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DayZ February Dev Blog: Physics, Bow & Arrows and Hunting



It’s been a while since the last devblog for DayZ – around September last year we were treated to a dev blog that talked about items, loot mechanics, the new inventory system and restraints. What a long way the game has come in these last 5 months! The latest dev blog from Rocket is jam-packed full of exciting new features that are creeping ever closer to making it into the experimental branch of DayZ Standalone.


It seems the guys have taken a major leap forward in regards to engine physics – this is the first time we’ve seen physics operating in the game and it looks like much of the groundwork has already been done. Rocket demonstrates the dropping and throwing of various different items, showing how each one traverses through the air differently and interacts with the different materisls around it depending on what type of material the item is made of.

Physics is really a stepping stone for DayZ, with it comes the possibilities of rag-doll players and zombies, dragging and dropping dead players or hostages, throwing-weapons, explosions and everything else that comes with it.


Rocket mentioned that the development team has been expanded specifically to introduce and improve the hunting and cooking aspects of the DayZ standalone – by developers who have experience working on other big hunting games. He shows a player slowly approaching pig or boar through the brushes around a lake and delivering a killer blow with the Mosin-Nagant. The animal provides 2 different types of meat, ‘pork leg’ and ‘pork steak’, and its indicated that you’ll be able to cook these two types of meat with a portable gas cooker and a cooking pot or frying pan.

The possibilities for cooking are really endless – especially when Rocket is drawing inspiration from ‘Project Zomboid’ – another great zombie game which literally allows you to make a dozen different types of soup from a plethora of  different cooking ingredients – each having a slightly different effect on the player depending on what goes into it.

Bow & Arrow

While the Bow and Arrow looked like it was in very early stages, it was clear to see how we can expect the Bow & Arrow to work – similar to other games like Rust the bow is very basic and the arrows protrude from your victims like massive splinters. We’re very excited for the bow and arrow, you should be too. When improvised weapons like this Bow & Arrow are complete and in-game, we’re going to see a massive decrease in the amount of currently spawning weapons.

Persistent Storage

Another massive game change is currently being worked on in the form of persistent storage. This is when items in and around Chernarus can carry over their contents between server restarts. We had persistent storage in the many mods of DayZ in the forms of Tents (Mods like Epoch even have vault-like safes) – now it seems the team are going to start off with backpacks. – meaning you will be able to fill a backpack up with gear, take it into the forest in a desolate location and hide it in a bush for darker days. We would expect that soon after we have persistent storage for backpacks, items like storage containers, ammo crates and then eventually tents will work in the same way and we can finally start working towards a sort-of end-game hoarding.

There are a few other things mentioned in the below video, like performance improvements, network optimizations, much welcomed  melee improvements and more. It’s one of the more feature-rich dev blogs, so check it out below and as always, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!


DayZ Devblog 24 February 2014

Video By:Dean Hall

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    22 Responses

  1. Adriaan

    Hi thank you for an Awesome game!!!!

    i would rather let you guys hold up on the cars and rather fokus on the cap sites, that we can set up camps and stuff, we are used to running.

    To build my own fortress/camp would be much better then to drive around in a car

  2. BigDukeSix

    Let me get this straight… Homemade bows and arrows and less guns…what is this cowboys and indians? How many people on earth have the know how to hand craft a bow and arrows? If somebody wants to play William Tell have at it, But leave the amount of firearms the same or more…

    • Phantok

      You know… guns don’t endlessly respawn irl… and if you were a survivor for real, learning to make a crude bow and arrow is a pretty good idea.

      • BigDukeSix

        Go make one then and report back….

      • DannyD

        “real life real life” dude its not real life.. Its a video game. If you want real life go run around in the woods with a stick.

        Think no respawning loot is so great? Go into a full 40 player server that hasn’t been restarted in 24hours and guess what, you won’t find a single zombie or a single piece of loot in all of chernarus..

        Sure respawning loot isnt realistic.. But its the only option and it sure as hell beats server owners having to restart their servers ever hour

    • Blackwatch

      Too bad.. there’s no zombies around yet, so I don’t think he’ll be reporting back anytime soon.

    • Feanor

      Most people I imagine… A rudimentary bow and arrows are quite simple to make.

  3. Where is bicycles!!??

  4. dukky619

    Like the bows and other improvised weapons.agree with not taking away more gun spawns seeing as its hard enough to get a gun without having to go to a military base , nevermind getting decent attachments for them to. Would love to see some developement in the lines of traps, ie beartrap, tripwires , shotgun shell traps , poisen traps like being able to poisen water wells or foods. Some sort of transport would be amazing . Better faction clothing . But what the game seriously needs is a data usage overhaul, the game is way too data hungry, for a 1 hour session it uses allmost up to 400 to 500meg of data, I know the game is still early stages but for a guy that has a capped line and loves to play the game for more than 3 hours a day it just doesn’t work out . If it wasn’t for that I would be alot more active on the game. Plus higher data usage also leads to packet loss and desync under peak times.

  5. Hunter

    Hey, listen up!
    Don’t get tripped around by these guys, the weapons ARE to easy to find, me personally, i can get fully geared up in 10 mins. (weapon and all), in fact, please reduce the weapon spawns, there are waaaaay to many weapons around. These people saying they want every player to have a .50 sniper rifle are the COD players coming to play DayZ and they don’t really understand the concept of the game. Btw. thank you for finally gettin’ bows in the game!! I’ve been waiting for them forever, same with persistent storage. One of the best upcoming updates ever, faith in Dean’s Beans restored, keep it up boys.

  6. I agree with Hunter. Our team played several years FPS shooters, CoD etc etc and we been talking about this issue a lot. DayZ alpha have way too many weapon spawns and yes, its easy to gear up in 10-20 minutes. The bigger problem in game now is that you can still duplicate weapons, if you know how. With one fully geared dude you can arm whole crew with fully equipped mosins etc. Luckily this is still in alpha stage and I hope that next patch include fixes to this major issue.
    as long as there is tiny amount of zeds running in cities and as long as there is no decent combat clock system in game, please developers lower nagant spawn’s more.

  7. BigDukeSix

    Like I said, the level of guns is fine…Leave it be….Or….. Let’s make it more difficult and more intimidating for anyone who wants to try this game. Unless you play as a total dick KOSer, the game is challenging and you actually need weapons to survive, besides a sharp stick., unless you want to hermit in the woods the entire time by your campfire eating rabbits you killed with your home made bow.

  8. Kn0ck0uts

    Well ladies i believe it is to easy to get a gun for sure and there is to many options as far as what gun to choose from in a short period of time , and for the guys that gear up in “10min” well camping your toon in air field well , your playing it for the PVP not the survival aspects. have your buddy come on shoot on sight and then looting the players body there is not skill behind that , so they wont be using bows and arrows at all , so its no change in game for them . and thats just the name of the game , i don’t see a problem with adding this in at all survival its a must lol and for me personally trolling bandits with a bow “EPIC” as long as the bow can inflect death with a head shoot single a single arrow . its just gonna be two diff. crowds of players and its gonna affect one more then the other.

  9. Warglutton

    I really hope the developers don’t get caught up in people whining about how hard the game is because people will always complain about something no matter what. People by nature are programmed to want something else as soon as we get what they wanted in the first place. That being said, please make this game this game as challenging as possible in order to keep people interested because as much as they whine and snivel that its to hard, they don’t even realize themselves that they wouldn’t want to play it if it wasn’t hard. Also Gorilla tactics and improvised weapons would be a huge part of an end of the world type scenario especially a few years after the actual event. Those that could not learn to use the things that they find in the world for multiple purposes would not be alive. Being able to craft a bow and arrow is a skill thousands of years old so i would hope if you are alive three years after the “event” that you would have figured it out.

    • Huhn

      “Gorilla tactics” made my day!

  10. chadPOLE

    I would suggest fourwheelers for vehicles. They are personal and have the aspect of following buddies when running across the counrtyside. People are going to fight really hard for cars and trucks. And bandits could dominate with a military loaded vehicle. I really look forward to this update.

  11. BigDukeSix

    Warglutton, who’s whining? these developers are trying to.make money with this. While you may be the best, roughest toughest rootinist tootinist shootinist player DAYZ has ever seen, new players want to.try this game and the developers want them to actually like it. Making it harder for new players will do one thing, drive them away and kill the game you obviously dominate

  12. Well, if some dayz nugget want to rise bar, try to survive underwear only with axe. I try it and survive like 4 hilarious hours XD

    • BigDukeSix

      Now thats funny… Star Man you are a survivor!!! LOL

    • A piece of erotdiiun unlike any other!

  13. Hehe. Only times i could think a bow would be usefull, is hunting animals….. Because shooting them would ruin the meat perhaps? Would make the hunting more intens, when you have 5 arrows and killing that dear is your final battle before dying from hunger in the middel of the woods-

  14. Delludus

    If someone says a difficult game drives away new players, they should try playing eve online. It has the most difficult learning curve in existence in gaming. And the community is still growing after 11 years… so dont be retarded thx.

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