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Welcome to DayZ Intel, the #1 DayZ Site for DayZ Standalone and DayZ Mod news and analysis from across the web. DayZ Standalone is well on it's way towards it's beta phase, and we plan to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news including each and every set of DayZ patch notes. We'll be covering new features and mechanics like DayZ vehicles, we have the best DayZ guides covering everything from survival, hunting, fishing and cooking to things like DayZ performance and DayZ server hosting.

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DayZ Mod 1.8.5

DayZ mod this week has continued to steam ahead with their ambitious plans to flesh out the base building system in the original DayZ mod. Previous patches have slowly been introducing more and more base building features to DayZ, with patch 1.8.4 even introducing a padlock system which allows players to secure their bases further….

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Survivor Gamez VI : Roundup

Yesterday another Survivor Gamez came to an exciting climax, however the fun was interrupted somewhat by the continued server issues that have plague the series before. It should be stressed that this was due to DDoS attacks rather than problems with the game servers. The Gamez were successfully defended by the Survivor Gamez V winners PsiSyndicate and KATTnftl who…

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