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Submit a DayZ Guide

DayZ Intel are now allowing all users to submit ‘How To‘ guides – it’s an easy way for you to include your content on the site, whether that be a YouTube video or a Textual Guide. The only criteria is that it should be factual. Preferably in the ‘How To’ format, but this won’t be enforced. The most popular guides on the site will be included on other pages and gain further exposure.

It’s really simple, just fill in┬áthe required fields in the form below and hit submit, your guide will come through to the team and after a quick review it will appear on the site.

Submit Your 'How To' Guide

  • This is the name which will appear alongside the Guide.
  • Want to link to your YouTube, Twitter, eMail or somewhere else?
  • Not displayed publicly on the site.
  • The title of the guide, preferrably start with 'How To'!
  • Write your 'How To' guide here. Want to embed a YouTube video? Simply paste the URL in here, and the video will be embedded in your guide. For Example,
  • Attach an image to show alongside your Guide. If none provided, the Dayz Intel team will choose one on your behalf.
    Please tag your Guide as best as you can, this will be used for sorting.

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