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Every single weapon in the DayZ Standalone is being re-built from scratch. With a limited number of weapons, the focus is on the accuracy and detail and the weapon attachment system is adding a whole new level of weapon customisation. Find out which weapons and which attachments make for the best combo's - for all sorts of different play styles.

Check out our DayZ Weapon list below - you can sort weapons by Power, Effective Range, Accuracy and Noise Levels - use this information to decide on which DayZ weapon suits your play-style best.

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DayZ Standalone: M1911 Pistol

1911 Pistol

The 1911 Pistol is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol designed in 1911 by John Browning. The pistol was widely used by the US military throughout the twentieth century and it fires .45acp rounds. It is popular both as a military pistol and as a civilian weapon. Where To Find: The 1911 is primarily found in residential locations….

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DayZ Standalone: AK 101

AK 101

The AK 101 is a modified version of the AK74M designed for the world export market. The Ak 101 offers up the reliability and familiarity of a Kalashnikov weapon while allowing the user to fire 5.56x45mm ammunition – the same as the M4A1. The AK 101 has a handful of compatible attachments – and a…

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The Ak-74, or Kalashnikov as it’s commonly referred to is an assault rifle developed in the 1970’s – very popular in countries of the former USSR. It was designed to replace the AKM. The AK-74 in DayZ has been talked about for a very long time and has finally made it into Experimental Patch 0.50. It…

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DayZ Standalone: AKM


The AKM, an upgraded version of the massively popular Ak-47 is an extremely effective weapon developed in the 1970’s  – still currently in use worldwide. It’s an effective, accurate and lightweight weapon with a high rate-of-fire. It was a popular weapon in the mod and there has been much hype about the completely re-modeled version…

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The AKS-74U is the little brother of the AK-74. It has a shorter barrel and a folding buttstock, designed to be lighter, smaller and easier to use. The AKS-74U in DayZ fires the same rounds as he AK74 and requires a AK74 Magazine. It’s currently compatible with the rest of the AK family attachments buttstocks only, but…

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DayZ Standalone: Amphibia S

Amphibia S

The Amphibia S is a rimfire, single-action, semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Company in the 1980’s. It was at one point used by Us Navy Seals and has a long, thin barrel designed for use with the .22 rounds, making it integrally-suppressed. Where To Find: The Amphibia S is currently only found at Helicopter…

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DayZ Standalone: B-95 Rifle

B95 Hunting Rifle

The B95 ‘Hunting Rifle’ is an ‘Over & Under’ rifle, meaning it has two barrels, one on top of the other. Many OU Rifles have one larger barrel and a smaller barrel, meaning they can fire two different types of rounds but this particular model fires two of the same rounds, specifically the 7.62 round…

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DayZ Standalone: Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is a more common, less effective melee weapon within DayZ. It can be decent for scoring knock-out blows to the head but it’s lack of ‘stab’ means it will cause minimal bleeding and take a longer time to beat a zombie or a player to death. Where To Find: The Baseball Bat is…

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Brass Knukles

Brass Knuckles are a recent addition to DayZ Standalone’s experimental 0.50 patch. They are a lightweight, easy-to-use solution for inflicting extra damage with your fists. Where To Find: Brass Knuckles are primarily found in residential locations. The main residential buildings with weapon spawns include but are not limited to the office/school buildings, the TEC buildings,…

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The Chainsaw was confirmed a long time ago, even featuring in the official trailer on Steam, but it has been sidelined since then due to technical issues. The good news is that these issues seem to have been dealt with and the Chainsaw is now officially in DayZ. The Chainsaw can be stored in your…

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The Cleaver is was recently added in DayZ patch 0.52. It’s very much comparable to the Machete with a fairly short range and moderate damage. It’s larger than the other knifes and can also be used to open tins, chop kindling, skin & gut animals and more. It can be used for various crafting recipes including the Improvised Short…

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DayZ Standalone: Combat Knife

Combat Knife

The Combat Knife is a recent addition to the game. The length of this knife means it has a very short range however it’s use in combat seems to be comparable at least to the splitting axe. Further tests are needed before we can properly judge where the combat knife sits in terms of damage….

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DayZ Standalone: CR 527

CR 527

The CR 527 (based on the CZ 527) is the second bolt-action Rifle to be added to DayZ Standalone – after the Mosin-Nagant. It’s very popular in Europe, with it’s size and weight making it ideal for use as a small hunting rifle. Although still accurate, the lack of a scope option makes this weapon…

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DayZ Standalone: Crossbow


As of the latest patch, the Crossbow is officially in-game. The crossbow is an incredibly efficient, silent, and powerful weapon. It’s re-usable ammunition makes it the perfect post-apocalyptic weapon. Crossbow bolts are currently not craftable, but you will find them in small stacks – sometimes with a quiver. A Quiver functions as a ‘magazine’ for the crossbow,…

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DayZ Standalone: CR 75


The CR75 is powerful semi-automatic pistol made in the Czech Republic. It is popular throughout the world and known for it’s quality and versatility, while being reasonably priced. As it stands the CR75 pistol packs much less power than the 45s or .357 pistols in the game. Where To Find: The CR75 is primarily found in military…

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The Derringer pistol is a ‘pocket pistol’, designed to be compact, but powerful. It’s currently in DayZ Experimental patch 0.50. It can chamber two .45 acp rounds at a time and fit comfortably inside almost any clothing item as it only requires two inventory slots – making it the perfect surprise weapon which can be…

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DayZ Standalone: Electric Cattleprod

Electric Cattle Prod

The Electric Cattle Prod is a new non-lethal weapon in DayZ Standalone. Attaching a battery allows you to deliver a strong electric shock to a player, doing a small amount of damage but it has the ability to disarm your opponent – making them drop their weapon to the ground.

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DayZ Standalone: Explosive Grenade

Explosive Grenade

The Explosive Grenade, based on the M67 Grenade used by the US Armed Forces is a powerful throwing weapon in DayZ Standalone. The Explosive Grenade is armed by pushing the ‘action’ key (F) while the Grenade is in your hand. The Grenade will then explode a few seconds after it is thrown. The grenade will…

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DayZ Standalone: Firefighters Axe

Firefighters Axe

The Firefighter Axe is the most powerful melee weapon in DayZ. The pick-shaped pointed poll ensures maximum damage on striking both zombies or players. Aiming for the head will frequently land as a knock-out blow and cause sever bleeding. Where To Find: The Firefighter Axe is primarily found in residential locations. The main residential buildings with…

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DayZ Standalone: Flashbang


The Flashbang, based on the M84 Stun Grenade used by the US Armed Forces a powerful, non-lethal throwing weapon in DayZ Standalone used for disorientating enemies. The Flashbang is armed by pushing the ‘action’ key (F) while the Flashbang is in your hand. The Flashbang will then explode a few seconds after it is thrown. The grenade will…

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DayZ Standalone: FNX

FNX 45

The FNX 45 is a basic, semi-automatic pistol with a capacity of 15 rounds. The FNX 45 in DayZ was the first pistol introduced in the game. It’s a standard military style pistol with a 15 round capacity and moderate range and damage. Although the FNX is not extremely rare, sometimes you find them without…

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DayZ Standalone: Combat Knife

Hunting Knife

The Hunting Knife was introduced in DayZ Patch 0.52. It’s very much comparable to the combat knife, with short range and fairly low damage, although it’s very useful due to the fact that it is small, easily concealable, it can open tins, chop kindling, skin & gut animals and more. It can be used for…

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DayZ Standalone: Improvised shortbow

Improvised Short Bow

The Improvised Short Bow was the first of the craftable weapons in DayZ. It can be crafted with a Rope and a Long Wooden Stick – both of which are fairly common items and as of patch 0.57, are now easily craftable. It can fire either Composite Arrows or Improvised Arrows. Check out this short…

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Izh 18 Rifle

The Izh 18 Rifle is a Russian-made single-barreled Rifle designed for simplicity and built to last. It’s a civilian style rifle, ideal for hunting and early-game DayZ until you can replace it with something better. It fires 7.62×39 rounds and therefor the damage output is similar to other rifles chambered for 7.62×39 ammunition, like the…

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DayZ Standalone: IZH-43

IZH 43

A short barrel classic side-by-side hunting shotgun produced by the Russian Firearms manufacturer Izhevsky Mechanichesky Zavod, well known throughout the world, under the trademark Baikal. It’s excellent balance ensures convenient and quick aiming. The IZH 43 in DayZ is a powerful, short-range shotgun which provides maximum power in close ranged combat. Firing either one shot or two…

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DayZ Standalone: Longhorn


The Longhorn pistol is a new pistol just added to the DayZ Experimental patch. It’s based on a ‘G2 Contender’ and is famed for its ease of use, accuracy and caliber range. It is compatible with the Long Range Scope and fires .22 rounds. Where To Find: The  Longhorn  is primarily found in residential locations….

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DayZ Standalone: M4A1


The M4A1 carbine, is a fully automatic variant of the M4 widely known for being one of the most popular rifles in the US special operations units including the Navy SEALS and the Army Special Forces. It is favoured by special forces for it’s close-quarters combat capabilities due to its compactness, fire-power and accuracy. The…

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DayZ Standalone: Machete


The Machete is a recent addition to the game. The length of this machete means it’s reach is a little longer than that of the combat knife but from tests so far, it seems the power of this weapon is considerably lower than you would think. We would expect the machete to be at least…

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DayZ Standalone: Magnum Python

Colt Python

The Colt Python (also called Magnum, in-game), is a .357 Magnum caliber revolver first introduced in 1955. Widley described as one of the finest production revolvers ever made, they have a reputation for power, accuracy, a smooth trigger pull. The Colt Python in DayZ is a powerful weapon. It does not require a magazine so…

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DayZ Standalone: Makarov


The Makarov is a Russian semi-automatic pistol widely in use by the Soviet Union up until around 1991. The Makarov was one of the more common weapons in DayZ mod and it looks like it may be a more common weapon in DayZ Standalone also. It fires the new .380 Auto ammunition. It is not…

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DayZ Standalone: Mosin Nagant


The Mosin-Nagant (or “nugget”) is a 7.62 bolt-action rifle, internally magazine-fed, military rifle. It was developed by the Imperial Russian Army at the end of the 19th century and was widely-used for many years by both Russian forces and forces throughout the world. It was dropped by the Russian Army after World War 2 in…

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DayZ Standalone: MP-133 Shotgun

MP-133 Shotgun

The MP-133 Pump Action Shotgun is a Russian-made shotgun popular for both military and civilian use, based on the earlier IZH 43 shotgun. It fires both the current shotgun shells found in DayZ, the ‘Buckshot’ and the ‘Slugs’. The textual description for the Mp-133 shotgun states that it holds 4 rounds, when it in fact holds 6…

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DayZ Standalone: MP5-K


The MP5 is a popular  german-made submachine gun, developed in the 1960s. It’s one of the most widely used guns in the world with over 100 variations. This version – the MP5-K – has a slightly shorter barrel than the standard MP5 and a vertical forgrip. The MP5-K is a lightweight, relatively short ranged submachine gun…

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DayZ Standalone: P1 Pistol

P1 Pistol

The P1 pistol is based on the P38 – a 9mm semi-automatic pistol developed at the beginning of WWII in Germany. Developed to replace the costlier ‘Luger’ pistol, it’s an accurate and cost-effective weapon that was mass produced for the German military. In DayZ, the P1 pistol performs very similarly to the other pistol in…

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DayZ Standalone: PM73 RAK


The PM73 RAK is a polish designed submachine gun. It was used for a time in the Polish Military as a light-weight defensive weapon. In DayZ Standalone, the PM73 RAK is the second submachine gun after the recently released MP5k. It fires the new .380 auto rounds – it is not yet clear which attachments,…

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DayZ Standalone: RGD-5Grenade

RDG-5 Grenade

The RDG-5 Grenade, based on the RGD-5  Grenade used in WWII by the Soviets a powerful throwing weapon in DayZ Standalone. The RDG-5 Grenade is armed by pushing the ‘action’ key (F) while the Grenade is in your hand. The Grenade will then explode a few seconds after it is thrown. The grenade will not explode in…

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Red 9

The Red 9 is a German-made World War 1 era pistol. The Red 9 gets its name from the large number 9 burned and painted in red into the grip panels. This was put there to remind soldiers that this variant of the pistol is chambered for 9mm rounds. It has a 10 round magazine and is chambered…

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DayZ Standalone: Lever Action Repeater

Repeater Rifle

The Lever-action Repeater Rifle is a single barreled Rifle which can be loaded with multiple rounds of ammunition whereby the next cartridge can be loaded via a lever-action. Based on the ‘Rossi Model 92’ and similar to the legendary ‘Winchester’ Lever Action Rifle, this Rifle promises to be both accurate and deadly, firing the powerful .357…

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DayZ Standalone: Sporter 22

Sporter 22

The Sporter 22 is now in-game. It is a popular hunting rifle used throughout the US and popular for it’s low cost, low recoil, low noise signature and is often used for recreational shooting and hunting. It may not be very effective at ranges much more then 400 meters and will most likely be more…

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DayZ Standalone: SKS


The SKS (Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova = Simonov Self-loading Carbine) is a gas operated, magazine fed, self-loading weapon. The SKS is fed from the integral 10-rounds magazine, which could be loaded from the top through the open bolt by loose cartridges or by using special 10 rounds stripper clips.  In general, the SKS is an excellent all-around weapon…

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DayZ Standalone: Splitting Axe

Splitting Axe

The Splitting Axe, named for its ability at cutting and striking wood is a powerful weapon in DayZ, coming second only to the Fire Axe. Aiming for the head increases your chances of striking a knock-out blow and a few more hits to the head or body will ensure maximum carnage for your zombie or…

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Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG, a bulpup  5.56mm Rifle, famous for it’s unique shape and futuristic look and feel, entered manufacturing in 1978 and has since been adopted by many armed forces around the world. It’s an accurate, mid-range Assault Rifle that should rival the power of the M4A1. The Steyr AUG’s modularity should technically open it up…

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DayZ Standalone: Stun Baton

Stun Baton

The Stun Baton is a new non-lethal weapon in DayZ Standalone. Attaching a battery allows you to deliver a strong electric shock to a player, doing a small amount of damage but it has the ability to disarm your opponent – making them drop their weapon to the ground. The Stun Baton is the fastest…

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The SVD, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic designated marksman Rifle. It’s the first ‘official’ sniper rifle in DayZ Standalone – firing the powerful 7.62x54mm ammunition, it comes with a default PSO Scope attached. The SVD can only currently be found in DayZ Experimental Patch 0.56.

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The Sword, a new melee weapon recently added in DayZ patch 0.52 is a formidable weapon with damage comparable to the Splitting Axe, yet it has a much longer range. The Spawn Rate of the Sword in DayZ is pretty low, and it currently only spawns at one of the few castles that you can…

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DayZ Standalone: Telescropic Baton

Telescopic Baton

The Telescopic Baton is a new addition to DayZ Standalone. It’s a police-style baton – normally made from solid steel which makes a great impact weapon. The damage of this weapon is currently comparable to the baseball bat. It is a fairly powerful weapon which can be concealed easily due to it’s small inventory size….

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The Trumpet Rifle, based on the ‘Fn Trombone’ is a pump-action long takedown rifle developed in the early 1900’s. It’s not widely used and due to using the .22 caliber rounds, it’s relatively weak against both players and zombies. Much like the Sporter 22, this gun shouldn’t be prioritized when hunting for a weapon but the…

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DayZ Standalone: MP5-K


The UMP45 is a magazine-fed submachine gun. It’s a lighter, cheaper alternative to the MP5 – developed by Heckler & Koch, it’s been adopted by various agencies such as U.S Customs and Border Protection. The UMP45 in DayZ standalone fires .45 ACP rounds and is a very effective short to medium range weapon. The weapon…

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VSS Vintorez

The VSS Vintorez is a Russian-made suppressed Sniper Rifle. It was developed in the 1980’s and issued to Spetsnaz units for undercover operations. The VSS Vintorez in DayZ Standalone fires a new armor-piercing SP-6 round, and it’s either extremely rare, or not yet spawning in the most recent patch.  

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Winchester Model 70

The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt action Sporting Rifle, similar to the Sporter 22 already in-game, it’s another relatively low-level weapon in DayZ, with low recoil and a low noise signature. It may prove useful in early-game before a player can find a more powerful Rifle. Where To Find: The Winchester Model 70  is…

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