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DayZ Epoch

DayZ Epoch – Gold Bars, Player Zombies and Traders


DayZ Epoch is one of the most popular DayZ Mods for good reason, it’s packed full of features that make it feel more like it’s own game, or like the DayZ Standalone. The currency system itself is genius, allowing you to trade gear, vehicles and supplies to AI traders in exchange for bronze, silver and gold bars. Save up your gold bars and you can trade them in for planes, helicopters and other sweet stuff. You can even lock your vehicle when you log off to make sure no one takes it while your away.

Another one of the popular features in DayZ Epoch is the player zombies. When you die after becoming infected, you spawn as a zombie, with the ability to call on neighboring zombies to help in attack. To survive as a zombie you need to prey on the flesh of animals and players – a feature which can be a lot of fun.

You can also strip vehicles of parts,  combine food to make better food, melt down cans to turn into metal, tamable dogs, crafting, new player skins and tons more.

DayZ Epoch (+ hotfix)

The latest patch to be released for Epoch was, bundling in a ton of fixes and new features to improve the current game play. Things like:

  • New bandit and hero traders with high-end military gear and military vehicles for sale
  • A lot of new vehicles including new police cars, ambulances and fire-trucks
  • Briefcases to store up to 10 bricks of gold
  • Replaced the as50 and m107 with weaker counter-parts
  • New loot tables
  • Zombies no longer break or damage you through windows

You can view the full changelog on the DayZ Epoch forums.

DayZ Player Zombies

Video from M5hizzle featuring some hilarious Zombie Player action.

DayZ Epoch is the third most popular DayZ Mod on DayZ Commander, with almost 600 servers across many different maps you’ll easily find a great server.

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