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DayZero Podagorsk

DayZero 1.0: Welcome to Podagorsk


DayZero is already one of the most popular mods out with its reputation as the most stable and hacker free mod you can play. DayZIntel has covered DayZero before and some of the features it brings to the table but they are now releasing a massive update with the main new feature being a completely new and original map called Podagorsk (Credit to FDF for the map).

Podagorsk is considered a PVP map with the emphasis on military style loot (reported 16+ enterable barracks). Its smaller size than Chernarus also means you’re more likely to hear the sound of a bullet whizzing past you. The New update also promises new realistic weapons, new player skins and fully enterable buildings (although its unclear if this means all building will be enterable). I’ve seen a lot of people getting very excited over this update and it may be just the thing to keep you going until the standalone is released. DayZero 1.0 is due for release at the end of July(delayed) but you can sign up and get whitelisted at now.

Lootable Wrecks

We’ve just got word that DayZero si going to be the first DayZ Mod to include lootable car wrecks with the 1.0 patch. This is a feature many people have seen in the Standalone game-play videos but maybe didn’t expect any of the mods to pick it up. With the Standalone now delayed again, this is a welcome update that we’re very excited for.

DayZero lootable wrecks



In preparation for the switch to the new map and v1.0, the team at are rolling out a massive patch. They’ve completely re-worked the insides of many buildings including hospitals, military buildings and camps. Areas including Green Mountain and Balota Airfield have been re-done. A lot of bugs have been fixed and various systems tweaked. View the full list on reddit here. This patch is out tonight – 23rd of July. Expect the patch to pop up on DayZ Commander very soon, and look out for version 1.0 where we are introduced to the new map Podagorsk,  in the coming weeks.


Unfortunately, the team at DayZero seem to be under attack from frequent DDoS attacks which is delaying the release of DayZero 1.0 and Podagorsk. You can read more about the DayZero 1.0 delays on the official DayZero Forums.


DayZero Podagorsk is due for release TONIGHT – That’s 18:00 CET/UTC+1  (16:00 GMT) – 30th August 2013. Podagorsk will finally be available to play for everyone through the DayZero Launcher. Expect the servers to be extremely busy tonight – you may be waiting for a place but IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Interactive DayZero Podagorsk Map

DayZero 1.0 Podagorsk



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