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DayZ Standalone Survival Guide


So DayZ standalone has finally been released, and many of you will have already tried to survive the first night out in Chernarus Plus. Most of you probably failed. You have found out the hard way – Survival is tough. ‘My head throbs, I want to drink something, I feel unsteady, I feel like taking a nap ‘ – you will already be familiar with the constant whining of your character, but you may not fully understand how to tend to his or her needs. Let’s go over some basics.


If your character is hungry – you need calories. The calories don’t necessarily need to come from food either, all food and drink items have a calorific content, some more than others. the most trustworthy food sources will be canned foods, which makes a can opener an absolute must for prolonged survival. If you find one – guard it with your life! Canned foods will never go bad and they will never make you sick (unless you eat too much!). Fruits are a good source of calories too, and the vitamins and minerals obtained from eating fresh fruit will help you shake ‘the infection’. Eating bad fruit however, can leave you with a funny taste in your mouth and lead to disease. I do not recommend eating rotten fruit unless it is literally life or death.


If your character is thirsty – you need fluids. The most reliable source of fluids is water as you can re-fill canteens and bottles at various water sources around Chernarus. However, using these water sources can expose you to infection and/or disease so it’s highly recommended to purify or boil your water before you drink it. Again, only drink non-purified water if it’s a life and death situation.


If your character is tired – you need to rest. Over exerting yourself will make you tired, this will lead to problems like passing out and make you more vulnerable to disease. Things that cause tiredness include melee combat and constant running. If you’ve been having the issue of constant tiredness, you may want to start taking regular breaks in between journeys, press ‘F3′ to sit down and switch to ‘walk’ mode now and again. sitting down for 2 minutes will restore fully.


Infection is a little different, there are no obvious status messages to indicate that you’re infected. Infection is indicated by blurred vision and/or constant passing out, even after eating and drinking.  To cure infection, you will need all/either antibiotics, vitamins, fresh fruits, blood, saline, or an alcohol tincture. Any one of these items could cure you, so try any or all of them as you find them. Saline Bags seems to be good for curing the constant passing out and unconsciousness, while the other will help with blurred vision.


Remember, the infection and other diseases can be caught by sharing food, items and clothing with other players. Think twice before you let your buddy have a sip on your canteen if he is showing signs of illness. Re-consider stealing that dead guy’s clown mask, it may be covered in the very germs that killed him. Disinfect everything and anything by holding by dragging the disinfectant in your inventory and dropping it onto items. This will make it safe to use. Do not under any circumstances drink the disinfectant, it will kill you and there is no cure.

It’s important to remember that DayZ is no longer just about just satisfying a food and drink indicator by hitting ‘eat’ and ‘drink’. You literally need to take care of your character by ensuring you have a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are constantly running from town to town, taking no rest breaks, swinging your axe and eating nothing but cereal and drinking soda – you are going to get ill. Hopefully the guide above will help some of you prolong the inevitable.

Please, share your tips with us below and we may include them in the guide.



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  1. TheLouis177

    This is pretty awesome, thanks! :D

    • MoonTwo

      To cure being over-stuffed (which can result in you throwing up) you must wait until you are starving for a minute or so and then it’ll go away. Just eat a packet of cereal and you’ll be good. 3900 food (stomach) makes you throw up. Do NOT spam drinking at the wells like I did! Do it gradually!

    • Lo-Wang

      This has been a very helpful guide, the first two i came across seemed to be taking the piss to some extent.

    • Jim

      Glad it was useful guys!

  2. Ballistic

    Best help out there atm for the first release build of this game. Thanks after reading this Ive been able to survive.

    • I’m glad it helped :)

  3. TadeL

    Thank you!! Best guide :D

  4. Brad

    Great advice

  5. sick

    What if you are sick what to do then ?

    • Try taking a full pack of antibiotics over the course of a few in-game meals. Vitamins may also help, keep weel hydrated and take frequents rest breaks. You’ll be fine :)

  6. Kyl1394

    “Do not under any circumstances drink the disinfectant, it will kill you and there is no cure.” … Dang it! Note to self: check what is actually in your hands before pressing drink. :(

  7. 4oby

    I walked around for about 3h and found 1 bottle of water and 1 coke) I’m in constant thirst((
    (that was my first 3 hours of DayZ)
    And only when i saw the map I realized that they are no water supplies in “Bolota” (FacePlam)
    Thanks for the guide, and hope we get to see a full map anytime soon)

    • Murf

      There is water in Bolota, it is on the road right before the miltary camp, it is a spout on the southern side of the road.

  8. Tom

    You mention boiling water, but how do you even do that in the standalone? As far as I can tell I haven’t been able to make a fire pit or anything. Step by step might be nice :P

    • Scott

      I’ve seen a tutorial for putting together something like a camping burner (like you use in scouts) and i’ve found a cooking pot on a dead guy before (tho it was ruined). I imagine that all of these together would do what we needed to do. I just haven’t managed to assemble everything yet (and i’m at half blood and sick so i doubt i will any time soon!)

      • The mechanics for boiling water aren’t yet in the game.

  9. Essie

    Thanks man!!! saved my life!!!. very helpful information. :*

  10. talitubbie

    Wall of text inc

    I had been wandering around for 1½ day now without a death, and gathered quite a lot of loot and now i wanted to test some out in case i should lose it somehow..

    when i started testing all this on myself i werent hungry/thirsty/sick/bleeding or anything.

    First i used the alcohol to clean my wounds, then i got sick(yellow)

    I was like wtf.. oh well. i didnt get blurry sight, but who knows, maybe i would pass out easily

    Then i tried taking 1xvitamins, didnt help, then i tried 1x antibiotics, didnt help.

    Then i tried 1x charcoals, that made my sickness RED. still no blurry sight, but whaaaat.

    I have ALL(i belive) medical equipment in my bag. syringes, start kits, saline, bloodbag and injection vial.

    What do i do?

    • It must have been the initial bandage with alcohol that made you sick, did you disinfect it before hand?

      As far as I know, a single vitamin or antibiotic will not cure sickness, it had to be multiple pills spread out over a few hours. Try that and let us know how you get on.

    • talitubbie

      took some more antibiotics later and that made sick yellow again..

  11. Essie


    I was sick, in orange, starting to see black and white, and I took a gulp of alcohol tincture, an saline IV, some antibiotics and my sick status came back to yellow. I ate from cans and drink from bottles. On screen said:- My wounds hurt less.
    I was searching for vitamins, because the sickness was not all gone when I realize that after taking two more pills of antibiotics, a gulp of alcohol tincture. an another IV ( I figure is not easy) after a while, in my crazy search, i look my inventory and y was no sick. I had charcoal too I never had to use…(luckily)
    Careful, those things can help you if you are sick, maybe if you are not sick and you take it , you might go sick.
    And after take your treatment, try to maintain your status for a while cause you got to get strength or you can be sick for anything.
    hope it helped :)

    • xxp

      drink from bottles not disinfected is bad

    • zeeb

      You took a gulp of alcohol tincture? Dude, alcohol tincture is made for cleaning wounds, drinking it makes you sick! XD

  12. dragoman

    so me and my friend have been walking around dayZ and we are now in the far north of the map with almost everything. he has a M4 and i have a mozin with scope :) we also have most of the medical suppllies.
    Now he got hit by a zombie and he bandaged the wound but he is still like making the same noise (coughing) since when he got hit. the screen is a little bit grey but is there anything we can do? :)

    • Permute

      He’s lost blood (hence the discoloration of his view) he needs to keep his hunger and thirst full to regenerate blood. This is how it’s supposed to work but I’ve heard that it’s not working properly.

    • dragoman

      okay thanks for the tip :) we should go a bit more south now it’s kinda boring in the far north there is almost no one and we are fully geared, were going to look to help other players :D

    • NH4MnO4

      Find me and help me lol. Most of the people of WarZ were “shoot in sight” people, hope DayZ won’t be like that

    • dragoman

      where are you? and yeah i dont know wich server but we are always looking to help people :)

  13. CMoth

    Boiling water and cooking looks like it will require a gas stove and medium fuel containers. I found mine in the residential areas. As far as I can tell there isn’t a wood gathering ability yet or a fire-pit making option as yet. Because there are items that require boiling water (rice, powdered milk, etc) I’m assuming that it’s going to be a major component for sustaining yourself in game.

    What I’d like is if they would tone that down a bit. Make it a little more realistic. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t wander around constantly thinking how thirsty or hungry I am. I’d like to be to explore abilities other than food and water gathering.

    • NH4MnO4

      I’m starting at the 24th of December. Will need practice since I’ll be coming from a game like WarZ.

  14. Alan


    Thank you for the tips!

    I have a problem… Due internet troubles a zombie hit me several times yesterday… and when i tried to apply on myself a bandage i were not able to use them for some seconds.. nearly a minute (internet lag) so… now i have a very very blur vission and i see all in black and white tones.. it is very difficult to see and i dont know what to do… i have no sickness, no hunger and no thisrty… so i think… Do i need some blood? but… it is nearly impossible to search for some blood due my very very blur vission…

    Any tips?

    On other hand… nice guide.. thank you for the help :)

    • dragoman

      you could use some saline bags, that will help you get your screen back to colours :)

  15. Nick

    Hi, im sick on one of the servers. I’ve tried eating with vitamins afterwards, because Antibiotics are too rare it seems. It keeps saying, my wounds hurt less, or they look cleaner, and my sick status went to orange. I rest heaps, I dont know what to do.

    • if you’re getting the message ‘my wounds hurt less’ that is a good sign, it means your sickness is improving, keep on doing what you’re doing and it will heal completely.anti-biotics will speed up the healing .

  16. xXmushymanXx

    Hey guys, recently some axe murderer attacked me, he got 1 hit on me but I then shot him. Im wondering, how can I get health back on solo. Is the only way to keep eating food?

  17. xXmushymanXx

    btw by health I mean Blood, soz forgot that there is health aswell

    • Jim

      Food does help, I also believe a blood bag kit or a bag of saline can work wonders if you can find any in a hospital or military area. Off the top of my head I think the IV kit you need also needs a second man to administer, give us a shout if you need any help!

    • Reaver

      you have to have near max food and energy for blood to be restored, once your blood is restored, you start gaining health back.

  18. xXmushymanXx

    yeah cool thanks man, my friend just got the game and spawned near me, now im all good

  19. Collin

    If it is possible could someone perhaps tell me how one fix’s the perpetual grey screen create by, for instance by becoming starved to the point of death, then surviving. I find that the grey screen created by extreme hunger of thirsty stays as such even after i have then fully satisfied by my character needs. I believe it is different to the effect created by blood loss or am i mistaken. Might i have to take medicine or the like. Thanks!

  20. TadeL

    A Saline Bag IV will do :)

  21. purescam

    hey guys if your vision is blurry, hit esc key go to video settings once you have clicked on that it should go back to normal, i am not sure however if it is 100% to do with blood levels as my vision was blurry from spawning on my current char. it could just be a glitch. i do know that if your blood levels are low it is supposed to go grey and blurry but like i said it effected me from spawn and every time i log in.

    • Gabriel

      Desaturation means low blood ; blurry means low health.

  22. Ottoman

    Awesome stuff! Really helps me out knowing I can ditch a few things for the sake of space…ya know since cooking isn’t active yet.

  23. NightFallForever

    I was wondering around this town for about an hour in search for water… I found a water bottle that said 87% dose that mean someone drank from it and left it for room or what?

    • Brett Leary

      No, some water bottles and canteens just aren’t 100% full. Some are even empty.

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