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The DayZ News Post – Issue #4 July 16 Stable Update & Trello


We’re back again with another DayZ News Post. This time we’ll be talking about patch progress for 0.60 in June and July and we’ll also be touching on the features found within the development Trello board, which is available for all players to access.

Since the launch of update 0.60 to stable branch, we haven’t heard too much from the DayZ development team in terms of update progress. We’ve had a few status reports from the DayZ devs but besides that, things have been quite quiet. Understandably they have been quietly working away on future updates, but they’ve also been working hard to smooth out any current issues with 0.60. The entirety of DayZ Standalone is a huge work-in-progress project so even though some bugs are being squashed, it’s fair to say that not all bugs will be fixed for some time.

Despite that, a new update has been pushed out to stable this week and it includes a number of small fixes. With a small post to Twitter, the announcement for the update was equal in size to the included changes, but we found that the changes are definitely most welcome by the community. Below the fixes from the latest patch have been listed.

  • Interaction with tents
  • Interaction with barrels
  • Interaction with garden plots

The servers only went offline for roughly two hours on July 15 and have since been up without any issues since. Patches like this have been posted throughout June and July so if you’ve ever noticed the stable servers going down, it’s most likely for patches. You can keep track of the latest patches by visiting the Day Z development Twitter.

In other news, we have some new grass textures in the DayZ Trello board. If you didn’t know already, the Trello board can be used to view the progress the developers are making across all areas of development. Below, the new grass textures can be seen.


There are many other interesting things to view on the Trello board. You can check out the board here. The board includes gifs for animations, predator animations, new weapons, new gear and new environmental work. We even have some content on the long awaited character growth feature. With this, players will be able to visually determine how long a player has been alive for with cues such as beard and head hair growth. So far, the feature has been kept locked up for a while but we think the feature could potentially be added to the game fairly soon. It will certainly be a game changer for immersion and I’m sure it’ll make players want to hold onto their character’s lives more dearly.


There’s a lot of older content on the Trello board that’s worth viewing too, including injured character poses andĀ older environmental art that is yet to make its way into the game.


We hope you enjoyed this issue of the DayZ News Post. If there’s anything else you’d like to see in these posts then please let us know!

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