Container used to store drinking water which can be refilled at ponds or a well. Holds more water than a water bottle.

How To Use:

Right click in inventory and select “drink” or equip to hands and select option from mouse wheel menu.


If filling from ponds or wells should use water purification tablets as there is a chance the water is infected.

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  1. mike

    anyone know how to make it?

    • C4lo

      You can only find it ;)

  2. havock06

    Anyone know how to FILL it? Standing in a pond right now with no luck. I realize I need to boil it to reduce the risk of being sick, I just cant fill it.

    • Arbee

      It can be quite tricky but you need to get in the water and crouch so the water is up to your waist. Then look directly down at your feet and it should appear as option on mouse wheel selection as well as drinking straight from pond.

  3. Adam Garibay

    Havock06, Make sure you put it in your hands before you try to fill. If that isn’t working try doing it in first person.

  4. Andreas

    It’s much easier to get it from a water pump, found in backyards and such, check Dayz.db and look for the water pump icon on the map to find the closest one to you.

  5. havock06

    worked like a charm, thanks guys!

  6. MortosDS

    While its not impossible, I strongly recommend NOT trying to carry TWO or more of these.
    Becomes a hassle like you have never seen when it comes to refilling (I think the game gets all confused over which one you have in your hands and which one is left in backpack, lol)

    • SamuriBakePie

      Just drag one into your hands then switch.

  7. Lone Wanderer

    Does it matter whether you have a pristine or badly damaged version?

    • I believe as long as its not ruined – it will still function perfectly fine.

      • Dr. Duke

        Actually at this point in the game, even ruined it works perfectly fine, as do Water Bottles. Also, to clear up confusion in earlier posts, put canteen/water bottle into hands, go to the edge of a pond (not waist-deep as this gets your clothes wet usually) and use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to select “Fill Bottle”. Sometimes at ponds this only works in first-person, but always works in first- or third-person at wells. Hope this helps the newbies a little.

      • Havock

        At the time I posted the question, this “newbie” had tried pretty much everything to fill the bottle. Since it was bugged out , your info wouldn’t have worked at the time.

      • Dr. Duke

        Well, I’m not sure why you take my reply to somehow be a personal attack on you, what with me not replying to or even referencing anything you have said at all, in any way, but I hope that some other people can get some use out of my post…..This is an informative website, and I am simply trying to provide information……

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