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The DayZ News Post – Issue #3 April 26 Status Report


This week the latest status report got published to the DayZ dev blog. As you can imagine, the entire report basically shares details about the current progress towards the release of 0.60 experimental. There’s some good news but mostly it’s the same old story. Long story short, we’ll get the 0.60 release as soon as the bugs are ironed out. Estimated time frame? Nobody knows, not even the development team, so if you’re not happy with playing DayZ until 0.60 is released, you may as well pick up the mod or pick up another game whilst you wait.

So what exactly was discussed in the new status report? Unsurprisingly, lots of stuff about bugs. Some of them have been pretty severe, whilst other less game-breaking bugs have also been fixed, including some long-standing bugs that have been in the game for a long time. If you remember the odd sliding player bug, well guess what, it’s been fixed up now. Brian Hicks has mentioned that, “All of the reproducible methods for causing this issue have been flagged and resolved by the gameplay programming team, and have been verified by QA.”

In other bug related news, apparently clouds are causing FPS drops on some very limited PC setups but the dev team are taking it very seriously. Fortunately this shows us that the dev team really are very serious about improving the performance of DayZ Standalone. Hicks also wrote the following in the latest status report. “Internal Testing discovered a 100% reproducible frame drop to single digit factors on limited hardware configurations. While the issue only appeared on 2 out of 30+ PCs, we’re taking it very seriously. That said, the engine programming team has committed a fix and QA are verifying it as of the time of this report.”

If you’d like to help with the progress of 0.60, Hicks left a good paragraph on the progress towards Steam release and sending reproducible bug reports:

“As you can see, we’re knocking issues down one by one, and each day brings us closer to pushing the first .60 experimental build to Steam. Keep in mind, this will be just like every other experimental upload and will have issues. So lets all chip in and make sure to submit good bug data when encountering them – Quality Assurance Lead Ondrej Klima gave some excellent pointers in how to submit the best bug data possible in our last Dev Q&A video on the official Youtube Channel (”

Peter, the lead designer, focuses his entire segment in the status report to base building. It is definitely worth a read so go check out Peter’s report here if you are interested. Viktor’s work with animation has gone pretty well. A recent mocap session has given the dev team more animations to work with, including something I have personally been waiting on for a long time, wounded player animations!

That was about it for the status report this week. We did also get a community spotlight post as usual. This time an entertaining video about friendship in DayZ by CamCANTRUN was posted. You can check it out at the end of this blog.

So, for the most part, 0.60 progress is going along slowly. We haven’t had any major breakthroughs but there haven’t been any big hiccups or slowdowns in the past couple weeks either. If things keep going like this, we should see the DayZ 0.60 experimental release soon™. I wish I could pull a reliable date out of thin air to give to you guys but unfortunately I cannot! If you would like to read the DayZ dev blog for yourself you can do so by clicking this link.


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