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DayZ Standalone - Sickness Guide

Sickness Guide: How To Cure Sickness


In the early days of DayZ Standalone, sickness was a big part of survival. Zombies had a small chance to inflict sickness on your character each time you took a hit, and many players were having trouble keeping themselves healthy. As zombies were much glitchier back then, many players were complaining as their characters were taking damage through walls and through floors, and  they were becoming sick as a result. Antibiotics were pretty rare too – so the whole thing was quite harsh. The developers decided to remove the sickness feature all together, and it stayed that way for many months.

DayZ has come a long way in the last year, to the point where the developers have decided to re-introduce the sickness feature as of the last Stable patch 0.50, although it is now a little different. While zombies will no longer inflict the Sickness on a character, you can now become sick from using a sewing kit (regular sewing kit or regular sewing kit) to heal your wounds.

Sewing up your wounds has around a 17.5% chance of making you sick (wound infection). Sickness has 4 stages, the first being quite minor, the next two stages are more severe and the final stage is a recovery stage. Your character will progress through all 4 stages over time and eventually you will become healed, if you manage to survive. The four stages are as follows:

Stage 1 – My wounds are itchy / I have itchy wounds

This stage of Sickness will last up to 10 minutes, and you will lose a very modest 0.05 water per second. If you do not cure your sickness while in this stage, you will progress to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – My wounds are infected / I have infected wounds

This stage of sickness will last up to 20 minutes, and you will lose 3 water per second, 0.3% blood per second and 0.1% health per second. If you do not cure your sickness while in this stage, you will progress to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – My wounds are seriously infected / I have seriously infected wounds

This stage of sickness will last up to 40 minutes, and while infected you will lose 5 water per second, 0.1% blood per second and 0.3% health per second. If you do not cure your sickness while in this stage, you will progress to Stage 4.

Stage 4 (Recovery Stage) – My wounds hurt less / My wounds look cleaner

This stage of sickness will last up to 30 minutes, and while infected you will lose 3 water per second. Once this stage passes, your Sickness will be cured.

How To Cure The Sickness in DayZ

You can cure Sickness simply by taking some antibiotics or cleaning your wounds with an alcohol tincture. Taking antibiotics or cleaning your wounds with an alcohol tincture during any stage of Sickness will skip you straight to Stage 4, and once Stage 4 passes you will be completely healed. It’s important to keep yourself topped up with plenty of food and drink during Sickness in order to survive – if you find yourself with little or no food and drink during Sickness, and you don’t have any antibiotics or alcohol, you probably won’t make it to the recovery stage and you will die. Finding a pond or well can be a life saver during sickness as you can stay nearby, and keep your character fully quenched while you loot nearby houses for food and / or medical supplies and the all-important, antibiotics / alcohol.

And that’s it, if you’re struggling with Sickness, or you have some tipe that we’ve not covered here, please let us know in the comments below!

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    13 Responses

  1. Blake

    I got sick a couple i days ago and i used some old charcoal tabs i found to cure it. Not really sure how I got sick but i did. I used the charcoal tabs and i was fine a little while later.

  2. Ronanh

    regular sewing kit or regular sewing kit? do you mean a leather sewing kit?

  3. necker

    I was sick with a blurry and gray vision for a couple of hours. I think it came form wild berries I’ve found. I tried antibiotics, charcoal tablets and vitamins but nothing really helped. Only saline bags gave me for a few minutes my vision back. Sadly I died 2h later in an combat.

  4. Svenborg

    Got a “chipped knee”….bandaged then got sick. Made a brace and it helped a bit then the onset of infected wounds. I now have remained sick for 2 full evenings of play and have actually cycled right out to the healing stage….only to eat and drink and drop back into itchy wounds and being sick again. I cannot find antibiotics but did spend some time in a Med tent that seemed to help with the healing….as in getting me moving towards stage 4. Not quite sure how to break the cycle if every time I eat or drink I cycle back into sickness….:0.

    • I found a weird solution.

      Funnily enough, I was hit by zombies earlier, had itchy wounds, then it just went on and on how I was “sick..” then “seriously sick.”
      “infected” then “seriously” infected. Then I began to feel warm.. the extremely hot.. then cold. I got all the way down to dark orange sickness, and was that way for a while with zero color. I had a friend with compatible blood transfer me some, and strangely enough, my “wounds’ began to feel cleaner, etc, etc until I wasn’t sick anymore.

      No clue why, but his blood saved me.. lol OR I just went through the cycle on my own? No antibiotics, or alcohol tincture.. Just funny how right after I took his blood, I was “feeling less sick.” 🙂

  5. lipa1976

    i got sick from drinking pond water, when you said i should stay near ponds and wells to recover

  6. MarZ

    So I accidentally used a damaged sewing needle to stitch wounds I did not have. I went through the 4 symptoms above and then I went unconscious, how long do I stay unconscious? I was fed and not thirsty before I went unconscious.

    • Kingbob3133

      Same problem. Unconscious as I type this…

      • sam

        same lol

  7. Jack

    I got sick today on dayz and I don’t know how to cure it and it wasn’t by zombie hits

  8. ZAC

    Cant take it stage 4 jumping of a 20 story building

  9. Sorin

    I got sick after eating chiken breast and I drink water until I puked.I got cured.

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