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DayZ 2017 - Namalsk

DayZ 2017 – Welcome to Namalsk


Namalsk is widely knows as one of the most difficult maps to play on DayZ, due to the cold and unforgiving weather – as well as the lack of hospitals, and the infamous ‘blood sucker’ zombies. It’s fitting then that one of the most difficult mods ‘DayZ 2017’ has been introduced to Namalsk.

DayZ 2017 - Namalsk

DayZ 2017 is set a few years after the original DayZ mod, which means there are less vehicles and less military loot. You often only find ammunition one or two bullets at a time in DayZ 2017, so don’t go wasting ammo on regular zeds. This gives 2017 a more genuine, apocalyptic feel to it. You’ll find most of the vehicles are rusted and broken, spare a few custom armoured tractors. Player skins feel more realistic too, with ripped and ragged clothing and realistic backpacks – complete with tins and cooking appliances hanging from the straps.

DayZ 2017 on Namalsk is not for the faint hearted, be prepared for a difficult and possibly frustrating experience, where survival is everything.

Official DayZ 2017 Trailer

DayZ 2017 Namalsk is out now on DayZ Commander.

You can find more details on DayZ 2017 Namalsk on the forums.

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  1. updated post as 2017 Namalsk is now released 🙂

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