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Stuck In The Floor How To Get Out


So this has happened to me a couple of times since playing the DayZ Standalone now. Once in awhile, I will fall through the floor of a house and become unable to escape. Everything below the house goes see-through and it makes the game look very strange. To other players, it looks like you are standing on the floor normally.

I have managed to escape this glitch TWICE now. What you need to do it, stand in the very corner of the house and vault/jump through he wall AND log-out. You need to make sure you log-out while your character is in the air. It can take a few tries, but it does work!

Hopefully this helps a few others who have also been stuck in the floor.

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  1. JayLinh

    I’ve also been able to escape by going to the stairs and standing up/ climbing up to them.

  2. Kyle

    Just Sprint to the wall and hit jump…i tried that alot of times and no need to exit game =D Cheers ~

    • Ari

      The sprinting while spawning helped enormously thank you!

  3. Another method I’ve used is pulling out my ethernet cable while running/vaulting. Then drop back to the server list, reconnect cable, join a server again and you should be free. This has gotten me out of buildings, rocks, and ponds that tried to om nom nom me.

  4. Justin

    I just crawled out…a lot easier than all of that

  5. Netanel

    I can’t even jump

  6. Furbs

    Holy shit that worked! Thanks for saving my character!

  7. thYme*

    This is terrible…I can’t starve, I’m stuck and deleting the game files didn’t help at all as steam seems to save my location…isn’t there a ‘kill self’ command?

  8. niXXon

    i cant even fucking jump while under the house

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