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The latest breaking news and analysis on the DayZ Standalone Alpha as soon as it happens. Check out our detailed DayZ Weapons Database and our DayZ Guides - helping you become a master of survival, hunting, fishing and cooking within the harsh lands of Chernarus.

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DayZ Leaked Models

DayZ Leaks: Ice Axe, Flanged Mace, and More

Included below are several models that have been released as new content within the DayZ Standalone files as of the most recent update to the 0.53 experimental branch. Keep in mind that all files found aren’t guaranteed to be added to the game, but have a likelihood of being implemented within future updates to the game. FN Browning Trombone M65…

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DayZ Patch 0.53: New Island, Prison Complex and Clan Armbands in Experimental

Finally, after a couple weeks of down-time, the experimental branch of DayZ is back up and updated with a whole host of new and exciting content. There’s a bunch of vehicle improvements, including increased spawning (from 5 to 15) AND vehicle persistence, there’s a bunch of new melee weapons including the ice-axe, hatchet, lug wrench…

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