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DayZ Stats

DayZ is a complex game with many different mechanics and systems, each requiring their own intricate stats. Keeping track of these stats accurately requires both knowledge of the game-files and a certain amount of patience. Thankfully these stats have already been gathered and compiled into an easy-to-view spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure, by reddit user ‘FRAkira123’. Check them out below, and leave us any questions you may have – we’ll do our best to answer them.

DayZ Weapons, Ammunition and Armour Statistics

DayZ Food and Drink Statistics

DayZ Clothing Statistics

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    7 Responses

  1. Bigglesworth

    great job!! I need this to correct my misunderstanding.

    • FR Akira

      You’re welcome ! And don’t hesitate to ask question about it !

      • Bigglesworth

        I am interested in how to calculate exactly damage of one shot.

      • Bigglesworth

        Take 7.62X51ammo as an example, its hit is 12, and bulletBase has many parameters like “hit and hithealth”, so what’s the damage number of one shot at a naked body’s chest? Thank you.

  2. FR Akira

    Just consider the hit as the main damage. Other parameters are more specific, like the hitshock who can put you incouscious if you dont have a good health, by example.

  3. YagoWD

    Nice job guys. I wonder will you keep updating the stats and adding the missing ones? cuz for example the uk assault vest and the high capacity vest have no ballistic stat added and thats the value i care about when picking armour and e.g. the tan clothes are not added to the list. great jogb anyways and thhank you.

    • YagoWD

      Tanned leather i meant.

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