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DayZ Battle Royale – Public Alpha Complete Guide!


DayZ Battle Royale – the highly anticipated DayZ mod that’s been in closed alpha testing for the last month is finally going public this week. You can read our previous post here for an introduction on how this mod works or check out PSISyndicate’s ‘first look’ at the mod on YouTube, but basically it’s a whole new way to play DayZ based on the popular Japanese book and film adaptation ‘Battle Royale‘. 24 players spawn in a circle, locked in place until the timer counts down to 0. When it does, everyone runs to the centre of the circle to a small encampment area and grabs a backpack filled with random loot and a map. The random loot  is made up of a small variety of basic weapons, medical supplies and survival supplies. Your chances of getting a weapon are pretty slim so the best bet is to grab a backpack and RUN – don’t look back. This mod gives you ONE LIFE ONLY and we’ve been in enough test games to know that there are always a few deaths at the beginning from colt python wielding maniacs.

Here’s a complete guide on exactly how the mechanics of the DayZ Battle Royale mod work!

Spawn Locking

When you spawn in – you will be placed in one of 24 starting areas. Try to run away from the area and you will be teleported back to your spawn spot. Use this time to scope out the competition or try and identify your friends or partners. PRO TIP – mapping a key to ‘turbo’ in your key-bind options and mashing w aswell as turbo makes you run faster.

Arma2OA 2013-10-15 18-13-49-71

Go Time

When the countdown hits 0 it’s time to run. Head to the centre of the circle and grab a backpack as quickly as you can. It may be a good idea to quickly check the contents to see if you’ve got a weapon or not. If you do – equip it and open fire! Take out as many of your competitors as possible at this early stage – remember this is one life only and there can only be one winner! If you’ve not got a weapon, it’s probably best you start running. Hanging around unnecessarily will probably make you one of the first casualties and your round will come to an abrupt end!

Where To?

Chances are you’ve never played this map before and you’re now wondering where the hell you are running too. There are a few locations of interest on the map which you’ll see below – there are two castles, a couple of military compounds and a few small towns. Fully repaired vehicles are dotted around the map and you may even be lucky enough to find a helicopter or a boat. You should watch out for care package drops as they’re fairly common and spawn pretty decent loot. There’s also a roaming zombie hoard to watch out for.



It’s Zone Time

After 5 minutes, you’ll see a message appear on screen to let you know the carpet bombings are about to begin. Check your map and you will see a large red circle in a random location of the island. Make sure you are out of this red circle when the carpet bombing begins or chances are you’ll be flattened by the overhead bombs. These carpet bombings continue for the length of the game and you will constantly have to check your map to make sure you’re outside of the danger zones.


Still Alive?

So you’ve made it to the 45 minute mark? At this point you’ll see a message appear on screen alerting you to the fact that the end-zone will be in place in 10 minutes. It will appear on your map as a large blue circle and every 5 minutes it will shrink smaller and a smaller until only the small final zone remains. If you don’t make it to the zone in time – or you stray outside of the zone after it’s in place you’ll notice that zombies will start spawning in around you at the rate of one every few seconds. Head back into the zone to make them disappear, if they haven’t killed you already. There is only one winner in each round of DayZ Battle Royale – if there is more than one player alive at the end of the 90 minutes noone wins and all the remaining survivors are killed. Some may find this a little harsh but it is the way the game is meant to be played!


This week – DayZ Battle Royale is being released to the public in an early open alpha. This means you won’t be able to play through DayZ Commander but the instructions on installing the mod are fairly straightforward and we will add them to this post as soon as the files are available – we’re expecting a release mid-week.


‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’ – the mod’s creator plans to run two servers at maximum capacity for a few days to make sure everything runs well. After taking some initial feedback from the community and maybe tweaking a few features, Battle Royale will be pushed onto DayZ Commander and the amount of servers will be dramatically increased.

Initially all these servers will be official and they’ll be connected up to the official Battle Royale database which will tally up the winners and provide instant access to a real-time Battle Royale winners league!

In the future the mod’s creator plans on releasing server files for the public to host their own games with a variety of different options to chose from. Server admins will be able to customize things like the loot spawns, vehicle spawns and the length of the game. Twitch Streamers and YouTubers will be able to open up private games for their subscribers. Event organisers will have a straightforward and reliable way of hosting planned events, which could open up DayZ to a whole new world of e-sports which previously only a select few have been able to do successfully.

So that’s it! If you enjoy the mod be sure to leave a comment below and show your appreciation!





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    10 Responses

  1. Steve

    This is by far one of my favorite mods for DayZ.

  2. ScorpionX

    This is one awesome mod!

  3. So apparently, even with 10+ servers – each one is filling up in less than 10 seconds

    • George

      You need to sort your shit out… me and my friends have been trying to separately join servers, and they fill up in less than a second. I’m sure many people are pissed off about this, as for two days I have spent 3 hours trying to join a server; my internet is not the best, so this is not feasible. I’m more than sure there is a way around this. We would love to be able to play Battle Royale – but we can’t because of the shitty systems.

  4. kieran

    we need more servers up please:)

  5. SlendeR

    Loving this wait for an hour, just to have the same damn people flood in and not letting others play. Seriously, three servers empty and are full within seconds of being open. How about not letting them back in after a round? Thanks. :/

  6. dan

    how do you get the server password ???

  7. ScorpionX

    @Dan, there is no password. the servers are locked when a game is active.

    we are doing everything we can do get more servers up.

    Also we are working on a method that would allow a join queue.


  8. Papa

    Hi, awesome work with the mod.
    Any news about releasing the server files?


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