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The DayZ Update Post – Issue #1 0.60 Making Progress


Experimental 0.60 is still the biggest talking point in the DayZ community but there’s good reason for it. The update is coming along nicely and we’re starting to see some of the biggest changes being smoothed out in preparation for the stable launch.

The 0.60 update may be the biggest one yet for DayZ Standalone in terms of overall engine and back-end improvements so whilst there’s been a lot of progress it may still be a long time until the 0.60 update reaches the stable branch.

In the latest Status Report, which hit May 24, Hicks had a lot to say about the latest bugs in the experimental build. As we may have feared, they’ve still been tackling the player login bug which has been rampant since the launch of the 0.60 experimental update. You can hear more from Hicks here.

Recently, body despawning had been set to ten minutes but Peter understood the community’s complaints. His section of the latest Status Report has been dedicated to body despawning and it’s effect on server performance, which is incredibly important. Interestingly, a new patch which launched May 31 has reduced body despawn time to 20 seconds for any bodies that have had the ‘hide body’ action performed on them. This is bound to have a positive effect on server performance but the 10 minute despawn timer is staying for now. You can hear more from Peter about despawning bodies here.


Viktor on the other hand has been hard at work implementing new animations into the game, especially for anything related to player interaction with the game world. It’s a short read but it sounds like it is coming along nicely.

The latest 0.60 patch was released on May 31 and it brought a few changes with it that players are still taking notice of now. The latest community changelog on Reddit has listed some of the most notable changes that have been found so far.

On top of the new body despawn timers, the suppressors now work as intended – they worked in the past but something in the new 0.60 had temporarily broken them so it’s good to see they’re working again. A new radar building has been added to the Tisy military base. You can find a location for that here if you’re interested.

Despite the good progress, there are still a lot of bugs that need to be fixed up, preferably before the launch to stable servers. These bugs include broken MP5 iron sights, non-working vehicle spawns, ammo issues with bolt action rifles and desync issues that may or may not be linked to un-openable doors, specifically in the TEC building.


We’re very interested to see what progress will be made throughout June, but so far things are going along fairly smoothly. There are still plenty of bugs for the DayZ dev team to wade through, but it’s all pretty good news at the other end of May.

Have you been playing DayZ Standalone recently? If you have, have you been playing stable servers or on the 0.60 experimental builds?

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