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Epoch House Building

DayZ Epoch 1.0.2 – Modular House Building


A massive patch has just landed for DayZ Epoch. Patch 1.0.2 has added a whole new construction system to the already feature-filled mod – it allows you to collect wood, metal and other materials and combine them at a workstation to make a whole bunch of new items. You can craft deployable floors, walls, doors, staircases and windows – place them together and you have yourself a custom building.

You can even go multi-level, there are endless possibilities for creating things like clan bases and defensive structures. Garage doors and combination locks ensure your gear is kept safe while you’re away! Most of the new craftable items require a toolbox, a crowbar and a workbench or crafting station. One of the Epoch developers, Axles¬†allowed me to grab some screenshots from one of his live streams. Check them out below for an idea of the scale of these new buildings.

There are some new improvements in the patch too, like the improved NPC trading interface – it’s now really easy to interact and trade with the NPC’s for things like gear, weapons and vehicles. You can check out the full patch notes over on the DayZ Epoch forums. For a more detailed look at the crafting system you can check out the DayZ Epoch wiki.

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Epoch Base Building Tutorial

Video By:Wolfric Games


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  1. Daniel White

    When does the update come out? I just checked DayZ Commander and there is no update available.

  2. Bob

    Epoch just took first place against all the other dayz mods with over 1,000 servers!

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