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New Status Report – June 21 2016 (0.61 News)


The new 0.60 push to stable branch has been spectacularly successful for the DayZ dev team so we were excited to hear what they had to say in their latest status report, published on June 21st.

Whilst there’s room to celebrate after the launch of 0.60 stable, the dev team aren’t going to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, the team is already working towards their goals for 0.61 and that includes a whole range of improvements, especially in the animation department. Below, the summary of the June 21st status report can be seen.

“Version 0.60 containing the new renderer has been released on Stable branch, and the team keeps pushing towards Beta. In this status report we have Brian, Viktor, and Andrej commenting on subjects such as the milestone goals going towards 0.61, the new audio module, and of course more of those sweet animations that are coming up.”

If you’re interested to hear the stats, the Dayz dev team has announced that there have been over 400,000 players that have played the new 0.60 stable release already. That’s pretty exciting to hear – it’s great to see that the game isn’t dying out like many have feared recently. In fact, this new jump in player base shows that the community is still there, laying dormant, waiting for the game to inevitably make it’s way to 1.0. We can’t wait to see just how well DayZ performs when it finally launches out of beta, but for now there’s a lot of work to do in the meantime.

For 0.61, this work includes the following –

– Server Login Queue
– Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
– Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
– Dynamic Spawning of Infected
– Predators (Wolves)



The audio definitely needs a work in DayZ and we’re glad to see that this is going to be on our plates in 0.61. Obviously the wolves sound exciting too, but with a lot of work that still needs to be done on the zombie AI, we honestly wouldn’t mind if we didn’t see wolves for a long while. Would you like to see wolves in 0.61, or are you reluctant to believe that the dev team will be able to place them in-game without any major AI or performance issues like we’ve seen with zombies for so long already?

Interestingly the dev team will soon be uploading 4K footage of DayZ Standlone to their Youtube channel in the future. Thanks to the power of the GTX 1080, we may even see some fairly decent performance stats from these videos.

In the animation department, Viktor has announced that new work-in-progress animations include “attaching and detaching doors for vehicles, new reload animations for the Winchester and M249.” On top of this, the infected have received idle variations and a few different door attack animations too. The animation team are still working hard on smoothing out animation transitions too – it might be a while before we see everything in stable, but they are making some great progress. Animation is definitely one of the few things that’s truly going to help make DayZ feel less clunky.

If you’re interested in hearing about the audio improvements, we would absolutely suggest checking out Andrej’s report on the matter here. There’s a lot of news to soak up in the new status report, so alternatively you may like to read the whole thing from the beginning here.

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  1. zeeb

    General AI first and foremost, make the game playable in its current state should always be a priority, sure its in Alpha, Beta or whatever. But the fact remains that people want to be able to enjoy the current content.

    Development should always focus to stabilize the current features before implementing new ones.
    This will keep the player base and the game will not suffer from a bad reputation, which is has over the years.

    New content we can wait for, current content is what matters.
    (The past is history, the future is uncertain, the present is now)

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