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DayZ Release Date

DayZ Standalone Alpha and the Impending Release Date


We’ve been saying DayZ Standalone is just around the corner for a while now, and for good reason. There’s been no word on an official release date, but from the progress we’ve seen in the current game-play videos and from the various conventions the team have attended it’s been pretty clear that the game has almost made it to Alpha.

DayZ Standalone Release Information

Dean stated at E3 in June this year that the DayZ Standalone release was going to be between 2 weeks and 2 months from then – that takes us up to mid-august.

It’s not going to be next week (jet lag, etc…). But it’s not going to be longer than two months. It will be somewhere in between.

Then a few weeks later at Rezzed UK – Dean mentioned that the development team had came up with ‘a window of about a week’. A lot of players took this out of context, articles and YouTube videos started popping up all over the web claiming Dayz Standalone was going to be out ‘within a week’. They were wrong.

No, you are completely incorrect.

What I said, exactly, was that we have finally selected a release window of a specific week – but that I didn’t want to say when that week was because it’s an internal milestone.

In a reddit post this week, Dean said that they want to stick to their original E3 prediction, meaning the DayZ Standalone should be released before August 13th. He also mentioned on Reddit, that the team is going to be at Gamescom 2013 with a playable DayZ Standalone.

Yes, DayZ will be playable there.

It will be a very painful show for me if we aren’t out by then.

Gamescom 2013 is being held on August 21, so it’s obvious Dean wants the game to be released by then. The only factor which may or may not hold them back is bugs. If something goes wrong, especially with the new client/server architecture they have put so much work into, it could delay things by weeks or even months. The important thing to remember is that the team are working round the clock to get this to us in a playable and enjoyable state. People whining for them to release the Alpha in the state it is in currently prompted Dean to tweet the following image.

I wont sell you DayZ

Why all the hype?

The big question is, why all the fuss? Why are people so pumped for the DayZ Standalone release? DayZ has amassed over 1.7 million players in the last year and a half, arguably making it one of the most successful mods ever released. This is where the reason lies for the hype being generated around DayZ Standalone. 1.7 million players are currently stuck playing a clunky, buggy, seriously flawed game. Yahtzee once compared the movement in DayZ to walking around with a washing machine strapped to your head. DayZ forces you to commit several hours of game play in order to accomplish the smallest of achievements, and then strips those achievements away when you’re  killed by a tree, a door or a hacker.

The majority of players aren’t expecting the DayZ Standalone Alpha to be full of fancy new features or game mechanics (well.. maybe a few). They just want a smooth, fluid, survival experience – in a world that feels bare, lonely, apocalyptic – fighting against zombies that feel like a threat. This is what DayZ Standalone Alpha has to have at it’s core on launch, not fancy helicopters, military weapons, base building, mission systems. None of that – just good old survival, the game has to be stripped back before it can move forward.

DayZ Standalone Features

Most of you will probably already know – DayZ Standalone is going to launch with a pretty limited set of features compared to some of the mods out there. Most of the development time is going into improving the engine, the map, animations, items, weapons, mechanics, and the client/server architecture.  There will be no vehicles, no helicopters,  no base construction,  no journal and no custom radio-stations. I’ll touch on some of the features we know are included.

New DayZ Map

The DayZ Standalone is going to be set in our beloved Chernarus, with a few extra features. Dean and the development team have confirmed that ‘Chernarus+‘ is going to be about 20% bigger, featuring new locations of interest like the off-shore shipwreck, the prison, police stations and the marshy swamps. See below for details on the new Chernarus+ map (Thanks to TheAngryKat)

Chernarus Plus


New DayZ Weapons and Attachment System

It was mentioned at E3 that the Standalone was going to be launched with around 12 weapons. This is because every weapon is being re-modeled from scratch.  They’re going to be more authentic and realistic. On top of this, the Standalone is launching with one of the new systems – Weapon Attachments. Rocket confirmed on Reddit that they already have 12 attachments in-game for the M4. Here’s his list of attachments:

  • 2 kinds of buttstock
  • 2 kinds of handguard (RIS kit)
  • flashlight
  • 3 kinds of scope (ACOG, handrail ironsights, and something else i cant remember)
  • magazine and coupled magazine
  • bayonet
  • silencer


New DayZ Crafting System

So far, 220 craftable items have been confirmed for DayZ Standalone. That’s a lot, considering we’ve only been shown 4 or 5 of those so far. We don’t yet know how many of these items will be included in the initial Alpha release, I would like to think most of them. You can view the confirmed DayZ Crafting Items on our DayZ Crafting System page – this will be updated to include any new confirmed craftable items when/if they are revealed.

Final Thoughts and the future of DayZ Intel

So there we have it, all the juicy details on the DayZ Standalone Alpha. If I’ve missed anything, or something is incorrect – please let me know in the comments below.

I’d personally like to thank everyone for reading, we’ve only been live for 8 weeks and we’ve been completely over-whelmed by the player interaction on the site. The amount of feedback we’ve had from the community has been great, our twitter feed is growing exponentially and every day we’re gaining more and more readers, as well as more and more support in general.

After Standalone release, expect most of the substantial news we post to be Standalone related. We expect some of the lesser DayZ Mods and Maps to die out – we’ll continue to cover the ones that don’t – with posts on patches, change-logs and announcements.

We’re proud to support the DayZ Streaming community and we’ll be working hard on our DayZ Live systems in the coming weeks to improve the voting system, add exposure for new and featured streamers and polish off the system for clans.

We’ll be hard at work keeping the Crafting System pages up-to-date on launch and making sure it’s easy and efficient  to quickly find information on DayZ’s extensible list of craftable items.

We’re also covering the new DayZ Weapons and Weapon Attachments. One of our mods MrSac69 is going to be running the Weapons section, dissecting each and every weapon, as well as attachments and thoroughly putting them to the test – to bring you the best weapon/attachment combo’s for all sorts of play styles.

We’ll be adding a Survival section, which we would largely like to be run by you – the players. We’re going to have a system in place that allows players to write posts – and after approval they will be published to the Survival page for everyone to read, share and vote on.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Feenicks Williams

    This is a very comprehensive and very well written account of Standalone news to date. I really apprecitate you making this information so available. The website also looks amazing, I know I will be back here several times.

    • Thanks 🙂 glad you liked it.

  2. MD3ad

    The journal is going to be in , not sure about radio stations but they are already in stage 2 so there is a big chance it’s going to be in the initial alpha , so they can start testing right away 🙂

    • hey 🙂 Have you got a link for the confirmation of Journals in Alpha and I can add that to the post? Also, I know Radio’s are going to be in, probably with the music channels shown at E3, but I’m just not sure they’ll have time to approve the custom streams before the alpha.

      • MD3ad

        well on the forums stage 1 closed 8 juli ( of costum radio stations ) and stage 2 was 15 minutes of radio broadcast , so who knows.
        no i dont have a link that can confirm it , but the journal has been shown in gameplay as i remember.

  3. Lemondish

    You can make an argument that this is the ‘most successful mod ever released’, but nobody will agree with you. Probably because COUNTER-STRIKE.

    • That sentence was supposed to read ‘one of the most popular’. I’ll get that changed.

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