DayZ Standalone

The latest breaking news and analysis on the DayZ Standalone Alpha as soon as it happens. Check out our detailed DayZ Weapons Database and our DayZ Guides - helping you become a master of survival, hunting, fishing and cooking within the harsh lands of Chernarus.

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Mini DayZ User Interface

Mini DayZ: A Mini Guide

Bohemia Interactive, the developers behind DayZ Standalone have been hinting all week that they’re releasing some exclusive ‘new perspective’ of Chernarus. With no hints at all, speculation on Reddit was going crazy with crazy suggestions – some people thought it was going to be an add-on to DayZ standalone, some people thought it was going to be an…

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DayZ Standalone: Namalsk

It could be said that the original DayZ Mod potentially owes part of it’s success, and certainly it’s growth and longevity to the fact that it was exactly that – a mod. Without the playerbase themselves picking up the files, adding further features, new maps, scenarios, custom events and everything that has went into the…

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