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DayZ Standalone: Survive Hypothermia and Hyperthermia


This week’s experimental patch notes sees the introduction of a new advanced body temperature system in DayZ Standalone – Hypothermia and Hyperthermia. Hypothermia is a condition in which the body’s core temperature drops too low. Hyperthermia is the opposite – it’s when the body’s core temperature raises too high.

Within DayZ Standalone, this new temperature system will sit along side the current hunger, thirst and health system. It gives us one more semi-realistic, life-and-death character mechanic to constantly keep an eye on – further increasing the immersion of DayZ and the attachments we feel to our characters. This new mechanic is relatively simple, we’ll go over the basics below. These details are subject to change in upcoming patches and this guide will be updated to reflect those changes.

Body Temperature

Body Temperature in DayZ is affected by 5 core game-play elements in DayZ.

  • Clothing – Clothing is the main factor in determining your body temperature in DayZ. Every clothing item you wear has a ‘heat value’and they are all combined to give you your total ‘heat value’ for your character. Smaller, lighter and thinner items have a relatively low ‘heat value’. Larger, thicker and heavier clothing items have a higher ‘heat value’.
  • Wind – Windy conditions mean lower temperatures.
  • Rain – Rain means wet clothes, which means lower temperatures.
  • Sun – Clear and Sunny days mean higher temperatures.
  • Altitude – Higher altitudes means lower temperatures.

These five things combined will determine your characters temperature. Once the temperature is calculated, your temperature will start to slowly increase or decrease until it reaches that value. You can tell if your temperature is increasing or decreasing by checking your character status message in the chat-area of the screen. ‘It’s chilly out there’ means your temperature is currently decreasing. ‘I am sweating’ means your current temperature is currently increasing.

Hypothermia (too cold)

Hypothermia occurs in DayZ when your core body temperature drops below 35 Celsius. There are three stages of Hypothermia, stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. You will receive various status messages in-game to alert you to your hypothermic state including: I am way too coldI am hypothermic and I am lethally hypothermic.

Stage 1 – I am way too cold

There are no negative effects of stage 1 hypothermia. This is simply a warning.

Stage 2 – I am hypothermic

Again, there are no negative effects of stage 2 hypothermia. Your final warning before slipping into the final and highly deadly stage 3 hypothermia.

Stage 3 – I am lethally hypothermic

Lethal hypothermia will drain -10 health and -5 blood from you per second. This will continue until you pass out and eventually die unless you can reverse the effects by combating the cold as outlined below.

The Cure

If you are suffering from Hypothermia you need to quickly increase your core body temperature. There are various ways you can make sure your body temperature will increase:

  • Wear extra clothing items
  • Use a ‘Heatpack’ in your inventory
  • Make sure your clothing items are dry
  • Expose yourself to sunshine or sit beside a fire
  • Descend to lower altitudes

Hyperthermia (too hot)

Hyperthermia occurs in DayZ when your core body temperature raises above 37 Celsius. There are three stages of Hyperthermia, stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. You will receive various status messages in-game to alert you to your hyperthermic state including: I feel hot, I feel i might pass out from overheatingThe heat is unbearable and I am hyperthermic.

Stage 1 – I feel hot or I am sweating

Stage 1 hyperthermia will drain -5 water from you per second.

Stage 2 – I feel hot or I am sweating

Stage 2 hyperthermia will drain -10 water from you per second.

Stage 3 – I am hyperthermic

Stage 3 hyperthermia will drain -20 water from you per second. As the effects of hyperthermia only drain water, it is considerably easier to combat than hypothermia (which drains health and blood). Drinking plenty of fluids and following the below steps will help cure your hyperthermia.

The Cure

If you are suffering from Hyperthermia you need to quickly decrease your core body temperature. There are various ways you can make sure your body temperature will decrease:

  • Remove clothing items
  • Take a dip in the sea, a lake or a pond. This makes your clothing items ‘wet’ or ‘soaked’. Be careful not to drown!
  • Expose yourself to rain
  • Climb to higher altitudes

If you have any tips for us regarding the new body temperature system, please let us know in the comments below! This guide will be kept updated as new patches tweak any of the body temperature details.

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    71 Responses

  1. Josh

    You lazy fucks do some core game play cars helis base building who gives 2 shits about this cold hot temp shit .

    • Milkshake

      You realise they will have a seperate group of people working on that right? Pfft, another ‘entitled asshole’. You were warned this was an alpha when you bought it, have some patience.

      • Deffence attorney

        No, i agree, this cold/hot Hypothermia shit is crap, there are many, many, many other fixes they could’ve done but they added this hypothermia shit which is Waaaay more than just op, it is broken, it doesn’t work and you can call him an entitled person if you want but, Bohemia has done nothing but milk this game for what its worth, they have made more off this game that it deserves and yet they apparently can’t get their shit together enough to fix whats broken before adding another more broken element to the game. The hypothermia status is not only a pain staking process to program but we already had enough to worry about during game-play that this is just rubbing salt in the $29.00 wound I’ve already received , If they have the fucking time to program this they could have just fixed the main fucking attraction of the game namely, the “Zombies” before adding another broken piece of shit element that is never going to work right. Bohemia Interactive if you read this which i really doubt you will, but GOD do i hope you do. FIX YOUR SHIT BEFORE ADDING MORE SHIT. This is not a hard concept to grasp, In fact it should be common sense.

      • DERNE

        Ok its now Aug 2016, do you think we should still have some patience? shouldn’t the game have progressed a bit more than it actually has in almost 2 years?

    • Zack

      Why the fuck do you have to be an asshole its fucking easy to run i mean yeah it takes a little bit but your still gonna get there so just shut the fuck up and learn to deal with it

    • Fiaazn

      They don’t need to add core game play in the early alpha stages, not to mention that cars would be lagging and desync’d everywhere around the map. No reason to look forward to that yet.

    • drewkgill1982

      Don’t piss him off, the basebuilding will come, n vehicles n the rest! I kinda like the hypothermia/hyperthermia n healing processes!

      • Ljunge

        How da fuck can you like this shit thing, I want them to fucking remove it now. you already need to worry about food, water, sickness, and other fucking players. this update was shit I would say.

    • Kyndjiall

      I swear to god because of guys like you I’m going to make it a point to shoot the crap out of every vehicle I see being repaired, moving or otherwise sitting in a heap with decent parts on it. By all that is holy, you will be safer walking around naked screaming “I’m an asshole!” on any server I happen to be on at the time. Hope you have an army, cuz after I shoot out your tires, the next one is coming through the windshield, followed by a grenade. Die!

      • YouDickhead

        You do know it’s just a fuckin game right. No – one gives a shit what you do on any server, so shut the fuck up. Your carrying on like you are shooting real bullets at people, just listen to yourself, you muppet.

    • Huntar

      Me and my friend have this stupid glitch where no matter what we do to try and fix hyperthermia, but no matter what we do, it doesn’t go away

    • Rocky

      Hey well thus hyperthermia gets in the way of combat I have tried multiple times in getting rid of it was I have been to the east by the water and have stayed for over 20min and yet to be cured soooo can’t build bases if I’m always looking for food 😣😣😣😣

  2. Lucieth

    Altitude – Lower altitudes means lower temperatures. –

    Erh, should be phrased differently. Since higher altitudes usually result in lower temperatures, not the other way around.

    Also, fix the hackers/scripters/glitchers/exploiters. I suggest somehow getting a different anti-cheat than battleye. Lets be honest, it blows. ESP/teleporting/item glitching is just too easy and even when they get caught, they’ll figure out a work around.

    There is also currently no way for me to see the name of the hacker who killed me, thus no way to get him banned.

    • HackerMyAss

      Just accept when your dead cos people will be reporting anyone and everyone for being a hacker, when people die they scream,’ I was killed by a Hacker’, so this will never work at the moment, so just forget about that for now and accept that you were killed by another player.


    So is heat also affected by jogging or sprinting?

    • as far as I know, movement doesn’t affect your body temperature.

      • If you are on a sunny server and you get overheated fast you should consider jogging rather than sprinting and also, when you find a pond just jump in and get all soaked and that will keep you from overheating for longer periods (this has been tested by a professional, do not try this at home). However, if the server restarts and the weather is colder you might consider a fire place asap 🙂
        Shade and shelter also cools you down.

    • If you are on a sunny server and you get overheated fast you should consider jogging rather than sprinting and also, when you find a pond just jump in and get all soaked and that will keep you from overheating for longer periods (this has been tested by a professional, do not try this at home). However, if the server restarts and the weather is colder you might consider a fire place asap 🙂
      Shade and shelter also cools you down.

  4. Starforsaken

    That’s great, but what about optimizing the game? I’m sick of running this shit with 30fps. They do some silly updates, which are not yet essential, while leaving the optimization part behind.

    • HeresAnIdea

      Here’s you an idea for your 30 fps problem. Spend some money on a decent computer.

      • Starforsaken

        Haha. Learn some grammar first. I have “sent” some money “on” a decent computer. Problem is, game is running poor on a quad-core cpu, a 750Ti GTX and 8 gigs of RAM. Now shut up.

      • HeresAnIdea

        Learn grammar? There’s nothing wrong with my last statement. 750 Ti is a horrible GPU. Hue hue hue hue. How about you “sent” out to NewEgg and SPEND actual MONEY ON some decent parts instead of the garbage build you have.

      • Deffence attorney

        Some people aren’t fed from a silver-spoon like your ass was born with apparently stuck in your asshole, fuck off piece of shit,

      • rufus

        man nobody payed for my build but me and i have 16 gb ram 8 core processor and a gtx 770 its called a job man try one sometime

    • Kyndjiall

      Let me give you an idea on why your logic is erroneous. They’re building a upgraded engine for the game, which hasn’t been released yet; Optimizing an alpha on a obsolete engine that won’t be there later would be a complete and utter f’ing waste of everyones time (Especially the programmers.) Go to college for game development before you start giving advice on what the devs “should be doing” please. Good day sir.

  5. Artem

    I think the game is great so far having in mind that it is a work in progress, and the progress seems good. But I think the temperature is going to piss some people off, me including, this is becoming a Tamagochi + Sims on steroids, with guns and zombies. In stead of getting cold or hot it would be nice to see your items getting damaged because your clothes gets more wear and tear while they are too wet or too dry. Meaning that you are not in danger of dying but you are in danger of losing your items you have been working so hard to find. Because in my case I keep checking the status of my items sucks as the med-kit if the contents of it get wet on the inside then they will get ruined and be of no use, such as rags, bandages, and syringes. Items that are in the backpack should deteriorate slower than the ones you carry inside your clothes while they get too hot or too cold. Or at least it should be a choice of playing it where your character miss steps, breaks a leg and passes out, and where you can just casually explore and get killed for obvious reasons. Kind of a HARDCORE MODE and NORMAL MODE servers. Please do correct me if I’m wrong or if I have said something already been said and worked on.

  6. reign

    Nice work,
    ideas :
    add space blankets to loot
    Running should increase temp.
    Diet should affect total outcome
    Eg. Low on iron would cause you to surcumb to hypothermia quicker (eating meat increases iron)
    Being still should also affect total outcome

    Tents! ( Hammocks with underblankets and tarps aswell 🙂 )

    Thats all i have for now!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Kyndjiall

      Although I am for realism, I’d still prefer not to have to have a medical degree to play by the time it’s out. lolol. Blankets are a kick ass idea though! Hey! sleeping bag + rope = another big ass backpack! right!? right!? Next item to be made – Waterproof camo sleeping bag!!! woo!!!

  7. reign

    Oh yeah and drinking a hot beverage / eating hot food should be factored in here too. Gg cooking 🙂 more purpose ftw!

    Im here all day .. hire me 😛

    • Kyndjiall

      2 words.. Hot coffee. = Instantly energized.

      • Lenny

        Genius idea! I’m no good for anything before I’ve had my coffee….so I guess we’d need thermos flasks in the game (if they aren’t there already?)

  8. reign

    Ps ps : lack of iron = anemia = colder faster = thanks for spelling it out D!

    • Belz

      Haha I think you’re getting into a little too much detail for a game. Your previous comments of exercising/standing still and hot foods/drinks would be a good bonus for the game though 🙂

  9. reign

    = vitamin suppliments actually worth a penny – gg medicine more purpose ftw again :)…. here all day guys! K ill stop…

  10. wint9r

    Wow…, please focus on zombies and endgame-content. this is not a tamagotchi or farming simulator… or at least i dont want it to become one.

  11. Dan T

    Ok I’m no hater I accept that this is in beta but they should focus on zombies more it’s called day z after all the Ai pathing was a good leap forward but these little update bits are going to annoy a lot of people heli crashes are a cool addition as is the content as of late at least it is a playable beta

  12. sims is that you?

    this game is turning to a big SIM, zombies taking no effect over anything.

  13. X-Wolf

    Shades should be able to lower the temprature

  14. j

    I was sat beside a fire inside a building for like 5 mins, and body stayed at hypothermia, then died a slow death, was horrible

    • ROGER

      i had it worse!!!! i was on top of a fireplace for more then 10 mins. cooked my beans and ate them. still everu 5 seconds it said I am hypothermic…. then the fire wood was gone so i went outside to get a new one. while running back inside to add it to my fireplace…. i died… out of no where, on a 5 man server… WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK.

      • Felix The Evil HouseCat

        You may have died of Hypothermia,same thing happened to me too…… It doesn’t let you know how you died which is ridiculous………Hope they change that feature.

  15. As of yesterday’s hotfix, it seems certain clothing items may now be bugged and are not providing any ‘heat value’ to your character. This includes the ‘Gorka’ Military gear – if you find yourself freezing and you’re wearing Gorka gear try replacing it.

  16. Shaun

    I think this sucks, it really doesn’t work to cure hypothermia. If you wear the “Down Jacket” it still says you are cold. WTF?! If you got too cold once and see everyting blurry then it won’t go back to normal, when you change clothes.

    One other thing is that it suck that you get hungry so quickly! Why is it that way?! Update before was a lot more funny.

    Can you make it more stabil so the risks that you die from hypothermia aren’t that high?

  17. Rikorage

    I think it’s manageable to an extent, just say indoors when it rains, and pray you get lucky and get an axe and matches quickly. I still think hackers are way worse than anything, and the asshole who stole the code could have kept it to himself, and possibly created an anti-cheat, and been a savior, instead of releasing it for all the hackers to get their hands on. Can’t wait for the new engine to come out to fix all of these issues.

  18. Hyowatha

    Let me preface this by saying that this game is fun…

    but Hypothermia is unstoppable if you get wet. Wool coat(IRL retains 60-70% body heat when wet), gloves, warm hat got wet so I tried to stay inside but kept getting reminded ” I am rapidly cooling off.” then “I am hypothermic” about 50 times…died. The weather should not be more dangerous than the zombies or human element, imo.

    I don’t want to log in to find that I have to stay inside a freaking building as long as I’m playing Day Z when it’s raining, as I would have to ask myself “Why did I log on?”. Since the running around looking for gear and zombies and other players is the fun part, why lock us up?

    p.s. please make all weapons somewhat useful on zombies. Like “4 body hits and they are dead” for the weak weapons like stun batons and kitchen knives and hammers, etc.
    p.p.s. I’m a bit tired of going “Rocky Balboa” when I spawn to protect a flashlight I am going to drop as soon as these 2 zombies are dispatched which takes 2 minutes of direct head punches to get done, lol. Spawn us with a useable weapon, maybe.

  19. Fluffy

    So my game usually goes something like spend 5 mins running from Zs from spawn, find some rubbish kit along with ammo that does not fit the gun i found 5 mins, freeze to death 5 mins all done and dusted 15 mins. if some arsehole in full combat gear does not show up just after i lost the spawn Zs and shoot me. great game great players why did i give them my money?

    • Jesus V

      L2P pls. It’s not that hard and if you think survival/gearing up is the hardest part of the learning curve, just wait till you try PVP’ing.

  20. The Book Zombie

    I won’t go calling it ‘shit’ and ‘crap’, but I do think it needs a lot of work and it adds an difficult element to an already difficult game. For example, Zombies are still OP and they can see/hear you even if you are in full sneak mode, they will not stop chasing you unless you have the luck to be near a huge pile of rocks or several forests or have the MIRACLE of a working gun or a decent melee weapon. It is already hard for a freshly spawned player to get food and water and some decent gear, without having to worry about temperature, which is indeed broken. One tiny bit of rain – literally I was sneaking around some random bit of coast and there was a 10 second rain shower – and I’m cold, shaking and on my way to hypothermia, which is HARD to cure unless you have the luck of getting an axe, matches and what not. Unless you have a very good spawn, you are pretty much screwed from the start. This game is getting increasingly hard to play well and I won’t pretend to be a pro at the game, but it is very hard to become a pro if you are dying from hypothermia every five seconds. Take it out and fix the zombies PLEASE!!

  21. tracy kennedy

    Does it need work sure….is it frustrating at times sure……but I still enjoy it and laugh it and like playing it even when a zombie on the
    outside is hitting me on the second floor haha good times screen shot

    • skullbreaker

      Well no pro either but yep this game was good at the start, until they put in the stupid stuff. It must be cold all day long as you see your breath constantly,and listen to your char breath sounds like he has asthma ,whats the point of having water proof gear when you get wet through, you get soaked to the skin in just a few yards .Lots of people now have turned this game into a war game kill the zombies and lets have a street battle, well go to C.O.D if that is what you want to do. Lets get the basics right first then add the other stuff when its ready to go, double up on the zombies now, make them re spawn after 10 minutes but make it harder for running street battles. Its suppose to be a survival game.Make the hold breath run again like it did before, put back the police cars with the loot in the boot Guys you need to make work what you have now and then introduce new things bit at a time how about a bicycle for starters putting in cars and stuff will only encourage the the bad players to start driving round trying to run everything or everyone down

      • Russia is Freezing.

        If you check out different servers you might find some are warmer than others,but yes your right it is mostly cold as its in Russia where temperature’s can drop very very low.The point of having water proof clothing will become clear in the next update which i think could be coming next week (could be wrong on that one tho) as the new weather system comes into effect.. I totally agree with you when you say that this game has become one big street battle,its ridiculous and these people are ruining the fun of dayz. I hope they bring in a system where it forces people to be friendly and stops all the aggro to a certain extent cos firefights are important in DayZ and a lot of fun if i do say so myself but definitely something should be done to ease this. Cars, let’s face it,if it were a real apocalypse,there would be cars everywhere,lots of them would not work so we will need to look for parts which i believe that’s the way there gonna do things.If they put in lots of cars i strongly believe this will kill the game off completely but with just a few cars i think it will bring a good element into the game and at least it will give people a reason to fight each other rather than just killing on sight. There is a long way to go for this game and i’m sure by the end of it (whenever it comes) it will be a fantastic game,slowly but surely they will be adding stuff into the game,it may or may not work first time,it may never work but i will always support this game as i think its a great idea and with a lot of work i’m sure it will be a classic in a year or even two. Things will be slow along the way,they will add stuff that i think will be bad for the game and we are not always gonna like everything they add as is with most game’s. There’s a lot of work to be still done to this game and i’m sure a lot more stuff will be added but i can safely say that i back this game 110%. Bring it on 😉

      • Jesus V

        Bandits are part of survival, the survival element of the game doesn not apply only t zombies, it applies to your enviorment as well.

  22. KidZtheZedayZ

    Dayz is an awesome game, even in alpha, its trial and error until you can get used to feeding, drinking and keeping warm, you will die A LOT,it is a survival game! Depending on where you spawn usually takes me 30 mins to get decently geared up, persistence is key to this game

  23. martin

    I love it.
    Maybe add multiple layers of clothing

    • Lenny

      Agree, you could add them at the expense of mobility perhaps? Although, I can see people being taken hostage and then ‘force clothed’ up to the point of being virtually unable to move 🙂

  24. Guy778

    Truthfully, I know there are some glitches and that is normal it is a WORK IN PROGRESS, so don’t think that the whole game will be finished in just a matter of seconds. Also, I think that the game is coming along great, even though some of the features might not be updated yet, and or inserted into the game. These things take time and you have to be patient I mean personally I think the game will have some really cool features when said and done, so just wait and the game will only get better by the day.

  25. Guy778

    Also, if you have wet clothes wring them out then take the clothes off when you cant wring them anymore and put them back on this well help start to stop the hypothermia.

  26. Panda

    For the hypothermia, you can rest near a fire, or put on you some warm guts.

    I don’t know if it’s work but maybe cooking some meat and take it on you once they’re hot could help..

  27. toms in singapore

  28. lipa1976

    i was dying from hypothermia, i had clothes but it was raining so i was cold, i found a heat pack and used, it but literally nothing helped with the heat pack and 30 minutes later i passed out,
    glitch? or does heat packs suck!?

    • Hi, I play on 0.60. I was walking under the rain and my status changed to I’m hyperthermic without other status message (I’m hot etc) BUG ??

      • Osi

        I have the same problem on 0.60 experimental, fairly sure its a bug. I’m hydrated, energised and drenched, but still hyperthermic.

        Not much we can do I suspect, it requires fixing server side.

      • Osi

        Figured it out. Not a bug.

        You need to be hydrated constantly, you need to get your whole body wet and get the “you are promptly cooling off” message, and you need to not exert yourself anymore.
        This means if you’re traveling, don’t sprint.
        Keep hydrating and eventually it will downgrade to “you are overheating” could take a few hours of playtime to get to this.

      • Ljunge

        they should remove this shit update because you already need to worry about food, water, sickness, and other fucking players.

  29. Loki78


    Spent 45mins in game, hydrated, energised, naked, sat in a pond at night and still have I am hyperthermic!! WT actual F is that about??? I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t have it when I logged out but as soon as I logged in I was hyperthermic!! Absolute shite!!

    • FAS

      same exact thing happening to me, have you found a fix yet

  30. Schleprock

    HYPERTHERMIC – I ran to a creek and jumped in with full gear. The results:
    I am hyperthermic
    I am hyperthermic
    I am hyperthermic
    I am rapidly cooling off
    This repeated for an hour while i looked for this thread and read all of the posts with no change to my hyperthermic status.
    I went back and stripped off everything but my melee and firearm and assumed my spot in the creek with water up to my neck. Within 5 minutes I was now only overheating. After 40 minutes of overheating status I became hot. I put all of my clothes back on (for fear that my gear would despawn due to the time required for this condition to subside) and drank three canteens to return myself to healthy/hydrated and energized status.

    I got up early on a Saturday to play DayZ with my friend. I love this game. I just spent 2.5 hours sitting in a creek. I am getting the feeling that this gaming experience is not meant to be enjoyed. I just spent 2.5 hours sitting in a creek.

  31. FilthyForeigner

    I like how all these people bought a ‘Apocalypse/SURVIVAL’ game, yet they all start to whine when they implant a temperature system. This game takes patience and precision.

  32. Aiden Hawkins

    Its now Sept. 25. 2016, and tha hyperthermia is still fricking dangerous. u are not cooling off, for a damn long duration. in this time of sitting naked in a creek, u need to eat, drink and stuff like that. how could u manage that, when u have to sit in tha creek to cooling off? after 2 years, they need to fix it. it seems, Bohemia has lay down tha work on DayZ.

  33. Jimmo

    Dayz is a great game devs are bit slow if they don’t ramp it up someone might bring out something better quicker, who knows anyways. Played for about 3 hrs today had hyperthermia got rid of it by the time I logged did lots of swimming in the ocean fully clothed it was also raining most of the time and when we were on land we jogged. I got hyperthermia from my last session by putting a hot (red) frying pan in my backpack in the space of about ten minutes maybe doing this will help with hypothermia worth a shot.

  34. Xillix

    Just came back to the game after a year break, glad they fixed a lot of shit you people seem to have forgotten. The game runs much better and looks much better, this is just another area they have to refine. Watch this video if you don’t know what to do or need help

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