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The DayZ News Post Issue #5 – August 25 Audio Improvements & More


We’re back with another DayZ News Post. In this issue we will be discussing the new audio improvements that we are hoping to see implemented into update 0.61. We’ll also be talking about the upcoming changes we’d like to see in DayZ before the end of the year¬†and the overall state of the DayZ community. Grab a coffee and get reading!

Upcoming Audio Improvements

Earlier in the month, the DayZ dev team posted the dev log that we have featured above. The video above showcases some of the new audio improvements we will be receiving in update 0.61. Brian Hicks spends the time in the six minute video showing off how the new audio improvements will make a difference to gameplay and overall immersion. Around the 1:40 mark you’ll be able to instantly tell that the new sounds have made a tremendous difference to the experience. Gun battles are going to become far more dramatic. We’d highly recommend watching the video all of the way through. New audio may not seem like much of a big thing but we have a feeling it’s going to make a huge impact. In a game where immersion is everything, audio quality is perhaps one of the most important features.

Changes Before 2017

We’re already in August. It won’t be long before 2016 hits it’s end and 2017 will be born. There are a number of changes in Dayz we’d like to see make it to stable branch before the end of the year and we are going to touch on some of these aspects below.


Firstly, the performance improvements in update 0.60 were much needed and we’re feeling confident that whilst further performance fixes may be appreciated by the community, it certainly doesn’t need to be a priority for before the end of 2016. Instead, we’d like the developers to work on a few more features to make the DayZ experience more immersive. The first of these features is of course going to be the new audio improvements. Once again, make sure you check out the video above to get a glimpse of that.

Next, we’d like to see the re-introduction of zombies, or at least the debut of predators. The developers have mentioned a few times that their progress with this has been going along nicely, but we’ve yet to see any actual in-game testing yet. We would love for there to be more improvements towards the PvE side of things. More hunting opportunities would be welcomed and more challenging gameplay elements within the wilderness would be an exciting addition.

DayZ Community

As development has progressed, the DayZ playerbase has dropped down quite dramatically. At this point, the DayZ players leftover are a mixed bunch of those who aren’t quite yet bored of the game, the diehard fans and players who have come back to experience the improvements in 0.60. We think that over time the DayZ playerbase could improve a little, but we’re unlikely to see any real hitch in players until the full release, which may be quite some time away yet.


If you’re starting to become frustrated with the playerbase in DayZ, we’d highly recommend joining a whitelisted server. RP servers are great fun if you like immersion, but even a simple no-KOS server could be a refreshing change.

How do you currently play DayZ? What kind of changes to the community would you like to see for your dream DayZ experience?

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