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New Status Report – October 11


A brand new status report has been posted by the DayZ dev team and it features information about the upcoming 0.61 update and what the developers are currently working on to get themselves to the next stable release.

Brian Hicks opened up the latest status report to mention that unfortunately, the 0.61 update won’t be hitting stable or experimental anytime soon. Fortunately, Hicks has given us a pretty good reason as to why there has been such a holdup.

Hicks wrote, “Over the last two weeks the team has been doing almost daily all-hands multiplayer tests in an effort to isolate the remaining blocking issues getting us to experimental/unstable. Those issues specifically are fundamental to the base gameplay of DayZ.”

In simple terms, the dayZ dev team are still working incredibly hard to iron out any of the issues with player de-sync and server side performance. These are both issues that DayZ Standalone has dealt with since it’s release, so even if 0.61 doesn’t include any other features, the inclusion of a stable multiplayer experience on 0.61 will be well worth the wait. There are a number of other “blockers” that are stopping the 0.61 from being pushed to stable. Some of these features aren’t as immediately important so we may see the experimental branch released before all of these things are fixed. The blockers are shown below.


  • Player SFX significantly quieter than others: (Fix for this is in testing now)
    Network: Players can become severely out of sync with each other: (Gameplay Programming team working on a fix for this currently)
    Client crash when exiting title
    Player position hitching when navigating collision
    Magazine ammo count quantity reporting incorrectly
    Items can be stuck in hands under certain cancel action situations
    Dynamic Infected spawning without player trigger
    Some infected not responding to triggers (Fix in test currently)

And of course, the overall o.61 stable branch goals must be met before it can be pushed to stable too. Once 0.61 has been released to stable branch, players can expect to see the above blockers fixed and the following features included.

0.61 Milestone Goals:

  • Server Login Queue
    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.
    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.
    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.
    Predators (Wolves)
    Dynamic Shadows
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    New Server Browser


The new server browser will be a big part of the 0.61 experience. After the terrible frame rate of the other new server browser, the upcoming browser in 0.61 will be a real treat. Peter wrote a little bit about it in his portion of the DayZ status report. Besides the standard in-game browser, the DayZ dev team want to work on an external launcher, which will help players to download and join modded versions of DayZ Standalone.

Peter wrote, “The [external] launcher is currently being implemented with the aim to be well arranged and simple to use and while it might not see daylight publicly in 0.61 it will be released once DayZ is ready to be open for modding community.

Viktor is still working hard on animations for animals, players and pretty much anything else. Here’s a few words from Viktor, “As I have mentioned in last status report the animation team is busy with many tasks related to player character. We are doing polishing pass for unarmed and rifle locomotions. That includes work on animations and graph as well. The animations are being adjusted so they blend nicely and feel more natural which has to be on a par with the player graph where blendtimes between animations need to feel right and fluent.

If you want to read more about animations in DayZ and other upcoming 0.61 features, make sure to check out the status report here.

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    2 Responses

  1. killdeath Mcgee

    i’ve given up on dayz sa
    i remember when my friends and i use to play for hours on end,
    we are now bored of dayz because it is taking to long to update the game{ beta should have been finished by now but still in alpha} i think none of us will be getting dayz on release. if and when the release is i hope they have some sort of game changer otherwise game will flop.
    with all the games coming out in 2017 dayz sa is not even looking that good anymore.

    is it a dream to say dayz sa in 4k on release or would that push back the dev team another 2 years

    • Totally Unhappy

      I totally agree with Killdeath Mcgee, Bohemia is taking wayyy too long to develop this game (im not exaggerating).

      When i first got this game, the hype was on.. even though earlier on there were bugs and performance issues (which thankfully are gone) I still played on. But Honestly, what company takes almost 4 Years to just fix some bugs and add a few assets into the game?! Bohemia , please.. You have literally had more than 3 MILLION people buy DayZ and I havnt even included the numbers for Arma3. Money isnt an excuse.

      and DONT you dare say that time is an issue either… You currently have just released 2 projects independent from DayZ!! Why not finish what you started first before going on and making new projects?? Is bohemia really going to be THAT kind of company? Where cash matters more than giving the player a better experience?? COME ON!!

      4 Months have passed and you guys still havnt given us 0.61.. Im sorry Bohemia, face it.. You’re losing your fanbase due to you money grabbing tactics..

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