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DayZ News Post #7 – September 20 Why Updates are Slower


There’s no status report news this week, so we’re back to our usual DayZ news post issues. This time, we’ve reached issue 7 and we’ll be sharing some insightful information about why the DayZ Standalone updates have slowed down. Recently, Hicks spent some time answering questions over at the DayZ forums and his response to a question related to slower DayZ updates makes complete sense.

Why Updates are Slower than Before – From Hicks

You may have remembered during the initial launch of DayZ Standalone, updates were pushed out faster and we’d see new content updates on the stable branch far more regularly than we do now. It would be easy to think, that at this point in time, the 0.61 build isn’t getting as much attention as DayZ once used to. The truth is, DayZ Standalone is still being worked on just as much as it has always been. In fact, the developers are constantly updating us with their progress.

Brian Hicks, design lead of DayZ Standalone, recently mentioned why the recent updates have slowed to a standstill. It’s because the team are working on merging over technology from the Arma engine – remember the new renderer release in 0.60? It may have taken a long time to implement but it did wonders to frame rate and performance. Now, more work needs to be done to move over other aspects of the engine, including the new audio improvements and new animation systems.


All of this, animations especially, is incredibly hard to merge into the current DayZ code. It’s essentially a new set of code and everything after the engine merge will require the developers to start from scratch when they’re developing new features. If, for example, the developers push out the release of helicopters today, they may have to re-do all of the code once the engine merge has been completed. This is going to be a huge slowdown in development team, so it’s best that the DayZ dev team get the hard work on the engine out of the way first before adding new features. Doing so will reduce the number of changes they’ll have to make to their existing code in the future.

Hicks mentioned all of this on the DayZ forum, stating that, “At the point we’re at with development, we’re effectively nearing merge time for the major engine modules that have been worked on. You saw it with the new renderer, and will be seeing it to a much smaller degree with the audio technology (0.61) moved over from the awesome dudes working on Arma – and currently the engine team are all cracking away on things such as physics, and the new animation system, which represents a blocker for a very large amount of content and overall changes to how the base game plays.”

0.61 Progress

So, for now we may have to wait for more content, but the DayZ dev team are still working as hard as ever. Currently, the next update to look forward to is the 0.61 branch. 0.61 has not been pushed to stable or experimental yet, but the experimental release is expected soon. If you’d like to learn more about how 0.61 is coming on, make sure to check out our review of the latest status report, which was posted on October 11. You can learn more about that here.

DayZ Community

We’ve got a few bits and pieces to share from the DayZ community this week. Firstly, Twitch streamers Mr Blue and Queenie have recently shared their strategies for stopping stream snipers ruining their fun, so if you’re streaming on Twitch and want to avoid players tracking you down, have a read through their stream sniping┬ácountermeasure guide.

Reddit user SquidFruit recently posted a new screenshot that showcases just how beautiful DayZ is. It may have it’s problems, but it sure looks lovely.

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