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DayZ Standalone: Top 10 Items


DayZ Standalone has been available now for just over 2 months and we’re now all getting to grips with the new systems that have been put in place. Health has had a major overhaul that has went from being a simple blood-based health meter to a complex system of blood, health, energy and hydration. The weapons, magazines, ammunition and weapon attachment systems have greatly increased the complexity of how we’re using standards weapons. Biggest of all the vast number of  new items in the game has completely changed how we loot – what items we take, what items we drop, and what items  we don’t even give a second glance.

Here’s our list of absolutely essential items to be on the look out for in the DayZ Standalone. Everyone has their favorites, but these are ours. Yours may be wildly different – if so, let us know in the comments below.

Ballistic Helmet


The ballistics helmet seems to have become an integral part of DayZ Standalone end-game. The shape and colour of the ballistic helmet make it essential for a player who is conscious of their camouflage and silhouette. The extra protection it provides from a single-headshot (only when Pristine) make it essential for players who like to keep their brains on the inside of their skulls.

300 Round Ammo Box


The 300 Round Ammo Box is an absolute must for the more serious marksmen among us. It takes up 4 inventory slots and stores, like the name suggests, upto 300 rounds. Although it only stores ammunition, it potentially saves you upto a dozen inventory slots and keeps your ammo extra safe when under fire – decreasing the likelihood that it will become damaged. Even if you find ammunition for a gun you don’t have, its easy to stick it in the ammo box and use it for trading, give it your friends or store it until you find the compatible weapon.

First Aid Kit


The first aid kit is often overlooked, simply because a lot of the default contents of the first aid kit are completely useless in DayZ at the moment. The syringe, water-purification tablets, painkillers,  and to an extent, the Saline Bag, Blood Bag and IV Starter Kit are all very seldom used in DayZ at the moment. However, I find that when I have a first aid kit in my inventory, I’m always prepared for what Chernarus may throw at me. You can empty out the contents you think you’ll never use, and fill it back up with items you will – like bandages, morphine, epinephrine and antibiotics.



The humble bandage – probably the most used item in the DayZ Mod without a doubt and it’s still absolutely essential in DayZ Standalone. It’s probably used a little less now as the amount of zombies has been temporarily decreased and they’re yet to start respawning. Also you can now tear up certain clothing items into rags but eventually, the rags will have a chance of giving you an infection so bandages will once again be king of the medical supplies. Always try and keep a roll of bandages in your inventory.

Uncooked Rice


Uncooked rice is currently the best food in the game. It takes up two inventory slots, has an incredible 10 uses and provides you with a massive amount of energy when fully consumed. It will dehydrate you a little but as long as you have a water source nearby you can offset that easily. While in good health, an uncooked bag of rice should be enough to keep you at an energized status for quite some time.

Hunting Backpack


The hunting backpack in another of our favourite pieces of apparel, providing the user with 30 slots of extra storage, while keeping your silhouette fairly slim in comparison to the massive mountaineering backpack which provides 5 extra slots. The hunting backpack also comes in dark green or  camouflaged colours so it aids in helping keep your player camouflaged.

Assault Vest


The Assault Vest is another piece of apparel which provides a whopping 8 slots in your chest slot. It too, comes in a camouflaged variant and generally just looks 100% bad-ass. If the vest is in pristine condition, it will provide protection from a single bullet to the chest, similar to the ballistic helmet. An absolute lifesaver.



Handcuffs are by no means an essential item in DayZ – but with the very limited amount of end-game content in the game at the moment they can provide some amusement… at the expense of others. A pristine pair of handcuffs are incredibly difficult to escape from without a key, so they provide the perfect means to kidnap, restrain and generally just antagonize other players you’ll find around Chernarus. Handcuffing a player shouldn’t always lead to death – use them wisely. Use them when you think your subject could be a threat if you have your back turned, or use them to keep a player restrained if you come under fire. As of the latest patch, handcuff keys will no longer disappear when used so you can continue to lock and unlock players as you please.

Can Opener


The Can Opener – probably the most important item in the game when it comes to long-term survival. Sure you can use other items to open tinned-foods now , like the screwdriver, hacksaw, bayonet or splitting axe. But each of these items will cause you to loose varying amounts of food from your precious tin. Using a can opener provides 100% of your food, 100% of the time.

 Head Torch


The head torch is probably a majorly under-used item right now, most likely due to the fact that servers seem to quickly become depopulated every time the sun goes down. There are various reasons for this, but it doesn’t mean you should discount playing at night all together, sometimes its a better idea to play at night when you first spawn in as the servers are much quieter and therefore there is far more loot to be found. Yes there are hacks to increase your visibility at night, like fiddling with your gamma settings or turning off ‘clouds’ in the graphic settings – but the fact is you just cant beat a head torch when it comes to visibility at night.

So that’s it – 10 DayZ Items that you absolutely do not want to be without. Keep an eye out for them, protect them, hunt them – and you will greatly increase your survival chances while roaming around Chernarus. If you think we’ve missed an important item, or if your list is completely different let us know in the comments below.

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    21 Responses

  1. KhalifahEmpire

    Disagree. What good does the ammo box if you did not include a weapon. Best item is the green camouflaged M4 with optics(no need for binoculars), flashlight(no need for head torch) and second best item is the pristine cantine. So take out head torch, can opener and handcuffs. Have a gun and people will fear you and won’t try to assault you, unless they have a weapon themselves.

    • Lt.Stabeau

      Khal you are an idiot, it is obvious they left out weapons on purpose. If they had put in weapons the rest would have been scopes, clips, etc.

      • KhalifahEmpire

        I wrote that after playing for 3 days, but your remark makes you sound rude. Please be more careful with how you talk.

  2. Probably should have mentioned, we intentionally left weapons out of this list 😀

    It’s just items, if I had included weapons, they would have taken up half of the list.

    • KhalifahEmpire

      Oh, well then it is understandable.

  3. Simon Aiken

    I’d rate the pistol torch attachment over the head mounted one.

    A working compass was invaluable early on when I was learning the layout. Being able to navigate point to point from landmarks going cross country is much safer and faster than following the roads.

    • Anon

      Use the clouds instead. Line up with the clouds until they directly go forward.

      The way the clouds is going is east.

  4. jack

    i would remove bandages because they come with the first aid kit and add the cantine

  5. M4zz

    Top 10?
    -hunting bag —–we need storage and cover. So this is a must have.
    -assault vest —–admit it: dressing to impress and the extra slots are more than welcome
    -can opener ——NEVER spill food.
    -medic kit —–leave out the siringe and throw in a saline bag.
    -ballistic helmet —–keeps the scalp dry too
    -pistol lightings —–why walk around with torch in hand or on head when you can aim and force to surrender when needed. (An easy on and off button would be interesting)
    -canteen —–travel water…..our best friend in our running adventure.
    -ammo box —–not easy/safe to walk around with life ammo in your pants.
    -ttsko jacket —–slots slots slots
    -yellow box. —–gift box is what i call them. To give to poor souls.

  6. Liam

    For me the most essential piece of kit i have found has to be the compass

  7. Comanche6

    My list:
    1. Motorcycle Helmet: stops almost all zed damage, greatly reduces shock and damage from other melee weapons and even slows down bullets (yes, this helmet has a Ballistic rating in game). I get one of these first. I’ve survived Fireaxe blows to the head, surprise baseball bat attacks and a pistol shot to the head. And bambis aren’t gonna knock me out with their fists.
    2. Press Vest: Although very rare, this is now one of my favourites because it stops bullets to the torso and has the highest Ballistic protection rating in the game. And I tend to attract bullets like a magnet.
    3. Chest Holster: looks badass and holds a pistol. Better than an Assault or Tactical Vest, IMO and lower profile. BTW, neither Assault nor Tactical Vest can stop bullets as their Ballistic rating is 0 so your comment in the article is wrong.
    4. Courier Bag: enough slots for some ammo and water, what else do you need? Crazy low profile.
    5. Bandage
    6. Morphine Auto-injector: I carry a pair and use them constantly due to dilapidated stairs, rusty ladders, sprinting indoors and gunshot wounds.
    7. Canteen or Waterbottle: Your mouth gets dry during a fight.
    8. Tactical or Hunting pants. 6 slots.
    9. Splitting Axe: it’s a tool not a weapon! Opens cans and dispatches the living dead and mortally wounded players. Lower profile than a Fireaxe and just as effective. (Just ask the surprise baseball bat attacker from above).
    10. Improvised Backpack: upgrade to the courier bag. Why run around with a huge “Shoot Me and Loot Me” target on your back?! More than a enough space, and low profile.

    • Bandit Hunter

      Hi, until now I thought that ballistic helmet, ballistic vest are better than motorcycle helmet and press vest. Where did you get the ballistic rating values ?

      • Comanche6

        Press vest is a ballistic vest. I didn’t say motorcycle helmet is better than a Ballistic helmet, just saying it has a ballistic rating.

  8. CeltKick

    I would say that the headtorch is completely useless, I think a weapon flashlight is more useful since it can still go bang. Only downside is you have to have you weapon out constantly, and if you use your hands you lose your light, so I guess it counterbalances to preference.

    Handcuffs are always a must, and interestingly enough, if you have handcuffs at a status of Worn, Damaged, or Badly Damaged, you can put them on a buddy, and take them off with a key (DO NOT DO IF YOU DO NOT HAVE KEY), and they will be back to Pristine. Don’t attempt with Ruined because it will not work at all.

    First Aid kit is also very useful, although I ditch most of the default stuff. I keep the IV kit and bandages; but will ditch the blood bag, purification tablets, and the syringe (unless I need to test blood). I’ll add in a saline bag, epi-pen, and morphine pen.

    Other than that, I would say you need to add some sort of axe. I prefer Fire Axe since it dispatches Zeds in one hit, and most players with one hit. Some people prefer the splitting axe since it blends in a little better, but you can always put your axe in your bag as well, that is if you don’t mind using up the space.

    • Geoff

      the fire axe can be spray painted, mine is now black.

  9. Barthel


    i prefer the leather bagpack over all other backpacks, crazy low Profile
    first aid kit with bandages +morphine
    Water storage canteen/bottle
    a knive/bajonet
    Fireaxe/Spitting axe
    Spsn Vest oder high cap vest or Assault vest
    Rainsuit (uses 4 slot, takes 4 Slots but you’ll never be wet again 😉
    with the new patch ghillie’s are really nice but you cannot use a backpack any more so i use headwrap and weapon cover

    need to say I’m more a suvivalist not trying to get into PvP so this works great for me 😉

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