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DayZ Standalone: Mosin Nagant
Damage: 9/10Noise: 8.8/10Accuracy: 9/10


The Mosin-Nagant (or “nugget”) is a 7.62 bolt-action rifle, internally magazine-fed, military rifle. It was developed by the Imperial Russian Army at the end of the 19th century and was widely-used for many years by both Russian forces and forces throughout the world. It was dropped by the Russian Army after World War 2 in favour of the SKS, another Russian rifle also available in DayZ. .

The Mosin Nagant in DayZ is considered very powerful, it’s long-range, power and wealth of attachments to choose from means the Mosin-Nagant is the weapon of choice for many DayZ players. With the recent removal of the Long Range Scope from the Mosin and the introduction of the SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle, the Mosin is no longer the best weapon in the game for long range.

Sawed-Off Mosin

With the aid of a hacksawy, you can now ‘saw-off’ the end of your Mosin. This will make it much smaller, allowing you to conceal it within your backpack (4 slots). You will of course lose the long-range of the regular Mosin, but the smaller version is a little easier to control in close-quarters combat.

Where To Find:

The Mosin Nagant is primarily found in military locations. The main military buildings with weapon spawns include but are not limited to the military style bunkers, the large military hangars in the air-fields, the prison buildings, the military-style tents, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) buildings, the fire-stations and the police buildings. There are other military spawn points which you wouldn’t expect, like the top-floor of the office/school buildings.

The longer you play the game, the easier it will become to spot the military buildings which have a chance of spawning the Mosin Nagant. Take a look at the comments below for advice on where other players have found the weapon, and share your experiences to help other players in need.

Mosin–Nagant Attachments:

View all the confirmed Weapon Attachments for the Mosin–Nagant below.

  • M91 Bayonet
  • PU Scope
  • Mosin M44 Compensator
  • Burlap Wrap
  • Grass Wrap

Mosin–Nagant Ammunition:

View all the confirmed Ammunition for the Mosin–Nagant below.

  • 7.62x54mm

Mosin–Nagant Magazines:

View all the confirmed Magazines for the Mosin–Nagant below.

  • 5 Rnd Clip

Mosin Nagant Guide

Video By:Pitstop Head

Compare the Mosin–Nagant

Do you want to compare two weapons side by side, and view detailed statistics and information quickly and easily? Try our DayZ Standalone Weapon Comparison tool. We also have a DayZ Cheat Sheet, where you can view all the essential DayZ information including weapon statistics and more.

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    55 Responses

  1. jack

    can i melee with this weapon?

    • Soon with the bayonet hopefully!

  2. Stalker69

    I suppose it will be in a close future, every weapons will be usable in melee(even a can of beans) and throwable + you can already find a bayonnet for it, it is not working and purely aesthetic atm. Tho it is less common than the M4. I never looted one… 🙁

    • Jorge

      Yep, Mosin is very very common i hospitlals, its crazy but most of hospitals I go in have 2 mosin, the others only have 1 mosin, but ammo in hospital is not usuall, its very usuall in arfields, barracks, generlas stores. I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL

    • SirSletten

      After hours of play i found out its more common to find them in wrecked cars.
      just a tip.
      Be safe and be friendly

    • anonymous

      try schools i found some awesome stuff there(including mosin)

    • Underdog

      Been playing for 120 hours now, and i have not found a m4 yet!!

      • HeavyMetalZombie

        Crashed helis

    • RonanH

      I prefer the SKS given the choice

      • ronanh

        I take this back, my mosin is awesome and

      • Ronanh

        And what?!? Spit it out!

  3. Crowsie

    I can Confirm that this Gun can use the PSU and Rifle scope (basic sniper scope) the Bayonett is useless you cant even use it to open beans so it will basicly add 7 inches of showing off your location through walls if you want to use it 😛 it also 1 shots people whic is very nice its the M24 of DayZ Mod for now

    • Yup finally got my Mosin kitted out and I’ve got to say i prefer it to the M4. The bayonet can now be used to open your tins losing a percentage of your food though! I’m not going to get another until i can use it for melee because i agree with the additional 7 odd inches I’d rather have a tin opener or screwdriver.

  4. Somedude

    I hope they fixes the ammunition name to 7.62x54mmR, not just 7.62.

    • john

      If you look at the ammo box it is actually 7.62×51 NATO which makes no fucking sense. Wish the devs of this game had the common sense to make a simple google search before they make a dumb mistake like that.

  5. Jamie Larkin

    I’m running around with a sweet scope, rounds and tripod and have spent 2 hours trying to find this myth!!!

  6. Balls

    This weapon handles very realistically and is an easy to aim open sight weapon- I like it lots. Ammo for it seems to come in small amounts.

    • With one shot to kill a player you don’t need as much ammo, that’s why i love the Mosin!

  7. KingFo

    Most common? I have yet to see one.

  8. DizzyOreo

    Hey guys, here’s a tip, if you think the Mosin is uncommon, its truly not my friend you are just not looking in the right spots ,but here’s how, go to Elektrozavodsk and go into the apartment buildings, climb to the top and you may find some there. Also go to the Military Base north of Kamenka, inside the tall building (not the hospital) you may find one in there, also, you may find one in the hospital i usually don’t find mine there. Tip: If these areas have been wiped, i suggest server hoping into an un-wiped area, and you might possibly find one.

    If you wan’t to speak to me, go to (Message me please).

  9. 7slayerpete

    hey I’ve been searching for mosins in the most of the areas you have suggested these areas do show approving results but have a very rare chance of spawning there I’ve been on about 1-40 servers and only found 4 mosins if you can suggest all possible locations for the mosin it would be up most appealing.

    • will

      I found mine in a barracks. idk if it helps but…

    • Ronanh

      Wrecked cars man

    • DamonAlucard

      I found my Mosin (pristine) in a house in Kamyshovo. lol…. I’d pretty much spawned in a tiny town between Solnichniy and Kamyshovo. Went to Kamyshovo to loot and find shit, found the mosin in a house by the railroad tracks.

  10. will

    dropped my m4 (35 rounds) for this mosin (around 60 odd rounds) 3 days and a few survivors ago, and im very glad I did. I love this weapon!

  11. Mike

    I like the Mosin much better than the m4… great sound and damn I Love that wood finish! Also being able to snipe unwary travelers is a plus.

  12. Kimmaz

    Ive found this in Barns, The school building, The Jail, Top floor in the largest buildings in cityes (with a blue door and 3 floors), and also found ammo for it in these buildings, also found ammo at the mall building.

    I think this weapon is more intresting and fun to use than the M4, also you dont need to goto those high traffic areas for it.

    By the time I reached NEAF, I had a full Gunstorage case of ammo (20×10 rounds)

  13. TheKhopesh

    I rarely use the Mosin, due to it’s rarity.

    I play with some buddies and i’m the guy they have running around with a silenced M4 to deal with the zombies.

    The M4 one-shots zombies, has tons of cheap ammo, and can be silenced.

    As well, if you’ve got a 60 round mag to load and unload all your loose 5.56 ammo, it will compress the ammo into stacks of 60.
    So 300 round ammo cans (10 spaces, at 30 rounds each) can be used as 600 round ammo cans (10 spaces at 60 rounds each) if you only put in the 5.56mm ammunition used in an M4A1.

    I rarely ever have to fire at people, as my buddies are the ones with the Mosins, and I’m bad at noticing people at range anyway.

    • Kimmaz

      Why would you even pick up that much ammo? chances are you will find more(or die) by the time you run out anyways. I like to keep my inventory as simple and clean as possible, cause you have easier access and management of the items. And I’m not that bothered when I loose it all.

    • SamuriBakePie

      I do this tactic with the 60 round clip as well. I currently have 420 rounds on me just because I will run into a player eventually. When I do I wanna make sure I have more then he does.

  14. Kimmaz

    Atleast in the mod, one of you die before you use your 30rounds. at least if you meet in close quarters. If you are at longer range 2-3 bursts are enaugh, since he arent aware of you, so you can aim for a long time.

    Also, have you ever dropped a ammo box, dragged the ammo over and reloaded IN a firefight? (alteast I cant figure out another way to access them)

    I keep 3 mags so i can reload fast, but i dont care to carry extra ammo beyond that. Anyone who isnt playing at 400ping can and will kill using 3-5 rounds so i just dont see the point in having 400rounds on you. Another note is that the more your carrying, the more nervous you are for loosing it, so it MAY make your aim weaker by raising your hearth rate more? ^^

    • SamuriBakePie

      I carry two 60 round clips, and I don’t use the ammo can primarily. I hold 60 rounds in my inventory. That’s 180 rounds I can easily use in a fight. I simply load the 60 into whichever clip I emptied, while still using the one in my gun. If I use 180 rounds trying to kill a group/single person, then they deserve the kill from me dropping and opening my inventory to reload.

  15. Nerub

    Took me and my group over 16 playhours to find one and that was mostly in unlooted areas while checking every lootspawn, so finding a Mosin can be very luck dependent. Since then we’ve found a couple more and the best spawn locations seem to be the office buildings third floor and roof, industrial construction site, factory roofs, cars, the red brick residential house with the long corridor and kitchen and residential buildings with more than two floor levels.

    After testing it for about an hour i would say that the gun is accurate up to 450 and with 500 meters as its max. effective range, it also drops more or less towards the lower left, so aiming a little bit up and to the right is recommended. Wouldn’t try to engage anything further than ~530m tbh.

    • SamuriBakePie

      Add the bayonet and it’s accuracy will increase.

      • DCpride26

        is his true? i dropped my bayonet because i thought it served no purpose and just gave away my position. i dont really see how a blade at the end of the barrel would make the weapon more accurate.

  16. anonymous

    i got one if only i could put my shotgun bullets in it -_- no 7.62 ammo….

  17. Leweegibo

    I found 3 in a row in farms, and apart from one Magnum are the only guns i have actually come across!!

  18. Joni

    For people looking for a Mosin, if you spawn in the North East, near Berezino, go north along the coast until you find the shipwreck. It shouldn’t take long to get there, about 10 minutes.
    The wreck itself is split down the middle. Go to the far (northern) half, and up the steps until you reach the bridge, or captains rooms. Loot this area, the bunks in the rooms below, and the very top deck of the ship outside. I found 2 Mosins here, and scopes, in 6 server hops. Also It’s not very popular as most people head to the Airstrip, so this, IMO, is less risky for new characters.
    Hope this helps.

    • Ronanh

      This place since patch 0.50 no longer spawns guns

  19. […] on one thing. There are not enough ranged weapons. Right now we have four ranged weapons; M4a1, Mosin-Nagant, FNX 45 and the Revolver. That’s a single assault rifle, a bolt-action rifle and two forms of […]

  20. […] Paint has been added to the game, allowing us (for the moment) to spray-paint a Mosin-Nagant a variation of colours. Eventually, the spray paint can will be involved in a lot more crafting […]

  21. krillekiwi

    When i did paint my Mosin–Nagant i can only camber one cartridge into it??????

    • Chris

      Had it too,don´t know why but it sucks -.- now i have to search a new one

  22. Drizien Dragonstorm

    Anyone know which type of Mosin Nagant is used in DayZ SA? it’s not like it makes a difference, but it’s just a little trivia I’d like to know

  23. Alucard

    Well they fixed the black paint bug awhile ago, the green paint STILL makes your gun disappear >:(

    • Z-Man

      Did they fix this yet? I can’t seem to find anything on this.

      • Bullgod

        Got mine this evening. Sprayed it green. The gun did not disappear.

  24. […] approaching pig or boar through the brushes around a lake and delivering a killer blow with the Mosin-Nagant. The animal provides 2 different types of meat, ‘pork leg’ and ‘pork […]

  25. Jojo

    Why can’t I put the atlas bipod on the mosin in the .46 update?

  26. […] ‘Grass-Wrapped’ Mosin-Nagant has finally been introduced to DayZ. To craft one, you’re going to need a Mosin-Nagant, a […]

  27. […] can be painted with a combination of black and green to make camouflage in the same manner as the Mosin, but the base of the AK-74 and AKS-74U can only be spray-painted black or green […]

  28. […] as opposed to playing fully-automatic M4A1 or AK soldiers. Maybe we’ll see an influx of Mosin snipers casting their cross-hairs over the major towns and cities again, who knows. One thing is for sure […]

  29. […] on military equipment in DayZ, specifically powerful weapons like the M4A1, the Steyr Aug, the Mosin-Nagant, and potentially other weapons. If you’ve ever noticed that while looting you come across a […]

  30. Ulvehjerte

    OMFG! u LAG!!!! Horrible dude..Get sum better specs!

  31. dANIEL

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