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DayZ Overwatch

DayZ Overwatch


DayZ Overwatch is getting a lot of attention right now, it’s just hit DayZ Commander and seems to be picking up popularity fast. It’s being developed by The Midnight Crew, a group of players you may  have seen floating around the DayZ Community.

Overwatch has a vast amount of new features. Things like new military vehicles, items and weapons are plenty, but there are a few new features which make this mod stand out from the others. There’s a huge bridge to Skalisty Island with military buildings like Barracks and Comm’s towers on the Island too. This makes for good looting when you’re unlucky enough to spawn in the elusive Krutoy Cap or Otmel. There are a lot of new military vehicles, like armoured SUV’s and Humvee’s with mounted weapons. There are tons more Player Skins, and you can remove and pick up these skins from dead players.  Server Files are also freely available for download, meaning unlike Breaking Point, not all the servers are connected to the same hive and server admins are free to customise the server files the way they want it.

Here’s a more complete list of the features of DayZ Overwatch.

  • Bridge to Skalisy Island
  • Take clothing off dead players
  • Self blood bag
  • 12 New camo skins and 4 new ghillie suits
  • New choppers, Merlin, V-22 Osprey, Mozzie and UH1Y
  • Many new vehicle spawn points
  • Lots of new lootable buildings around the map.
  • New vehicles: BTR40, Armord SUV, Jet ski, Off road PKT, UAZ DShKM.
  • Chopper lift/drop system
  • Towing system

As you can see above, it has one of the nicest feature sets of any of the DayZ Mods. It’s a lot of fun, the servers are smooth and loot is plentiful. There are currently 58 Overwatch servers online in DayZ Commander, 5 of them are the official Midnight Crew Hive. At the moment it’s shaping up to be one of my favourite DayZ Mods yet. You can view the full set of features on their DayZ Overwatch Reddit page.

DayZ Overwatch is essentially Breaking Point – but less broken. – PsiSyndicate

DayZ Overwatch is definitely one to try out, at least until the DayZ Standalone comes out in the coming weeks.


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  1. Captain Skepy

    Thank you for the review

  2. Scolar Visari

    A really excellent server for overwatch is nuclear dawn if anybody would like to check it out. is the ip. sorry if it seems im advertising…

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