DayZ Model Leaks

DayZ Leaks is where you'll find information on all the latest DayZ Standalone in-game models leaked from each and every upcoming patch. Each patch is packed full of new models, including new weapons, ammunition, clothing, equipment and buildings. Some of the leaked models will likely make it into the next patch, some will take a little longer and some might not even make it into the game at all. The models are archived here for viewing and analysis - nothing more.

If you're looking for news on the upcoming DayZ patches, head over to the DayZ Patch Notes page.

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DayZ Leaked Models

DayZ Leaks: VSS, Mauser C96, and More

Hello there, fellow bandits and survivors of Chernarus. With the release of this current experimental branch update, several new model files have been found, some of the items being useful to survival and others.. Well, let’s just say they’re just for aesthetic reasons. Please do keep in mind that not all the files found will…

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DayZ Leaked Models

DayZ Leaks: Ice Axe, Flanged Mace, and More

Included below are several models that have been released as new content within the DayZ Standalone files as of the most recent update to the 0.53 experimental branch. Keep in mind that all files found aren’t guaranteed to be added to the game, but have a likelihood of being implemented within future updates to the game. FN Browning Trombone M65…

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