is to make money before the game is done… If ever completed. Lets get real here.

  12. Thequestion

    Hey what are the buttons I should press to control the truck?

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