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DayZ Item Crafting


Looking for a DayZ Item? check the DayZ Wiki, the best source for DayZ Item Information.

Our wiki was a little out of date and way too much of a time-sink for a single person to update, so from now on we’ll be redirecting all our DayZ Item Crafting traffic to The DayZ Wiki, a reliable source of DayZ Information with a much larger team behind it than just one person. We will continue to do what we do best, and that’s blogging about all the latest DayZ Standalone, DayZ Mod, Arma 3 Mods news and updates. We’ll also be pumping out our informative DayZ Guides, we’re still accepting DayZ Stories, covering all the DayZ Weapons and still supporting DayZ Streamers through our DayZ Intel Twitch Partnership scheme.

This is for the good of the site, while we’re set to lose a big chunk of our web traffic through this move, we will be able to focus more on what I actually set out to achieve when I launched this site a year ago, and that’s to be the #1 news source for DayZ.

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