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Stuck In The Floor How To Get Out


So this has happened to me a couple of times since playing the DayZ Standalone now. Once in awhile, I will fall through the floor of a house and become unable to escape. Everything below the house goes see-through and it makes the game look very strange. To other players, it looks like you are standing on the floor normally.

I have managed to escape this glitch TWICE now. What you need to do it, stand in the very corner of the house and vault/jump through he wall AND log-out. You need to make sure you log-out while your character is in the air. It can take a few tries, but it does work!

Hopefully this helps a few others who have also been stuck in the floor.

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  1. JayLinh

    I’ve also been able to escape by going to the stairs and standing up/ climbing up to them.

  2. Kyle

    Just Sprint to the wall and hit jump…i tried that alot of times and no need to exit game =D Cheers ~

    • Ari

      The sprinting while spawning helped enormously thank you!

  3. Another method I’ve used is pulling out my ethernet cable while running/vaulting. Then drop back to the server list, reconnect cable, join a server again and you should be free. This has gotten me out of buildings, rocks, and ponds that tried to om nom nom me.

  4. Justin

    I just crawled out…a lot easier than all of that

  5. Netanel

    I can’t even jump

  6. Furbs

    Holy shit that worked! Thanks for saving my character!

  7. thYme*

    This is terrible…I can’t starve, I’m stuck and deleting the game files didn’t help at all as steam seems to save my location…isn’t there a ‘kill self’ command?

  8. niXXon

    i cant even fucking jump while under the house

    • Matt

      Assuming you have a melee weapon, back in to a corner of where you’re stuck as far as you can. Hold your Melee weapon in your hands and activate the suicide stance (f11) by default. This should slide you out of the wall. I’ve only tested this with a splitting axe, but it worked for me. Try different corners if one doesn’t work.

  9. Fugly

    still cant get out… been two days now. :/ my guy wont jump while in the building and ive tried logging in and out while sprinting. nothing works

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