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New Status Report – November 8 (0.62 Progress)


A brand new status report has been posted by the DayZ dev team and it includes some useful information about the upcoming 0.62 build, as well as the progress on the 0.61 experimental branch.

First things first, the 0.61 experimental branch is coming along slowly, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before it can be pushed to the stable branch. Although this list may grow depending on what issues are found by the community before the 0.61 finally makes it to stable branch, it gives you an idea of the work that needs to be done before 0.61 sees daylight.

  • VOIP Icon missing when using VOIP
    Server Performance can dip below acceptable line
    Character deformation when entering structure under high ping
    Character model twitching when standing on bodies
    Client side crashes (Several)
    VOIP Volume balancing
    Character sounds balancing
    Characters hands stuck raised in some situations
    Server side crashes tied to specific item
    Character roll backs during some server crashes
    Reconnecting / Manipulating weapon magazine can prevent magazine use

We also had a huge amount of information in the November 8 status report about the content the DayZ dev team would like to add to 0.62, or what will otherwise be known as the beta build once it hits live servers. As you may already know, DayZ Standalone is still in early alpha, so taking the move to beta will be a big step in the game development. Unfortunately the 0.62 build is a while away, though. ThinkĀ about how much time and effort goes into updating the game just one decimal point, from in-dev, to experimental to stable branch. This is the amount of effort that’ll need to go into 0.62 and then some.


It’s not all bad news though because the 0.62 beta build for DayZ Standalone is going to be jam packed with features and important gameplay changes. Here is a list of the features expected to hit the game on the 0.62 stable build.

  • New Animation System
    New Player Controller
    New User Actions
    Improved Vehicle Physical Simulation
    Every in-progress animation, item, weapon, vehicle currently in the development Trello
  • Base Building Improvements
    Electrical System items
    Character Lifespan
    New Vehicles
    New Items & Weapons

DayZ Standalone may look beautiful as it is, but a team of 5 artists and environment designers will be dedicating their time from now till the release of 0.62 to re-do the graphical fidelity of DayZ. This means new roads, new forests, new overgrowth and a complete re-texture of all of the buildings and world environment. It’ll be a big task but the team has a lot of time to get working on it.


Work is still being done on improving physics and improving the zombie and predator AI, so hopefully we’ll hear more news about that soon as well. There’s a lot of great things coming to DayZ Standalone in 2017 so make sure to keep an eye out both on here and the DayZ website for more news. You can read the DayZ status report for yourself here.

Image credit goes to all of the lovely community submissions made on the DayZ Status report.


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  1. Cranky Gamer

    The dev team is so slow.. Look at ARK and what they add in just one month…

    • Jake

      That’s what I’m saying.

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