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DayZ Standalone: Best DayZ Server Hosting

Welcome to DayZ Intel’s COMPLETE Server Hosting Guide

The DayZ Standalone launched with amazing success in late 2013, currently having sold more than 2.5 million copies, there is a massive influx of players looking to rent and run their own Dayz Servers. Running your own DayZ Server gives you admin controls that allow you to run the server the way you want to run it. Currently all DayZ Servers are linked up to the DayZ Server Hive – meaning your server is connected to all the other servers out there. Players will be able to travel freely between your server or anyone elses and take their highly prized gear with them.

As an added bonus, all Dayz Servers now come with ‘persistence‘ enabled by default. This means loot and gear on a server will stay even after a server restart, including player storage items like tents. Set up a camp with your friends and clan mates with the peace of mind that your camp will still be there after a unexpected server restart. No one wants to lose their gear and now with Persistent servers you don’t have to.

  1. DayZ Server Hosting Comparison Table
  2. Dayz Server hosting with Gameservers
  3. DayZ Server hosting with Vilayer
  4. DayZ Server hosting with Fragnet
  5. DayZ Private Shard Servers
  6. DayZ Server Admin Controls & Rules

DayZ Server Hosting Comparison Table

Compare popular DayZ Server Hosts side-by-side, and choose the Server Host that suits you. Fragnet, Vilayer and Gameservers are all reputable DayZ Standalone server hosts, but which one is best? they excel in different areas. Compare prices and features below.

United States & Canada
Asia & South Pacific
SSD Technology
Fast Setup
Service Support 24/7
Live Support
Service Monitoring 24/7
Server Configuration
Control Panel Functions
Server Time Tool
Automated Time Changer
Realtime Statistics
Server Branding 1 euro
[NEW] Private Shard Hosting
Game Coupon Discount DayZIntel15Off DayZIntel10
5 Day Refund
30 Day Refund
Add Voice Server Discount FREE
Discounts on Term Payments
FREE Web Site
Free Location Switches
Clan / Group Pay
Credit Card
Personal Check, Money Order
slot $1.86 per slot
€1.50 per slot
£1.19 per slot
$2.29 per slot
€1.79 per slot
£1.42 per slot
$1.80 per slot
€1.45 per slot
£1.15 per slot

DayZ Server hosting with Gameservers

Game Servers are one of the biggest and most trusted server hosting companies around with a massive catalog of reputable gaming companies and studios choosing them to host their online servers including games such as DayZ Standalone, Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament. Game Servers have a great reputation for reliability and make an excellent choice for your DayZ Standalone Server. Here are some of the features that can offer:

  • Many Worldwide DayZ Server Locations
  • Installation in minutes with 24/7 Dedicated DayZ Server Support
  • Custom Game Servers Control Panel
  • Shared Payment systems via ‘ClanPay’
  • Multiple Payment Methods accepted including credit cards, money orders and personal checks.
  • 5 Day Money Back Gaurantee offer a fully managed DayZ Standalone Server starting from $2.29 per slot / €1.79 per slot / £1.42 per slot.

Buy Now with GameServers  

Game Servers also offer other Hosting Services, like a bundled TeamSpeak, Ventrillo or Mumble Server at a discount price with each and every game server package you buy.

DayZ Server Hosting with Vilayer

Vilayer are one of the original hosting providers for both DayZ Mod and DayZ Standalone – they have been with the game from the beginning and their experience with dealing with DayZ Servers makes them a very reliable, high performing and stable choice for your DayZ Server Hosting needs. Here are some of the features that Vilayer can offer:

  • Many Worldwide DayZ Server Locations
  • Vilayer ACP Control Panel
  • Automated Server Time Changer
  • Sec-Layer Anti-DDOS Protection
  • EXCLUSIVE 10% DayZ Intel Discount with the code DayZIntel10

Vilayer currently offer a fully managed DayZ Standalone Server starting from $1.85 per slot / €1.45 per slot / £1.15 per slot.

Buy Now With Vilayer  

Vilayer also offer other Hosting Services, like personal and clan websites hosted on powerful VPS Cloud Servers. R

DayZ Server Hosting with Fragnet Server Hosting are renowned for their high levels of quality and service – being one of the highest rated Gaming Server Providers out there at the moment. Fragnet pride themselves on only using the highest quality networks and server hardware to provide a service a cut-above the rest – however the price reflects this as they are a little mroe expensive than the other major DayZ Standalone hosting provides.  Here are some of the featrues that can offer:

  • Many Worldwide DayZ Server Locations
  • High Quality Enterprise Level Hardware
  • Free 10 slot Voice Server on Mumble
  • Custom Fragnet Control Panel
  • Shared Payments System via ‘Group Pay’ offer a fully managed DayZ Standalone Server starting from $2.02 per slot /  €1.50 per slot / £1.28 per slot.

Buy Now with Fragnet  

Fragnet also offer other Hosting Services, like Virtual Dedicated Servers which offer the massive performance gains of dedicated servers at a fraction of the price.

DayZ Private Shard Server Hosting

As of right now, Private Shard Server Hosting is now available. A ‘private shard’ in DayZ is a server, or group of servers which are technically separate from the official public hive. This means your character is specifically tied to the private shard server and any other servers within that shard. Your character, equipment and status is shared between the private shard servers, but cannot be played outside of the shard. Users can have characters on many different ‘private shards’ as well as on the regular public hive all at the same time.

The benefits of ‘Private Shard’ servers are that they feel more personal and often suit a group of players like a community or clan much better.  It forces players to play on a server or a group of servers, and ensures players cannot loot-up on other servers and bring that loot into their shard.

Purchase a Private shard Server with Vilayer Now.

Purchase a Private Shard Server with now.

We’ve written up a more detailed guide on private shards if you would like to read more about them.

DayZ Server Admin Controls & Rules

All DayZ Servers come with basic admin controls. These controls allow you to do basic configuration and management of your DayZ Server, however the DayZ Server Hosting rules are fairly strict in terms of regulations. Here is a list of what you can do with your server.

  • Change your DayZ Server Name.
  • Set the player count between 30 and 40.
  • Set your DayZ Servers ‘Message of the Day’.
  • Switch your DayZ Server between First Person and third Person mode.
  • Change your DayZ Servers Time of Day.
  • Create a Server Whitelist using BEC.

You can find links to the DayZ Server Hosting guidelines & Rules below:

Public Server Hosting Rules

Private Server HostingRules

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    16 Responses

  1. EdNug

    I have a 2nd quality rig that I am planning to use as a game server. Can someone direct me to instructions on how to install and run my own server (nonrental)?

  2. I have a server through gameservers, and while it’s cool to “own” a server there aren’t really any benefits to doing so. It sort of feels like charity work. I don’t (and you shouldn’t) kick or restart for anything other than legit reasons. Other than selecting the time of day for server restarts and editing the Message of the Day there isn’t much to make it feel “yours” or unique at this point. Hopefully someday they will allow some variability.

  3. Mohamed

    I hear you UnderdogJr, the servers are pricey and should offer some sort of benefit to its owner; other than playing god and kicking players 😉

    Also, lately, it has been very annoying finding low pop servers (yeah sometimes i like looting with no fear ^^) as maybe half the time I get kicked for no reason the moment i connect to the server. As far as I understand from the server hosting rules that is STRICTLY forbidden by DayZ devs; but never enforced which is pointless.

    I do understand the dilemma of private servers and how they were exploited in DayZ MOD but i hope some middle ground can be found.

    Also server hopping is game breaking!!!

  4. We have been using Fragnet for a long time now – they are the best in Service/Hardware.

    Check our Servers and make your own conclusion! We will soon feature PvP/PvE/RP-Servers!

  5. Foschbaa

    the Vilayer Code dont work for me :..(

    • Hey!
      Unfortunately, the Vilayer code doesn’t work for Private Shards. I reached out to them to ask them why, and they say they have no wiggle room on price for private shards.
      The Fragnet code however, does work for Private Shards. 🙂

  6. Corey Cavaluzzi



    Will i be able to keep my weapons every time i put it on the ground….they seem to dissapear every time

    • Peter

      I usually find a nice open spot if I have to drop something important, specially a cement road for a gun drop…first I drop a can of food or something easy to replace and then the item. If you are in close to a tree, it can get hung up in the tree branches and ya might have to chop down the tree to get it back. Sometimes it will drop thru a floor or thru a wall of your facing a wall. Mostly that has been taken care of with fixes, but there are still some places where things go wrong. If you leave something on the ground too long it can just vanish. I still can’t believe no one has found my tent and my truck 🙂

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  9. DarklyDoesIt

    Lmao why would anyone buy a server for a Broken startup game thats over two years old? Also, is it just me or are they slowing down with the updates lately?

    • Flint

      Well said sir, and no definitely not just you

  10. none of these codes are working for me. 🙁

    Any idea of any new codes that are floating around the internet?

  11. Flint


    • They were bought out by someone else, not sure what their plans are now :/

      • David Hastings

        Unfortunately, when the DayZ developers were at their prime and the company was doing well, a couple of the executives got screwed over by the EU regarding border regulations and were most likely victims of dirty politicians with less than decent intentions. It’s a rather long story, and honestly, I don’t know all of the details. I came across the story when I was searching Google for information about why development was slowing down. I recommend you do some research of your own to get a better idea of what really happened. It’s an interesting story, so it’s definitely worth your time to look into it. Cheers!

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