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DayZ Patch notes Jan 5th 2014


DayZ Patch 0.30.113953

Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing) 
Server: Dead player cleanup (time based) 
Design: M9130 Bayonet can now open cans 
Server: BattlEye Anti-Cheat (Client as well) 
Server: Initial implementation for Sub-Private Hives (ongoing) 
Server: Initial implementation for regular & hardcore Public Hive 


Server: Dedicated Server crash related to player skeleton 
Server: Player location rubberbanding (ongoing) 
Server: Large delay in item manipulation and “inventory tetris”

Edit (there was also Jan 6th Hotfix which we’ve listed below):

Server: Dedicated Server crash related to memory cleanup
Server: Player location rubberbanding
Critical Security Vulnerability fixes
Note: This is a hotfix to address several key issues, and thus is focused on specifically those issues.

And with the end of Rocket and Crew’s winter break, we have received another glorious patch. Although no weapons were added in this patch (like the magnum in the previous one), there are a few quality-of-life changes that should make gameplay a little smoother. On top of that, we finally have the implementation of BattleEye, which should stem the tiny trickle of hackers currently in game.


Player spawns continually updated. As of right now the spawns remain on the east coast primarily, with a little bit of fine-tuning. Not a major change.

This DayZ patch seems to confirm that private hives will eventually be implemented, which I personally don’t agree with from a design standpoint (more on this tomorrow), but nonetheless was a major part of the latter days of the mod. In addition, it seems that they will eventually be splitting the Hive into regular and hardcore, an interesting decision.

And most importantly, rubberbanding and item tetris has been “fixed,” although we’re still getting reports that some positional lag is still rearing its ugly head and items dropped on the ground take a significant amount of time to appear. I expect to see some more patching to actually fix this issue, as it seems to be a deeper problem than a simple code change.

Also the Bayonet can open cans now so its not just a fancy extension for your Mosin anymore. Yay progress!


Stay tuned for more discussion about private vs. public hives and few other design-related topics in the upcoming week.

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    11 Responses

  1. Bynknight

    And what about the inprovement on players who get glitched through a wall when they walk on some upper floors of a building or fall down of a stairs because of glitching… Its so annoying that if u walk all the way from the east to the south to get to cherno elektro and ballota that u die fully geared because of these failures..

    • Bynknight

      Lots of word mr smartass, dont implement new content if game itself doesnt work properly…. first focus on improving game then inplement content… cause most of the time content will also give problems… 🙂

  2. I’d imagine that the continued effort to fix rubber banding will help combat the wall glitching to a point. I am happy with the frequency of updates. I wish they did a better job of explaining them though. Some of their efforts may be addressing things that the alpha players are concerned about. If it affects their productivity though I’ll take whatever I can get.

  3. I wouldn’t trust that link. Removing this comment.

  4. MrBasseDK

    When will cars.biks.planes will be add to the game????? 😀

    • if I were to guess, I would say in around 6 – 12 months time.

    • dayzintel afficals

      not when alpha comes out which is probably at the end of 2014 :{

  5. mayoman223

    I really want to buy this game, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to get acceptable FPS. According to System Requirements labs, I cannot run it, but they have been wrong before. I have a shitty graphics card, but I get good FPS in games such as Minecraft, TF2, Portal 2, Tribes Ascend, Half Life 2, etc (usually on low settings). Do you think I could run DayZ at an acceptable framerate?

    • T0MMYB543

      i have same kind of graphics card and yet my 5 year old windows vista laptop which woulden be able to play plannetside or battlefield is running dayz with no problems such as fps or rubber banding and it is runnung dayz smoother then my friends top of the line gaming PC so i would say try getting it and even if the fps is bad you would at least have the game so you can play it when it is better

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