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New Status Report (13 September) Steps to 0.61


A brand new status report has been posted on the DayZ website that shares details about the upcoming 0.61 experimental release and the steps the development team is taking to get there.

The latest status report has limited information available this time round but there are a few pieces of information that are worth taking a look into. Firstly, there are just a few milestones left before the 0.61 experimental branch can be pushed out. Practically all of the big features in 0.61 are ready for experimental branch. The infected still need a bit of work before they are ready, but as a trade-off, some instances of the experimental branch may even see wolves and predators for the first time.

Here is a quick overview of the current milestone goals for the 0.61 experimental update.

Server Login Queue
Ready for experimental branch testing – no current issues preventing this at this time.

Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Ready for further testing on experimental branch.

Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
All current firearms configured – Audio team is working on completing SFX for future firearms. In addition, this week several issues were encountered with impact noises on some weapons not operating properly, this issue is being addressed by the audio team as of the time of this report.

Dynamic Spawning of Infected
Gameplay Programmers are still working on fully plugging in animal spawns to this system. While this is ongoing, the design and gameplay programming teams have been discussing ways to evenly distribute dynamic spawns across all villages and points of interest, and ways to provide a compelling experience without impacting the server performance budget during the lifetime of the server.

Predators (Wolves)
Still cautiously optimistic here. However, at this point it is looking like we *will* be testing wolves on some of the initial 0.61 experimental pushes to see if they behave and operate as expected in a live environment.


A few other changes will be added to the 0.61 experimental branch alongside the main gameplay features. Firstly, dynamic shadows will be implemented into the 0.61 experimental branch. With the new dynamic lighting, DayZ is going to look absolutely stunning, especially at night. Client/server synchronization may improve in 0.61, although the changes may not be that noticeable for those with problematic network connections.


A new server browser will be introduced to 0.61 that will resolve the previous server browser frame issues. The new server browser is very basic, however, and as a result, some features will be cut out. We think that a server browser with no frame problems is far better than one with additional features and horrible frame rate, though.

Finally, these 16 bugs must be fixed before the 0.61 stable branch is made available.

Player Sounds significantly quieter than environment and AI
Client crash after exiting
Player position hitching under less than ideal network conditions (150+ms)
Animation Issues related to swimming
Certain walls and objects not displaying shadows at certain angles
Characters getting stuck when climbing ladders
Player to Player magazine capacity synchronization
Item Duplication Exploit (Thanks to the new security feedback form!)
Client crash related to connecting to server
Characters stuck in weapon raised pose in certain conditions

Take a read through the new status report here for yourself.

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